Daily Diecast: A LaFerrari You Won’t Be Scared to Do Donuts In

Daily Diecast: A LaFerrari You Won’t Be Scared to Do Donuts In

Welcome to AutoGuide.com’s Daily Diecast feature. Every day this week, we’ll be showcasing an extra special diecast model car from the web and showing you exactly why it’s awesome.

This gorgeous Ferrari LaFerrari diecast model is up for grabs and thankfully, it doesn’t have a $1.4 million price tag attached to it.

Unlike some diecast models, this one is made entirely of plastic, even the tires. While this may turn some die-hard collectors off, it isn’t entirely a bad thing because doing donuts and drifting through corners is easier on plastic rather than rubber (at least when it comes to RC cars).

This LaFerrari’s doors do not open, but it’s so well designed otherwise that it’s forgivable. This licensed model is 1/14 to scale and features LED headlights, shock absorbers and an MJX Tri-band remote control. This Tri-band controller allows up to three players at a time at the same location with no interference – racing this RC car down the driveway against your best pals has never looked so intriguing!

See more info about this cool LaFerrari here

This diecast also boasts a rear wheel differential system in order to prevent skidding and front wheel with steer trim, meaning you can re-adjust the car’s direction by moving the adjustment rod beneath the car to the right or left until the car goes perfectly straight. If you’ve ever wanted to own a LaFerrari for under $200, this is your chance! Plus, you can get a kick out of watching it do donuts and leave all your friends’ RC cars in its dust.


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  • smartacus

    I’ve never heard of 1:14 scale model.
    I’ve heard of 1:12 and of course 1:18