Mercedes-AMG GT3 Race Car Coming in 2016

Mercedes-AMG GT3 Race Car Coming in 2016

What’s hotter than the Mercedes-AMG GT? A Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car.

According to a recent report from Top Gear the German automaker is already gearing up to launch a Mercedes-AMG GT3 in 2016 with testing starting next year. It comes as no surprise that Mercedes-AMG will want to give its all-new GT a race variant, considering the SLS GT3 has enjoyed success in various series, claiming 182 overall victories, 98 pole positions and 930 top 10 positions since 2010.

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Of course the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 will have a lot to live up to but if the production version is serving as a base, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t find success on the track as well.

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[Source: Top Gear]

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