BMW Explains its Wild Next 100 Concept in Video

BMW rolled out a wild looking concept car to celebrate its 100th birthday and to foreshadow what to expect from the brand over the next century. 

Now the brand has released a video explaining exactly what went into making the Next 100 and where the ideas came from.

One of the car’s more outrageous systems is its ‘live geometry,’ a set of small triangles that make up the dashboard and other panels in the car that are able to move to send signals to the driver. For a more technical explanation, BMW describes it as “a form of preconscious communication, where an intuitive signal predicts an imminent real-time event.”

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The car is fully self-driving in Ease mode, but BMW insists that you should be able to take full control of the car if you so choose, and you can do so with the car’s Boost mode.

As part of its centenary celebrations, all four of the BMW brands, those being Bentley, Mini, BMW and BMW Motorrad will unveil a Next 100 concept to signal their way into the future.

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