More Hints Honda is Working on a Baby NSX Surface

More Hints Honda is Working on a Baby NSX Surface

It appears that a mystery Honda sports car is starting to take shape.

Last year, a patent filing by Honda revealed that a possible baby NSX was in the works, and now a recently published patent design in the U.S. could be giving us a hint at what its dash could look like. Reddit user urbanglowcam did some investigating and found that this particular patent design actually correlates with the baby NSX patent that was published last year in France on the same day. Unfortunately, there’s not much to go off, except that the dash certainly looks like something that would fit the design of the baby NSX with sharp angles and a futuristic look.

The bigger clue is the design numbers: 001435556-0001 for the car and 001435556-0002 for the dashboard. In the EU’s filing system, the -0001 and -0002 following the same series of numbers typically indicate they are parts of the same design. [Hat tip to Dennis for pointing this out!]

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What is exciting is the fact that Honda is filing patent applications for both the vehicle and its possible dash in the U.S., meaning whatever sports car it is working on is likely destined for North America. The original patent design had a few Honda S660 styling cues and was supposedly created in Honda’s American design studio.

Of course, Honda enthusiasts are hoping that this is a successor to the Honda S2000, and rumor has it that the company is preparing a car for its 70th anniversary in 2018.


[Source: Reddit]

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  • Noe

    If it is and looking at the brand it looks as though extensive tasteless plastics will pay an essential role ………….. unfortunately

  • Phil

    whats funny about your statement is you’re implying other mainstream manufacturers aren’t making extensive use of though and tasteless plastics ……. but they are too

  • Ji Dosha

    Didn’t Honda already confirm they are doing a trio of mid-rear sports cars? There’s 2 out already, this will be the third.

  • ScooniePenn10 .

    CRX reborn…