Next Scion FR-S Could Use Mazda MX-5 Platform


The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata platform could spawn the next-generation Scion FR-S.

With the announcement of Mazda’s partnership with Toyota, Motoring reports that Toyota could turn to the new MX-5 Miata’s underpinnings for the successor of the Toyota GT86. The speculation follows rumors that Toyota has tested the MX-5’s chassis, which is also underpinning the upcoming Fiat 124 Spider.

Currently, Toyota is collaborating with BMW on a new sports car platform that is expected to form the basis for the Supra successor and next Z4.

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It is believed that the next-generation GT86 will use a smaller, lighter rear-wheel drive platform and could be powered by a turbocharged gasoline engine. The big question is what will be the fate of the Subaru BRZ and whether Subaru will have the model live on. The first-generation GT86 was a collaboration with Subaru, but it appears that Toyota is looking towards other options for the successor of its rear-wheel drive sports car.

Although sales of the Scion FR-S has been slowing down in the U.S., Toyota has been adamant on building a next-generation model, a project that has been backed by president Akio Toyoda.

[Source: Motoring]

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  • smartacus

    Toyazda twins make sense for both.

    Mazda are absolutely correct to hedge their bets because there’s no guarantee FIAT 124 will sell beyond the first few uppity brand-conscious early adopters.

    I’m sure we all know the type who buys ALPO for his dog and DiGiorno for himself because they have italian sounding names. And wears Mossimo clothes from that classy French store called Targét.

  • JesusMGilliland


  • Billy Cypher

    I don’t think this will happen.

    I think it’d be more likely that the Miata platform would be the basis for the rumored sub FR-S sports car. For one, the FR-S is a bit bigger than the Miata and it’d take some tweaking to get a backseat and and larger trunk. Secondly, since most of the development for the initial model was shared with Subaru it seems pretty unlikely that Toyota would either add Mazda to the mix or cut out Subaru all together.

  • Josefa Reser

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  • Cody Beisel

    This would be a great idea. It would take some work for toyota to make this a coupe and 2+2 given the dimensions but they have the engineering prowess to make it happen. I have a suspicious feeling the motor they would use would be the same 2.0 turbo found in the Lexus is200 ( +240hp). The current car is in need of more power. What I’d like to see though is the frs become more powerful and more premium(slightly higher initial price tag) while the scion TC adopts a much more lighter chassis and powerful motor to be a civic si eater. Make it like the last gen celica light and nimble. If they did this they could use the tc as a fwd inexpensive alternative to the slightly higher more premium frs. Much like the frs is now a car that attracts customers to the show room toyota is missing that alt option the tc now just doesn’t cut it ( I own one!) And the frs needs more juice to bring in more buyers.

  • Billy Cypher

    I really like the tC but I think a lot of times people unfairly compare it to the FR-S. like to think of the tC as more of a premium compact than a flat out sports car. I mean, there aren’t many cars out there right now that it competes with directly. Maybe the Mazda3 with the 2.5L but the Mazda is lot more expensive and only comes with four doors. And maybe a Volkswagen Golf. But I’m curious to see what they do with the next gen tC.

  • TimothyDHouston

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  • craigcole

    Wow, Mazda could be getting A LOT of mileage out of its new Miata. If both Afla Romeo and Scion opt to borrow its underpinnings that could add up to considerable extra production volume.

  • JamesB

    Gotta love when the car makers keep giving you more reasons to search for that perfect S2000.

  • Toyota should just dust off the old AE86 tooling and slap the AE86 body on the ND chassis. Throw a small turbo engine in it and rake in the money. That would never happen though. If they updated the AE86 design I think they would have a lightweight winner. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • CypherGate

    They should do a special edition AE86. Same old school body styling. With some updated parts here and there, but keep the overall look and like you said slap on a small turbo engine. I think loads of people would go for it. I for one would definitely do that. In this life time most cars has the same lines and design. Imagine an AE86 in its almost original styling driving down the road. It would look so unique.

  • Mike

    Leave my Andre’s Spumante out of this 😉