Ford Opens Online 3D Print Shop

Ford has become the first automaker to offer 3D-printed models online.

The American automaker has embraced 3D-printing technology for numerous applications, including prototyping parts for manufacturing purposes and even equipped its latest race car with a 3D-printed intake manifold that was used in competition. Now, Ford is sharing its love for 3D printing with the world by opening up an online shop that will allow customers to purchase 3D-printed models of their favorite Ford vehicle. In addition, Ford is allowing consumers to download digital images and 3D-printable files of Ford vehicles at the automaker-licensed, online 3D shop.

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Files that are currently available include the F-150 Raptor, Shelby GT350R, Focus ST and Fiesta ST, but Ford promises that more are on their way. The 3D-printed models are available to order in 1/32nd scale and are done in plastic. Purchasing a digital image will allow users to have the Ford vehicle 3D printed to the scale and material they choose, either from their own printer or from an outside source.

“3D printing at home is a growing trend, and it makes sense for us to offer our customers a chance to make their own 3D Ford models,” said Mark Bentley, licensing manager, Ford Global Brand Licensing. “At Ford, we’re using 3D printing every day to rapidly prototype parts, and now we want to share that fun with our fans.”

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