McLaren P1 LM Delivers on Promise of Street-Legal P1 GTR


Lanzante Motorsport has delivered on the promise of offering a road-going McLaren P1 GTR.

It might sound a bit strange since technically the McLaren P1 is a street-legal version of the McLaren P1 GTR, which is only available for track use, but the McLaren P1 LM is more than just your run-of-the-mill P1. Lanzante has a rich history with McLaren, campaigning the McLaren F1 GTR in Le Mans in 1995 for a victory and creating the road-going F1 LM. Naturally, the two companies collaborated again to create a more extreme version of the McLaren P1 that is essentially a toned-down P1 GTR that can be used on the streets.

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The 3.8-liter hybrid powertrain has been reworked to run on 99-octane gasoline with an output of 986 horsepower, while Lanzante managed to shed another 130 pounds off the weight of the P1 GTR by getting rid of the onboard air-jack system, incorporating polycarbonate windows and bolting on a lightweight Inconel exhaust system. And like the original F1, Lanzante has insulated the engine bay with gold leaf.

On the outside, an exposed carbon fiber roof is used while the aerodynamics have been further tweaked with additional wings on the front and the rear. Inside, the cockpit has been trimmed with Alcantara and a new steering wheel has been installed based on the one in Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 championship-winning McLaren MP4-23.

The McLaren P1 LM will be limited to just five units, one finished in the same gray as pictured and four more in bright orange.

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  • smartacus

    if the onboard air-jack system only weighs 130lbs,
    why not just offer it as a universal option across the board?
    Probably lowers the center of gravity too.