Feds Give VW March Deadline for Emissions Fix

Feds Give VW March Deadline for Emissions Fix

A U.S. federal judge has given Volkswagen a deadline for when it needs to present an acceptable plan laying out how it will fix the emissions of 600,000 diesel cars. 

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer has now set out a deadline of March 24, saying that “six months is long enough” to determine the fix for this issue according to Breyer.

VW has already had one plan to fix the 2.0-liter engines rejected by U.S. regulators, while a seperate fix to bring 3.0-liter diesel engines into compliance was submitted earlier this month.

The engines in question are fit with a defeat device which allows them to cheat on emissions tests and then spew up to 40 times the allowed pollution levels during regular driving.

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A lawsuit has been brought against Volkswagen by the U.S. Justice Department seeking up to $46 billion for violating U.S. environmental laws.

Volkswagen has already said that it is considering some buybacks, a move that would cost the brand billions of dollars.

[Source: Automotive News]

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    Yeah, it’s probably about time they actually figured out what they’re going to do.