Next-Generation 2019 Ford Focus Spied For the First Time


The Ford Focus is getting quite old compared to its competition, but with a new one due out soon, spy photographers have caught the next-gen model for the first time.

This 2019 Ford Focus is the first full body prototype spy photographers have seen. The new compact, which was spied in Europe, will be a bit less tall but longer and wider than the one it replaces, meaning there should be more room for passengers and cargo.

Expect the looks to mature and for the compact to offer all the safety and driver assistance technology that is now becoming the norm like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. Inside, the Focus will probably try to move upmarket and have a cleaner and more intuitive layout.

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A range of small EcoBoost engines are expected to be offered, and an ST model is sure to follow.

The 2019 Ford Focus will have to fight very hard to compete with the upcoming Volkswagen Golf, which has just been refreshed to offer such high-tech goodies as gesture control and a fully digital gauge cluster.

The current Ford Focus has been around for seven years with just one major refresh under its belt. The next-generation model should debut in 2018 as a 2019 model year car and should continue to be available as both a hatchback and sedan.

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  • JeffDeWitt

    I’m on my second Focus now, but if, as rumor has it the new one will be built in Mexico I won’t be buying another. Mine was made in Michigan (as was I!), and that’s one of the reasons I bought it.

  • Jeffrey Sterling

    I got my daughter a used 2014 hatchback and because I didn’t do research I was stuck replacing the automatic clutch that malfunctions on these cars ..$1450 and before I bought it I found out later it already had a new clutch only 20,000 miles earlier .. somebody blew it at ford … Their reputation must not be doing as good as it used to.

  • Clarid Mutchler


  • Victor Martins

    Que merda, comprar só porque foi fabricado em X país, só podia ser gringo mesmo…

  • Paulo Henrique Martins

    Esse aí votou no Mr. Trump kkkkk

  • JeffDeWitt

    Sou Americana e eu dirigir carros Americanos.

  • Kevin Jones

    Ford extended the warranty to 7 years/100k miles. Shouldn’t have cost you a thing. The DCT in the Ford focus is the only major common mechanical issue. Every now and then someone gets a lemon, but no more than any other company as its an inherent evil in mass manufacturing.

  • Jeffrey Sterling

    Problem is I got a 14 with about 106k and the 86k clutch replacement was not on the carfax….I am going to look at another carfax and see if my repair shows up…. I never even put brake pads on an 04 prius with 245000 miles on it

  • metric

    Hybrid vehicles go through brake pads wear at significant lower rate compared to traditional vehicles, due to the regenerative braking system, When the brakes are applied, the electric motor is inverted and assists in slowing down the vehicle, so longer brake life is a byproduct of hybrids.

  • darth415

    Every Ford focus has trans problems, even the manual. How do you F up a manual!?

  • Square Left

    Since we don’t know all of your car’s history, I can only guess:

    If the clutch replacement wasn’t on your CarFax, it probably wasn’t done at a Ford dealer. The DCT clutch replacement is a fairly involved process and Ford supplies special tools to their dealers for the repair. The process also calls for the transmission’s ECU to be reprogrammed, for which Ford’s proprietary software needs to be used.

    I had to have the clutch replaced on my 2013 Focus. The dealer didn’t charge me anything and even offered me a loaner car for the time that they kept my Focus. The process went off without a hitch and the car performs perfectly. Not meaning to add insult to injury, but I’d say that you got taken twice…


    I agree, I own a 2015 and one of the reasons I bought it was American made, these Beaners below are traitors and TRUMP should deport them. I am Mexican and I voted trump VIVA LA TRUMP!

  • JeffDeWitt

    Look, I’ve got nothing against Mexicans, nor do I have anything against LEGAL immigrants. I just want to drive an American car made by an American company in the United States.