BMW Patents Fancy, Kind of Ridiculous Cup Holder

BMW Patents Fancy, Kind of Ridiculous Cup Holder

BMW has filed a patent for a high-tech cup holder.

The patent was filed in February but was recently published in the U.S. It relates to “an apparatus for holding a liquid-filled vessel includes a temperature sensor for sensing a temperature related to the temperature of the liquid in the vessel and a control unit connected to the temperature sensor.” You read that right. The word “temperature” is used four times in that sentence. And in case you’re wondering, “liquid-filled vessel” is BMW’s fancy way of saying a cup and the apparatus holding said cup would be a cup holder.

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It appears that the fancy cup holder would use the temperature of the beverage to prompt the car take certain actions, like if the cup is too hot, it’ll flash a warning saying “Attention! Hot!” A diagram for the patent also shows that if the liquid-filled vessel is carrying coffee and it gets too cold, it’ll suggest the driver to take a break and will even automatically roll down the windows or turn on a radio station “with fast pieces of music” to wake the driver up.

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