Volvo SUVs Getting Polestar Performance Treatment

Volvo SUVs Getting Polestar Performance Treatment

The Volvo SUV lineup is going to get a lot less boring.

Polestar Performance has confirmed that it’s eyeing the Swedish automaker’s SUV models to add to its range of high-performance offerings. Polestar intends to start with the XC60 before moving onto the XC90. The tuning firm is confident that it has built enough credibility from its motorsports efforts and sedans models to move on to bigger things, that is giving the same special treatment to Volvo SUVs.

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The company also confirmed that it’ll be working with Volvo’s new Drive-E engines and will produce a more powerful four-cylinder for the S60 and V40. Currently, Polestar has engine upgrades available throughout Volvo’s lineup but only the S60 gets upgrades to the chassis, body and interior.

GALLERY: 2015 Volvo XC90 R-Design


[Source: Drive]

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  • Stephen Elmer

    Great news. The 2015 XC90 already looks damn good and Polestar will only make it better!

  • Jack-o

    I see Volvo and I laugh at it. My 1997 Camaro will still smoke it.

  • Santos

    I thought Volvo’s were supposed to be safe and good for families… but Polestar is a pretty sketchy name, isn’t it?