Jeremy Clarkson Making Nearly $15M a Year with Amazon

Jeremy Clarkson Making Nearly $15M a Year with Amazon

Jeremy Clarkson seems to be doing pretty well for himself after getting fired from Top Gear.

It has already been reported that the new show on Amazon will have a $250-million budget, but Clarkson will become the U.K.’s highest paid host, making the equivalent of his BBC salary for each episode on the new show. He will reportedly be paid almost $15 million a year and it’s unclear how much co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond will make as part of the deal, but it is believed to be “not far behind,” a source told The Mirror.

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Clarkson’s contract was not renewed after he punched one of the BBC’s producers for Top Gear in a fracas over a steak dinner. Despite all the drama and controversy following his firing at Top Gear, Clarkson and the two former Top Gear hosts may be enjoying new editorial freedom with Amazon Prime and a budget that could result in some of the best automotive television when the 12-part series debuts next fall.

[Source: Telegraph]

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  • Rocket

    Bad behavior
    => Warning
    Bad behavior
    => Warning
    Bad behavior
    => Final warning
    Act like a spoiled brat and assault somebody over a cold meal
    => Fired
    Sign outrageously lucrative contract
    => Cash in on being a jackass

    Sure, that makes perfect sense.

  • so what

    the jealous haters will always hate. i.e. comment below

  • Rocket

    Jealous hater? I loved Top Gear, and I think Jeremy is an excellent entertainer. In an ideal world he wouldn’t be an ass, and he’d be making $15m on Top Gear. But he screwed up. Repeatedly. He wasn’t a victim is this, so stop pretending he didn’t deserve to get canned. Take a swing at your boss and see if you get a ten-fold increase in salary when all is said and done.

  • Mark Wheeler

    BBC really screwed up big time. BBC will never get the ratings they had with Clarkson & Co.

    BBC cut its nose to spite it’s face! lol

    Now all those jobs…. The staff of the “old” BBC show and layers of redundancy will be jobless!

    BBC cut its nose to spite it’s face! lol

  • yes. agree on his behaviour

    though jealousy definitely raises this issue more emotionally when monetary amounts above the regular persons threshold are involved. Comments written in hater style. Emotional

    If one steps back from the situation – with specific regards to clarkson and not the money – in all likelihood the top gear production team INCLUDING the Oisin Tymon will probably join the Trio at amazon ……. it cuts the story dead when that happens

    End of story. Next

  • craigcole

    We’ll have to see how good this new show will be without the same army of writers and producers that worked on Top Gear.

  • smartacus

    BBC must have deliberately been trying to help Jezza.
    But they still need a tame racing driver.
    Maybe they can get Ben Collins back.