Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

The right car accessory can improve your driving experience exponentially.

There are millions of car accessories on the market, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options. To make it easier for you, we wanted to zone in on which ones are being talked about, purchased and used the most by today’s drivers, so we scoured the web to find the top 10 trending car accessories that people are recommending.

10. Kiddleco Kick Mats

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Kids love to kick the back of car seats, which is not only irritating, but it can make a huge mess of your car’s interior. If you’ve got a Suzy seat kicker in your life, then the easy to install and clean Kiddleco Premium Kick Mats are a must-have.

Kiddleco Premium Kick Mats 2-Pack retails for $17.97

9. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

There are thousands of cellphone mounts on the market in a variety of mounting styles — from your windshield, dashboard, to your car’s air vents. If mounting your cellphone to a vent is an appealing placement, then the WizGear air vent mount is what you’re looking for. It’s a must-have based on both its inexpensive price point and strong customer reviews.

The WizGear Air Vent Mount retails for $5.99

8. FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Scraping ice and snow off your windshield in the winter sucks. If you want to avoid the cold and cumbersome process of clearing off your windshield, then pick up the FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover and all you’ll have to do is remove it, shake off the snow, and be on your way.

The FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover retails for $19.99

7. Tile Key Finder

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Perfect for anyone who is always misplacing their keys, the Tile is a time-saving Bluetooth tracking device that functions as the perfect key finder.

The second-generation Tile retails for $24.99

6. LilGadgets CarBuddy Universal Headrest Tablet Mount

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

The tablet may be on its way to replacing aftermarket car televisions because they are so versatile and are great distractions for kids in and out of the car. With a simple mounting device like the Universal Headrest Tablet Mount from LilGadgets, any tablet can become an in-car television screen to keep passengers entertained and quiet.

The LilGadets CarBuddy Universal Headrest Tablet Mount retails for $19.95

5. Guluman Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

 Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Move over pine-scented air freshener, people are now opting to improve their car’s aroma and their mood during the daily commute with a car-specific aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.

The Guluman Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser retails for $29.99

4. Ozium Odor Eliminator

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

If odors aren’t your thing, the Ozium Odor Eliminator probably is. Whether the scent of something strong like cigarette smoke is trapped in your car, or just mild and annoying everyday odors irritate you, leaving this odor eliminator in your car will suck up the stink and restore a clean, fresh smell to your vehicle.

The Ozium Odor Eliminator retails for $6.53

3. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

French fries, coins, cellphones, and pens are just some of the items that seem to always fall between the car seat and center console and go missing forever. A simple fix is here: plug the gap with the Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler and eliminate the frustration of disappearing items.

The Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler retails for $19.99

2. LifeHammer Emergency Window Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

Safety is always trending. You can’t plan for an accident, you can be prepared for one. In case of an emergency, this small tool cuts you free from a jammed seatbelt, and its hardened steel hammer points break tempered side window glass, so you can quickly escape your vehicle.

The LifeHammer retails for $14.95

1. Antigravity Multi-Function Power Supply

Top 10 Trending Car Accessories

This pocket-sized multi-function battery is powerful enough to jump-start your car, equipped to charge an array of devices from laptops to smartphones, and even comes with a built-in flashlight, making it a must-have for any road trip.

The Antigravity Battery and accessory pack retails for $99.95

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  • smartacus

    Does that Drop Stop seat gap filler work?

  • Thomas Lee Mullins

    I think those are very useful and practical. I will be checking them out even more.

  • Langjan

    If its fitted whatever would have dropped down the gap will land on it – if that’s what you want it will obviously work.