BMW Z5 Finally Goes Testing on the Nurburgring


A BMW Z5 prototype has been spied testing on the world famous Nurburgring.

Widely believed to be based on the platform developed in collaboration with Toyota, the BMW Z5 will serve as a successor to the Z4, which ended its production in August. What’s underpinning the BMW Z5 is expected to also underpin the Toyota Supra’s successor, although the two will try to appeal to different markets.

Still heavily camouflaged, spy photographers did manage to sneak in a couple of interior photos this time around. They reveal a digital gauge cluster along with a traditional BMW steering wheel and climate control knobs. The infotainment screen was covered, hinting that BMW has a next-generation unit possibly in development.

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Both BMW and Toyota have been keeping relatively quiet on the development of their sports cars, despite prototypes being spied over the last few months. Expect the BMW Z5 to launch as a roadster with a soft top, getting rid of the current model’s retractable hard top in order to save weight. Under the hood will likely be turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engine offerings and rumor has it a hybrid powertrain is in the works to pair with the German automaker’s xDrive all-wheel drive.

Look for the BMW Z5 to finally make its debut sometime in 2017 before it heads to dealerships as a 2018 model.

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