Tesla is Recalling Every Model S for a Seatbelt Issue


Every Tesla Model S ever sold is being recalled for a possible seatbelt issue.

The American automaker has sent emails to every Tesla Model S owner in the world to address a front seatbelt defect. Around 90,000 Model S sedans are impacted by the recall, although no accidents or injuries related to the problem have been reported. According to Tesla, it recently discovered a Model S in Europe with a front seatbelt that was not properly connected to the outboard lap connector. In the event of a crash, a seatbelt in this condition would not provide full protection.

The company confirmed that it is aware of only one vehicle with the condition and has periodically inspected seatbelts in over 3,000 vehicles and have found no issues.

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Still, Tesla is conducting a voluntary recall as a proactive and precautionary measure to inspect the front seatbelts on all Model S sedans ever sold to make sure they are properly connected.

Tesla owners are being advised to visit a service center to have the bolt that attaches the seatbelt mechanism to the body of the car inspected. If necessary, the automaker will also send technicians to customers. Fixing the issue will take about six minutes, the company said.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • danwat1234

    Bravvo Tesla for your superior commitment to customer safety and satisfaction!

  • Wingus Dingus

    They fucked up the most basic safety premise.. Elon Musk is an egotistical dousche at best.

  • danwat1234

    Only ONE vehicle is known to have this defect, 3K others looked at and no defects found on others (so far). Your mom is a egotistical douche at best.
    He is not self-centered from what I’ve seen, I haven’t met him
    Do you know what his goals are? He wants the big companies to compete with Tesla via electric cars

  • Wingus Dingus

    Well, you threw out the “mom” bit. Congratulations! Your 12 year old brain got caught in a corner.

    Electric cars are still funded by fossil fuel or nuclear dumbass. What powers the power plant feeding our power grid? Not everyone is financially capable of adopting solar you utopian pussbag liberal.

  • Wingus Dingus

    *fueled, not funded,

  • danwat1234

    Well, an electric car powered completely by fossil fuels is still better than a regular car; In terms of efficiency it’s not any worse (usually still better) and emissions are at one spot instead of the exhaust of each gas car. Also as time goes on that car will become more green. Congratulations on bringing up THAT old argument.

    Map and study; Google
    Electric vehicles beat gasoline cars in cradle-to-grave emissions study

  • Wingus Dingus

    So where do the batteries go when they are supposedly ‘recycled’? Regurgitate the rhetoric that Al Gore and all of the pussy liberals spread; you’re awful good at that from cradle-to-grave.