Aston Martin Files for ‘DBZ’ Trademark in Europe

Aston Martin has filed an application to trademark “DBZ” in Europe, suggesting a new model could be joining the lineup.

Sometimes, automakers trademark certain nameplates to protect them from being used by other automakers, even if they don’t intend to use them for their lineup. Although that might be the case for the Aston Martin DBZ, it’s more likely that the British automaker has another model in the works, given its recent focus on expansion. The trademark application confirms that DBZ is intended to be used on “passenger cars; racing cars; car bodies.”

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It’s worth noting that Aston Martin could use the DBZ nameplate as a shortened version for a DB Zagato model. Zagato is an Italian design house that has collaborated with Aston Martin over the years, most recently with the stunning Vanquish Zagato concept. It is also the fifth car that Zagato has styled for the brand in as many decades.

Then again, Aston Martin could just be really big fans of Dragon Ball Z and they’re preparing a car that takes 27 minutes to power up but doesn’t really accelerate.

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