Next Toyota Prius Plug-in Aims for 30-35 Mile EV Range

Next Toyota Prius Plug-in Aims for 30-35 Mile EV Range

Toyota is addressing one of the biggest criticisms of the current Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

According to a report, the next-generation Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid will have an all-electric range of 30 to 35 miles, a significant improvement compared to its current 11-mile EPA-rated range. In real-world use, Prius Plug-in owners typically saw their engines turning on after six miles of use, and even at its 11-mile rated range, it’s the lowest of any plug-in car sold in North America.

The next-generation Prius is expected to make its debut later this year before hitting the market as a 2016 model, but the plug-in hybrid variant won’t arrive until a year after.

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That means by then, the new Chevrolet Volt will be on sale, a vehicle that’s aiming to get at least 50 miles of all-electric range. Although the Prius Plug-in won’t best the next Volt, a 30- to 35-mile range would land it towards the top of the list for plug-in vehicle range, rather than at the very bottom. What is unclear is whether Toyota really wants to offer value with the Prius Plug-in, or if it’s simply selling the model to earn credits under California’s zero-emission vehicle mandate.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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  • Markwbrooks

    Still not as good as a 4 year old first generation volt, yet it’s the same price as the volt. You can do better Toyota !