One Texas Couple Owns 79 Dodge Viper Sports Cars

One Texas Couple Owns 79 Dodge Viper Sports Cars

One Texas couple owns more Dodge Vipers than the number of presidents the U.S. has seen in the White House.

Wayne and D’Ann Rauh added Dodge Viper number 78 and 79 to their collection recently. The couple, now retired from their oil transportation business, took advantage of the American automaker’s “1-of-1” customization program to build their own unique Vipers that no other customers will be able to order in the same color combination for that model year. For Wayne, he chose a Dodge Viper GTC finished in brown with a contrasting black stripe package, while D’Ann opted for a purple Dodge Viper TA 2.0 with silver stripes.

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To celebrate the couple’s love for the Dodge Viper, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles delivered the two vehicles at a special event organized at the Viper’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant. Both fans were interviewed in a video you can watch below, with D’Ann saying she never stops thinking about their next purchase. Don’t be surprised if the 80th Dodge Viper in the Rauh’s collection is the hot Dodge Viper ACR.

And if you think all the couple knows is Dodge Vipers, you’re wrong! Wayne and D’Ann actually own more than 100 cars!

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  • smartacus

    Howbout just ONE AND D’ONE; Wayne and D’Ann?
    Each car gets driven once per year… to the Jiffy Lube
    * password to their email is: STA-BIL

  • user12345xx

    i guess if you have the money to buy 79 of something of which you can only use two at a time, then why not? they’re just pocket change anyway

  • doctorproctor

    A waste of money if you ask me. 100 cars in life is not much of an accomplishment. Just imagine how the investment in these cars could be used to accomplish greater things for a greater purpose.

  • John Gabe

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  • smartacus

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  • batvette

    Guess humor and knowledge of storing cars goes right over your head. Sta-bil is used to treat gasoline so it doesn’t go bad sitting in the tank. Doubt it’s anyone’s password in fact most programs don’t allow a hyphen for a password character. Now how do you know about his sexual orientation… busy night at the glory hole huh?

  • Ron

    They are just toys for their amusement, not an investment obviously. They are filthy rich and have already donated millions to charity. What exactly have you done for the greater good, besides bitching on the Internet?

  • Steve

    I recall in an interview they had done a while back that most of the cars will be auctioned off at Barrette Jackson sometime in the future, and proceeds donated to charity.

  • You’ll never see a hearse with a U-Haul Attached…

  • Cobus Fenwick

    It is funny how other people’s success and happiness can bring the criticism out of those that don’t have it. Obviously can it be spotted in the name to start.

  • Dickus Dell

    Overpaid rednecks. That’s an incredibly irresponsible appropriation of disposable assets… Buy however many Vipers you want, but how much have they really done with their money to make the world a better place? Shamefully self indulgent, to hell with these two idiots.

  • Dickus Dell

    Can you provide evidence that they’ve donated “millions to charity”? I see no Wayne and D’Ann Rauh Foundation. Every mention of them has to do with all their Vipers.

  • Dickus Dell

    And when is that, when they’re dead? How kind of them.

  • Dickus Dell

    You’re a simpleton, simpletons always deduce criticism down to envy or jealousy. Because criticism couldn’t possibly come from disgust that there are people in this world who are so self indulgent could it?… I came into money many years ago, and I’ve done a lot of good things for myself. But I’ve given twice as much as I’ve ever spent on myself. People like these two are a disgrace. Anything they give to charity is just a small token compared to their own gluttony.

  • BM1

    Sound the horns! Hater Alert!

  • BM1

    Since you’re on your grandiose soapbox, why don’t you provide some evidence of your philanthropic deeds or accomplishments instead?

  • Cobus Fenwick

    Opinions aren’t facts. You must be a very gifted person to know someone by one sentence. I never referred to money, but success. Do you know the difference? Were we placed on earth to give twice as what we spend on ourself or is that irrelevant information. Is there a scoreboard somewhere? If you give because you can, or should you give because you want? I would love to know what I have become after a couple of opinions.

  • Weston Ball

    You just sound jealous

  • Emile

    76 dodge vipers in my dodge viper account

  • angel maldonado

    You are a super jealous ass hater. They worked hard for thier money. Who the hell are you to talk shit about others. You shouldn’t disparage others because they don’t use thier money the way you would. Your the ignorant doushnozzle for passing judgement on others. Shut the fuck up and mind your own fucking business..

