Is Toyota Working on a Ridiculous Flying Car?


Toyota has recently filed a strange patent that hints the company may be developing a flying car.

The patent was filed in the U.S. and published today for a “stackable wing for an aerocar.”

The patent was originally filed on March 2, 2014 and its abstract reads: “A wing includes an upper surface that forms a generally fixed shape and a lower surface adjacent to the upper surface. The lower surface is morphable between a stowed shape and a deployed shape. A method of morphing a wing includes morphing a lower surface between a stowed shape and a deployed shape. The lower surface curves towards the supper surface in the stowed shape and curves away from the upper surface in the deployed shape.”

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You’d be forgiven for not being able to decipher what all that jargon means. Although the patent itself focuses on a stackable wing, the more important news is that Toyota is apparently developing an aerocar with wings. In the background section of the patent, Toyota explicitly said, “The present disclosure pertains to a vehicle that can be flown as a fixed wing aircraft and driven as a land vehicle.”

After doing some digging, we also found another patent that was published in August and filed in February for “a wing includes a dual channel wing with an outboard channel that extends spanwise from an inboard channel.” Essentially it’s a dual channel wing for an aerocar that can be stowed in a roadable mode within or against the aerocar, according to Toyota. This wing however, makes the car look really like an airplane, complete with propellers.

Perhaps all those dreams of flying cars may become a reality and it’s surprising that Toyota is willing to invest into making that dream real.

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  • Bug S Bunny

    Ridiculous flying car? Why not? They already developed that absurdly stupid hoverboard.

  • silverbullet


    With the thousands
    of automotive engineers and designers working around the world how is it possible
    for one man working alone, to produce designs light years ahead of everyone,
    including Tesla?

    all intents and purposes, there is nothing else on the planet even close to the
    technology created by Samuel Hay. Of course he didn’t just come out of nowhere.
    He was inventing things as early as 1950 when he was only eight years old and
    was a solar energy pioneer in the sixties. Everyone alive today has seen and
    even touched many of his designs over the years.

    particular interest is that his ninth grade English class paper, for 25% of the
    totally yearly grade was titled, “My Career in Automotive Engineering.” He says you can ask his pal Johnny Presley
    who used it as a guide for his own paper after learning Hay made an A+!

    the “Automobile of the Future” will be his crowing glory but he really doesn’t
    think so. Now into deep space propulsion, which he states has nothing do to
    with solid or liquid fuel, seems to light up his face when he discusses what
    little he can divulge at this point.

    with the concept that automobiles have not made one bit of real progress in a
    hundred years, he spent five full years on nothing but passenger safety. Having
    successfully designed the safest automobile passenger compartment ever, he
    proceeded to design the car around that. Maybe that explains why it is totally
    indistinguishable as an automobile!

    you took a dozen people having seen the automobile for the first time, most
    likely each and everyone would say, “I have absolutely no idea what that is!”

    we determine that the most advanced automobile on earth doesn’t have to look
    like an automobile. First of all, it has no doors. The passenger compartment
    has no blind spots and is impervious to most any condition which may be
    encountered on the highway. You have to ask yourself, “Who on earth wouldn’t
    want to own the safest car money can buy?” And that brings up another important
    point, the cost. This automobile is so simple to build, it is going to be a
    shock, pricewise, to the automotive world.

    could that possibly be? Its just too simple. If you walk into a parts store
    today, look around, you would discover almost 90% of everything you look at
    will be obsolete. Not because so many new parts will be required but because,
    again it is so very simple to construct. And fewer parts means less intensive
    labor costs as well.

    to name a few; it has no brakes as you know brakes. No drums, pads, rotors,
    discs, nothing, and that means there are no parts of this nature to ever wear
    out. How well does it stop? How does 47 feet from 60 to zero sound to you?

    no engine, transmission, drive shafts, short shafts, clutches, universal
    joints, pressure plates it really does start to get interesting.

    computers, no airbags, but again remember the origins were in passenger safety
    so never fear. There are just so many things it doesn’t have due to the
    advantages of the design and it is a dream to maintain. You just have no idea
    how this all could be until you see it for yourself. One of the main components
    is even a sustainable product! Not a metal or an alloy. The car also has no
    known shocks or springs as such.

    will own this technology in the future? Who will dominate the entire automobile
    industry, worldwide, for decades to come? Time will tell as Hay moves on to his
    more recent projects and hopes the best man wins out to manufacture The
    Automobile of the Future.

  • danwat1234

    I’d rather see the Terrafugia. TF-X flying car come to production

  • Jonny_Vancouver