Top 10 Cars of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Top 10 Detroit Debuts

You might have heard that the Detroit economy is on the upswing and so is the North American International Auto Show.

You could say the COBO Center just got a mid-cycle refresh and as you can guess it’s bigger, better and more efficient (sort of) than ever before. But time is short and what you really care about is inside, so what are you waiting for?

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  • mick

    “Chevrolet’s extended range electric car finally rides on its own platform ”

    just to be clear, the Volt is riding on the new D2XX platform, but it is not dedicated to the Volt. there will be many GM products utilizing D2XX

  • Joe Jackson

    Just face it. The GT actually took all ten spots. Every angle, was a spot. Every tidbit of info, was a spot. Yeah, it was that good.

  • sdlong329

    LOL! Seriously? LOL!

  • Joe Jackson


  • Everyone’s opinion is difference

  • turnipweed

    Hyundai needs to make a serious work pickup, more the size of a Tacoma/Frontier/Colorado. The market is hungry for a mid-size pickup with a turbo diesel. A great price, 28-32 mpg, and low maintenance would sell a million of them.

  • BahamaTodd

    The last thing they would want to do is to enter the larger truck segments. Especially the midsize where everything else is getting freshly updated. They would be eaten alive. The compact CUV based Santa Cruz is a much smarter move.

  • turnipweed

    I agree, they would have a tough time breaking into the large truck market. However, the smaller Tacoma/Frontier size would be easy. Kia has had one on the drawing board for 8-10 years. I guess I know 2 dozen truck owners, and they would all giggle at the Santa Cruz. However, they would envy the 190HP TD engine.

  • Joel from Edgewater

    I agree with the need for a smaller pickup with a diesel engine. Several years ago I drove a diesel Toyota pickup, in Afghanistan of all places. It was a bit underpowered, but it was great for normal pickup truck duties. I’m guessing they sell that model in Japan and other Asian markets. I have a 2007 Dodge Ram with the Cummins diesel. It’s terrific, but really too much capability for what most people need. Dodge came out with a smaller diesel in their 1/2-ton pickup for 2015. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow.

  • Never Mind

    Well the Ford GT is UGLY. The Shelby is much better but the NSX wins.

  • Carlos Omar Rodríguez

    That Porsche style is looking awfully dated. They should call BMW for tips on how to update your design while keeping your traditional styling.