Morgan Joins the EV Party in the Most Morgan Way Possible


At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan joined the electric vehicle party in the most Morgan way imaginable.

The British automaker is known for its three-wheeled roadsters and it doesn’t depart from that foundation just because it’s an electric vehicle. The Morgan EV3 weighs just more than 1,000 pounds and is powered by a 63-horsepower electric motor. Providing the charge is a 20-kWh lithium-ion battery, good enough for 150 miles on a full charge. Thanks to its weight, the Morgan EV3 doesn’t need hundreds of ponies to get it going, with the company claiming a zero-to-62 time of under nine seconds and a top speed of 90 mph.

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Carbon fiber has been used on the hood, tonneau cover and side panels in an effort to save weight, and there’s also no roof or windshield to speak of. The retro-looking three-wheeled roadster will head to production late this year and Morgan promises that pricing will be similar to the regular 3 Wheeler, which is around £30,000 ($42,650).

This won’t be the first electrified vehicle from Morgan either, as the company has received generous government funding to develop more green cars for its lineup.

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  • Rickers

    Why does anyone care about Morgan?

  • Felix James

    The old cars are cool.

  • earl

    Nice…first EV that I wouldn’t mind owning.