  • Dickus Dell

    Ah, right back at you kind retard. I am not “jealous” – people like yourself love to think others are jealous though, probably because *you* are . The reasons these people are just as I described them are clear, and fly far above your hourly wage earning head. Don’t bother trying to understand them. I can tell you’ve never been in a position of great wealth, so have no basis to judge one way or the other. I do however, and can tell you it’s about far more than simple entitlement.

  • Dickus Dell

    Is my soapbox grandiose? No matter, the topic of discussion are the the Rauhs. Who have taken it upon themselves to promote their excess. I am a private citizen, not given to such promotion – of either my excesses or my philanthropy. Particularly on an internet comment section, take it or leave it.

  • Dickus Dell

    We both know the success you referred to was financial, and no, there is no scoreboard. But there *is* a boat load of rationale in people who are too cheap to give back. If one can give, one should desire to, otherwise one is trash. Surely you’ve heard the saying, “to whom much is given, much is required.” Evidently, not much has been given to you, or you might understand how sound that really is.

  • Rig R Mortis

    Great idea!!!

  • Meh

    Dear Doctor Procto – so what?

  • Mark H

    I know these two wonderful people personally. They are nothing like you suggest. Both are kind and giving. They give of their money and their time to underprivileged people, and D’Ann donates her time to an animal shelter. They are two of the kindest and most down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Look at it this way, would you hate on them if they had purchased ONE Bugatti Veyron??? That would have cost more than all the cars shown in the article, but you’re an idiot and probably don’t know that. 🙂

  • Mark H

    Certainly you’ve heard the saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged” It amazes me that someone can have a fit over people and things he knows nothing about.

  • Dickus Dell

    Start from the beginning Mark, I do know about this, the world of having money. I’ve also met these two at a couple of functions.They’re nice people, but there is really not a lot going on upstairs. The kind of folks who really shouldn’t have money, because they don’t know what to do with it but buy toys. Wayne would tell you himself that he was paid way too much for his business, hard work had nothing to do with it.

  • Dickus Dell

    Yeah, stop making excuses for your stupid friends, and talking about their charity work, which is only hearsay. That is if you even know them. If you do, you’d know that these two are a couple of dimwits, like yourself.

  • natas

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  • Timp21117

    So you are the determinant of how intelligent people are, and there is a standard by which people that don’t meet your standard should not have money? Wow… you are either awesome or a bit self-absorbed; I’m going with the latter. It’s their money, so who cares how they spend it, and what business is it of yours? Like someone said above, they could have bought a single car (Veyron, ancient Ferrari, etc) or a house or yacht for that matter, that cost many multiples of what this entire collection cost them. Do you go to Pebble Beach and berate people for buying a $10-20 million Ferrari? I say good for them for having put themselves in a financial position to do what they love in their retirement years. They obviously made good life choices or good business decisions…

  • Dickus Dell

    You’re missing the point entirely. I have no concern with how many of any object that they buy. What matters is what they’re doing with their money that benefits someone other than themselves, because they’re already well taken care of. The simpleton approach, and the one that folks of average means commonly take, is that “it’s their money, they can do what they want with it.” When you’re a 9 to 5 working stiff, why shouldn’t you do what you want with your money?

    But having great wealth is a whole other ballgame from being a working stiff. And how one handles great wealth requires responsibility. The most obvious reason would be so you don’t blow it all. But also there is a social responsibility that is too often ignored… Those who spend on their own desires, and give nothing back but token symbols of generosity at best, that is not a responsible use of wealth. And yes, the world would be better off is such imbeciles did not possess great financial power. They don’t know what to do with it, besides make every day a shopping spree. Which is what kids do at the toy store.

  • Calvin5040


  • Travis Foster

    There is nothing wrong with collecting vipers,i collect 100’s myself but only in 1:64 scale.If the money was available id have many in 1:1 scale,but my passion is 71 cudas.Id buy 100’s if i could

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  • hussey

    This is their “happiness”? I feel comfortable criticizing such a thing.

  • The War Wagon


    Explains EVERYTHING. 🙄