Mazda’s New Engine Tech Will Cut Fuel Consumption By a Third


Mazda is coming out with a new high-tech engine that will cut fuel consumption by a third.

Mazda is set to introduce a new engine at the end of 2018 that uses pressure instead of spark plugs to ignite fuel, a technology the Japanese automaker says will increase fuel economy by 30 percent. The engine will be the first practical use of the technology, which is called homogeneous charge compression ignition. Although hybrids are becoming increasingly popular, the company believes the internal combustion engine will live on for the foreseeable future and its investment into a new engine reinforces that idea.

By igniting the mix of air and fuel by subjecting them to pressure, the new engine will make combustion more efficient than conventional motors featuring spark plugs. The technology will also reduce exhaust emissions.

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Expect Mazda to first use the new engine in the next-generation Mazda3 before it is gradually rolled out to other models in the company’s lineup. The company says it represents the next generation of its Skyactiv suite of environmentally friendly technologies.

As for electrified Mazdas, look for the Japanese automaker to begin mass producing EVs by 2019 and a plug-in hybrid introduced by 2021.

[Source: Nikkei]

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  • smartacusⓊ

    i love this idea a lot!

  • craigcole

    Good luck, Mazda! Gasoline compression ignition is hardly a new idea. Up until now it’s been nearly impossible to implement in the real world and it still may not work properly…

  • Shane Rotary man

    Sounds good, if anyone can do it Mazda would be the one. Look at the Rotary, companies were spending huge amounts on it in the 70’s and only Mazda seceded in commercial production. As for the rotary engine, come on Mazda don’t let your most loyal customers leave. Now is the time to bring out another Fd Rx-7 and show the world your design and engineering prowess.

  • DoubleCoppers

    So it’s a diesel (compression ignition) engine that uses gasoline instead of diesel fuel? That probably means it has a much higher compression ratio. If it is high-compression, they’ll have to beef-up the engine to withstand the extra stress.

    As far as higher mileage, high-compression engines develop more power than low CR ones, which will help with mileage, but part of the reason diesels get higher mileage is b/c diesel fuel contains more energy per gallon than gasoline—so there won’t be any mileage boost from this aspect.

  • John Thomson

    I’m thinking the same thing. A smart buyer would wait 2 or 3 model years, as there’s going to be some bugs in this first one.

  • emiliosic

    Current Skyactiv engine already use high compression with standard gas. About 13:1

  • Gene

    Was hoping for a third more torque..

  • will wipperdink

    Why couldn’t GM or Ford figure this out?

  • ken perrault

    1 have 2015 Mazda 6 have air noise from doors does anybody else have this problem and is there cure for this my dealer cant seem to find problem please help

  • Joe Blo

    Mazda didn’t invent this.. it has a lot of problems.

  • Joe Blo

    Get a different car !

  • Roman

    I have the same with my Mazda 3 hatchback 2016