Tesla Model S Catches Fire During Test Drive in France

Tesla Model S Catches Fire During Test Drive in France

Another Tesla Model S unexpectedly caught on fire.

This time around, it was during the automaker’s “Electric Road Trip” tour for the summer, and it occurred during a stop in Biarritz, France. According to a report from Electrek, the Tesla Model S P90D was on a test drive when the vehicle suddenly made a loud noise and displayed an alert on the dash that stated there was a problem with “charging.” The Tesla employee in the vehicle had the driver park the car on the side of the road, where all three people exited the vehicle. A moment later, according to witnesses, the car caught on fire.

Firefighters were able to arrive quickly onto the scene to control the fire, but the vehicle was completely destroyed. All three people inside the vehicle were unharmed and were able to safely exit the vehicle before the incident occurred, a Tesla spokesperson has confirmed.

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While this isn’t the first time a Tesla Model S has caught on fire, it is unlike the incident earlier this year when the electric sedan was plugged into a Supercharger. Earlier instances of Tesla Model S fires occurred after severe impacts, especially if debris on the road punctured the battery pack at high speed. Since then, the American automaker has added a titanium shield on the bottom of the battery pack, but it’s unclear if this particular Model S had an impact prior to the fire.

The company is working with authorities to establish the facts of the incident. It’s worth noting that although electric vehicle fires are widely reported, there’s no evidence that they are more frequent than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles catching on fire.

[Source: Electrek]

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  • smartacus

    did he fill it with gasoline instead of diesel again?

  • danwat1234

    Yeah and I could have made about 80K on penny stock $STEM today if I timed it right..

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    If these things didn’t catch fire once in a while, I’d conclude they weren’t trying hard enough.

  • André-Nelly Zlobinski

    Yep, thats possible because the heat what can be While charging fast.
    My thing to say, Elon go Hydrogen and beat everybody with that on a low price and a range of 700 Miles.
    But luckely no harm to the passengers