Toyota Could Be Making the Hardcore FR-S of Your Dreams a Reality


Toyota has filed a patent hinting that the Subaru STI Performance Concept will head to production, which means we could also have the hardcore FR-S of our dreams.

Filed in Japan, the patent was approved earlier this month with the application crediting Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru, as the creator. Considering the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ is the result of a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru, it’s no surprise that both automakers would be used in the patent filing.

Ever since the Subaru STI Performance Concept debuted earlier this year at the New York Auto Show, rumors have been stirring that it would become a reality. The big question is whether or not Toyota and Subaru will find a way to eke out more performance, especially since the concept sported 350 horsepower

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The more interesting part is that much of the STI Performance Concept features parts from Subaru’s STI division. If Toyota was to offer its own version, it appears that it will borrow styling from the STI Performance Concept but Toyota could go the route of outfitting it with TRD performance parts instead.

Recently, Fuji Heavy Industries’ president confirmed that a next-generation BRZ and FR-S will be developed and perhaps a high-performance variant is being considered to hold enthusiasts over until the second-generation model is available.

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  • Rocket

    Sounds great. Now just replace the trunk with a Supra-style hatch and add a targa roof option, and they’ll have the car they should have been selling all along.

  • Billy Cypher

    Hopefully they won’t put that ridiculous looking park bench on the trunk lid.

  • silvrado

    What exactly are they patenting? The looks of the car?

  • Mark S

    I do not subscribe to that this car needs more power, it is great as is. Would say that more power will make it better though. Could they increase the bore? If they go the forced induction route, I hope they manage to give it a linear response and avoid lag.

  • timothyhood

    That’s not a parking bench, it’s a table for your food when you’re tailgating! 🙂

  • timothyhood

    The problem with the current engine is that it seriously lacks torque. I had to wind it up to 5,000+ to keep up with normal traffic. Not great for gas mileage and not fun when the granny Camry can take on your “sports car.”

    350 hp would be far more than what would make this car great. A 2.0T putting out 240-250hp and 260-270 lb. ft. would bring this car to life!

    As far as boxers go, this one competes in the lightweight division, but it really should be in the middleweight division.

  • Mark S

    I do not find it to lack power at all in most situations. The only time I find a major difference between the FR-S and say the VW GTI, is over taking on the freeway in 6th…..GTI can do it without working the gears, sometimes need to drop a gear to get the FR-S rpm up. Kind of fun to be honest. Agree that torque is parameter that would be a focus of an improvement, but what it has works enough for me, very much a grin inducing car.