Google Developing Car-Specific Version of Android

Google Developing Car-Specific Version of Android

Google is developing a version of its Android mobile operating system that will be designed specifically for use in a vehicle.

Currently, Android Auto requires users to link their smartphone to a compatible car, but the new system will be able to operate independently from a phone to allow access to apps, the internet and streaming services. According to a report by Reuters citing two unnamed sources, Google is planning to roll out the new automotive-specific platform when it released the new Android M operating system in roughly a year.

Google and Apple are competing to win the chance to integrate infotainment software into new cars. If Google succeeds, its system would ensure that drivers use its systems as soon as the car is turned on, giving the tech giant access to the data vehicle monitoring systems collect. Direct vehicle integration would offer Google a constant connection to drivers, even in cases where the driver’s cell phone battery runs out of power.

Apply CarPlay and Android Auto – the systems currently available to retail consumers – essentially mirror the phone screen onto the embedded vehicle touchscreen.

Direct vehicle integration could pose privacy concerns, but the system could also potentially offer advantages like the navigation system recognizing a low fuel level and offering directions to a gas station within range.

[Source: Automotive News]

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