If Only Saab Made Cool Supercars Like This


The brand might not have had to go through bankruptcy.

Called the Saab AiroX Autonomous Concept, it doesn’t actually come from the automaker itself. Instead, it’s created by the folks at Gray Design, who imagined what a Saab supercar could look like by drawing inspiration from Saab’s history as an aircraft company. The company decided to create the AiroX concept upon hearing news that “Saab AB would once again venture into the automotive market with their advanced AI technology developed for the aerospace industry.” Basically it imagines a new chapter in Saab’s history with a self aware, fun loving car design that ties in elements of the automaker’s automotive design language and design elements of its fighter jets.

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But realistically, it doesn’t look like anything Saab has ever created, save for the slight resemblance in the front grille. Like other supercar concepts, the AiroX has a huge focus on aerodynamics, but the coolest part of the design are the dynamic spoilers that deploy during high-speed handling to affect airflow and downforce. Gray Design says they would work independently or in unison to achieve better cornering and stability.

“The power for the car is thought to be high performance electric and the 0-60 time is superfast,” the design firm said. “The handling is supernice and the ride is supersmooth thanks to the micro-adjustments made by the dynamic airflow systems.”

It’s a shame it’s supernotreal.

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  • Eco Bust

    More accurate, less ridiculous title: if only GM hadn’t screwed SAAB into bankruptcy…

  • RPJ

    After spending a few days working with my son on his 1996 9000 Aero (used to be mine), I was informed as to what SAAB actually stands for, Something Almost Always Broken. Having been a Saab Master Tech for years I had to laugh at just how accurate that was. Thanks to GM it became even more true until they buried the company.
    As far as I’m concerned the Government should have allowed GM to also go under.

  • Rob

    That’s a lot of “Supers”

  • APC900

    Funny nothing on mine is ever broken.
    As to letting GM die… Can you guess who would have filled that gap?
    How about Honda and Toyota.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    …both of which have plants in the U.S. and have invested heavily here, along with Hyundai and Subaru.

  • APC900

    Sure, they’ve both invested here…but when you sell a car, how much do you think goes towards assembler’s salaries vs outright leaving America to be invested elsewhere?
    I guarantee you this…even with paying Americans to assemble those cars, the bulk of that sale would end up in somebody else’s infrastructure, schools and projects.
    Ever wonder why we are owned by everybody else?
    There’s your answer.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    You asked the questions. It’s up to you to provide the answers. Of course, you also need to explain the whole “owned by somebody else” nonsense and prove that too.

    Good luck.