Top 10 Fun Cars Under $50,000

Top 10 Fun Cars Under $50,000

It’s edutainment with a capital E, welcome to The Short List.

What is “The Short List”? Well, it’s a new feature designed to share fun and entertaining lists in a fresh new video format.

We’ve decided to kick off the series with a look at the Top 10 Fun Cars Under $50,000.

So which car made the number one spot? And what sort of antics is Associate Editor Craig Cole about to pull?

Find out:

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  • Rickers

    Craig, you’re freakin hilarious!

  • Felix James

    I think Craig is slowly becoming un-nerdy.

  • Maddy89

    Where’s the Scion FR-S. WHERE. IS. IT!!!!!

  • smartacus

    ♫ Listen to my old friend Nockles. Hoped that it would warm the cockles♫ .

  • Rickers
  • Joe Kaminski

    Mini Cooper S, Fiat 500 Abarth, and the Subaru BRZ would have made my list. Maybe even the Civic Si.

  • smartacus

    lyrics from a Tears For Fears song.
    Craig mentioned “warm the cockles of the heart” in the video, and it reminded me of the song “Cold”

  • Rickers

    Ugh… have you driven a Civic Si lately?

  • Joe Kaminski

    No not the most recent one but again, that’s why I put ‘maybe’. We have yet to see how the new one does.

  • Isend2C

    Well if you have a $50k budget, I’d pick the Golf R over the GTI… Very good list though. It would be easier to see the photos when Craig is on scene without the grid over the images, but maybe you wanted a it a little hidden.

  • Phil

    I drive a 13 si HFP .. HFP suspension package takes body roll out of the equation and is really how the standard Si should be. + K24, 6speed, mechanical helical LSD … = Still lots of fun despite all what you might have to say …

    However!!, this top the 10 of cars under $50K !! .. there are way too many Much superior cars to the Si that can be have for that price that even I don’t think it should have made the list … now if it were top 10 under $25K, maybe!

    on a different note, It would be nice if guys at autoguide would add / use Track testing when test driving and reviewing cars. acceleration, braking, g pad cornering … you know, a little more meat to the reviews would be great!

  • MDanay

    You missed the Chevy SS Sedan. 415HP, 6 speed manual, 4 door with magnetic ride.

  • Auto Motive

    LOL….a 10 year old designed vehicle from Australia. Who is buying them anyway and at $45k its a total joke. SS sales are so down their lower than a used Yugo. Remember the Australian Holden brought over after 5 years in Australia and it was tagged as a GTO. Another LOL moment.

  • craigcole


  • dude

    Lost all respect when you put that go kart tagged a Miata on the list. Try again!!

  • Lotus Man

    Miatas (MX5s) are true drivers cars. You either are not a true driver or have never driven one due to your preconceived ideas about what sports car is. Or your pen is small.

  • Lotus Man

    Under $50k???? I know I may be construed as a LOSER if I can’t afford “cheap” performance cars in the $30 – $50k range, but for me there are alternatives. Lotus Elan, Lotus Europa, Lotus Elite (the cheapest or them all), the Lotus Esprit, and even the Lotus Elise and Exige. All used, some older than others, all extremely fun to drive but not perhaps your daily driver. There’s more to it than just brute HP numbers and WiFi connectivity and rear view cameras. Turn off the radio, cell phone, navigation, Blue Tooth and drive. You will be rewarded.
    BTW, I’m fond of the Subaru, GTI and the new Mustang however.
    I could go on with other marques as well…..

  • Mark S

    With the exception of the GTI and the new ND Mazda this felt like the 30-50k listing. With that in mind, some additions or replacements I would consider are the Audi S3, the future Focus RS, future Golf R, BMW 228i (with M Sport) and a few more. Overall only ones disagreement about the list…are you sure that the Genesis Coupe is the real deal yet 🙂

  • Mark S

    Going used though opens up loads of options that under 50k could get you. Going with the Simplify and Add Lightness theme add a well appointment Caterham to the list, a real toy, but looks so much fun to hoon around in.

  • Mark S

    Really the GTI and MX-5 ND are dipping below the 30k in this list but they represent great value. The MX-5 is a great car to drive and ND coming in under 2500lbs will be superb fun, serious grin factor in the twisties. The ND will help the MX-5 break the million sold mark.

  • Mark S

    I think they were shooting mostly for the 30-50k area, though the GTI and MX-5 ND (base at least) start below that. They are fans of the BR-Z, FR-S, GT86, plenty of articles and they also like the Fiesta ST, a worthy under 25k (with seat option) car.

  • Mark S

    A good under 30k list.