• Rochester

    Damn, that was fun. I actually got a 100% on that quiz. Although I think if it asked me about Toyota first, I might have missed that one.

    More, please.

  • Andy

    bah! 96% The first one tricked me!!

  • Nathan Nickerson


  • Michael Staake

    First one was tough! 96%

  • John h


  • Rafael Peres


  • 100%!

  • Undercover 007

    100%. Way to easy

  • saaltonen

    Too easy… Throw some curveballz

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  • Damascus Wheelios

    The next one should be interiors 😉

  • johnls39 .

    89% for me. Not bad, I guess.

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  • Crownie Royal

    100%! Whoop!

  • Cookie Vtec

    It is a hyundai tuscon

  • Anis Miraoui

    100% Perfect hahaha

  • Miguel Tavares

    100% so easy