Bigger 2018 Honda Accord Spied with Sleeker Profile


The 2018 Honda Accord will grow in size, just like the Honda Civic.

Spy photographers have caught the 2018 Honda Accord prototype testing and it appears that the new Accord will take some styling cues from the new-generation Civic. Although it is heavily camouflaged, there are visible hints that the Accord will have a sleeker body, but a more angular design language than the Civic, most noticeably up front. Underpinning the new Accord will be a larger version of the architecture used on the Civic and the next-generation CR-V. Honda’s platform is similar to Volkswagen’s versatile MQB modular architecture, which helps the automaker cut costs thanks to economies of scale.

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Expect to see the 2018 Honda Accord make its debut sometime next year, powered by more fuel-efficient engines. If you can’t wait, however, Honda has just introduced the all-new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid that delivers a total system output of 212 horsepower while returning 49 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on the highway.

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  • smartacus

    it’s so huge

  • Rico Yan

    that’s what she said

  • AgendaBuster

    Please refresh my memory, why do I want a giant grand parents car?
    Everyone I talk to just wants basic transportation. We are looking for a cheap convertible, looks like we’re buying vintage since there are no new options. Besides the old stuff holds their value. Today’s car makers only want to build big ugly cars, usually in silver.

  • Jon F

    I can never figure out why people criticize the Accord for not being something it was never intended to be. Accord buyers aren’t looking for performance, cutting edge design, or a drop top.

  • AgendaBuster

    Look John, I think I know a little bit about the Honda Accord, it’s buyers, and American Honda Inc. I spend over twenty years of my life working for them.

    Buyers are not looking for another plastic oversize Camry want to be. Likewise for a Civic that has gained weight, size, and wheelbase to equal older Dual-Wishbone Accords of yesteryear. Let’s look backwards in time John, back when a Accord LX 4Dr was a 102 inch wheelbase and weighed in a hell of a lot less. Oh the Camry is a pig too, both are growing way more than they ever should of. I expect Honda & Toyota both to add tail-fins and white-wall tires at this rate.

    At the same time Honda has played safe with no fun cars or colors in years. Where is the Del-Sol, or other fun 2 place targa cars. You see, it’s not about being a hot rod, it’s about fun grocery-getters.

  • looks like another home run for honda. the current accord sells like hotcakes and the new one should keep the trend as usual.

  • you know the accord sells over 300,000 units per year easy on a bad year right? not many cars hit those numbers. so you sir are in the minority. MANY people want an accord. and the numbers more then prove it. if people didn’t want it then honda would stop making them and make what they want. BUT WHAT THEY WANT IS THE ACCORD. according to the sales. follow the money .

  • fun grocery getter? sounds like a dumb idea.

    id rather have a great weekend hot rod and a safe eco suv for utility. trying to have it all in one car leads to compromises…and its NEVER any good. Its for sad people.

  • AgendaBuster

    What do you think a SUV is? It’s a Station-wagon compromise built for and driven by women. A vehicle designed to get women higher off the ground so they can see around traffic and feel bigger with their kids.
    Today’s SUV is yesterdays Mini-Van / Mom-Mobile.

  • Peter Tam

    I respected Honda for making the current gen Accords smaller than the large 2009-2011 Accords. Going bigger again is not a great idea….few ppl really want to drive an Avalon-sized car. We’ll see.

  • TempoNick

    My dad has an 09. It’s an OK car, but everything feels flimsy on such a big car. There’s a certain lightness in the sheet metal values that just makes the door feel cheap on such a big car. If This Were an Oldsmobile of about ten years ago, it would be subject to all kinds of ridicule.

  • TempoNick

    The orange Subarus really grab my attention. Agreed with everything you wrote. I still have my 2002 Acura TL that I bought new because 1) I don’t want to pay 40 grand for a new Acura and 2) I don’t think most of what Honda makes these days would be an upgrade. The last time I looked at an accord, I thought the leather was cheap and the radio sounded like crap.

    I’m not saying the 2002 Acura TL is the greatest car in the history of man, but it does suit my needs rather well.

  • Sgt Soros

    IMHO, it looks grotesquely larger than the current generation Accord. The current generation Accord is sized perfectly, going bigger makes absolutely no sense. My only complaint with the current generation is they used just too much chrome around the front and back end after they did their mid model refresh.