BMW Z4 Adopts Iconic Estoril Blue Paint


The Z4 can now be purchased with one of BMW’s most iconic colors.

The Estoril Blue paint shade will be exclusively available on the 2016 BMW Z4 combined with the M Sport Package starting from July 2015, the German automaker has announced.

The Estoril Blue metallic paint shade has become a long-time favorite among BMW fans, often seen on the BMW 3 Series and various M models throughout BMW’s history. Although Estoril Blue was dropped from the 2015 model year color palette on the M Sport 3 Series models, it will return for the 2016 model year for the popular sedan.

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No other changes were announced for the 2016 BMW Z4, which is expected to get a thorough revamp using a platform that is being co-developed with Toyota. The Japanese automaker will be using the platform for its new Supra successor while BMW will take advantage of the collaboration for a new-generation roadster. Reports say that the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 won’t be rivals despite sharing a platform and that both automakers intend to keep their new sports cars in separate categories for years to come.

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    Will it come with Dove Gray “Vader” seats?