Volkswagen Golf to Adopt Gesture Controls

Volkswagen Golf to Adopt Gesture Controls

The next Volkswagen Golf will use some cutting edge technology.

 Volkswagen’s head of powertrain development, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neußer, told Auto Express that the facelifted Golf will utilize gesture-based controls when it arrives near the end of 2016. Gesture-based controls allow the occupants to wave or point their hands in specific areas to control different aspects of the car.

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Volkswagen has already shown off the technology in the Golf R Touch Concept (seen above). In that car, all of the buttons were replaced by three touchscreens and many of the controls could be used through gestures, including operation of the sunroof, volume settings and temperature controls.

When the Golf arrives at the end of 2016, it will likely sport nearly the same setup, with three touchscreens and five in-car sensors. The largest screen will be a 13-inch hi-res color display while a small 8-inch screen will replace the entire instrument cluster. The other screen will be used for the HVAC controls.

[Source: Auto Express]

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    OK i’ll bite… whut does the middle finger gesture do, and can it be used as a defense when flipping off a cop while driving?