Listen to the New Civic Type R Rev its Turbo Engine


Honda is indulging our ears with a new video that reveals how the upcoming Civic Type R will sound. 

The entire clip showcases the new car with plenty of flashy editing and camera work, but if you’re here to hear, skip straight to the 0:48 second mark. The little 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine definitely has some bark to back up its bite, which amounts to 306 horsepower.

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All the power is sent through a six-speed manual transmission that features rev matching downshifts and short throws. Plenty of other speed-focused upgrades are present too, like a light weight flywheel, four-wheel adaptive suspension, a helical limited-slip front differential and more.

Pricing for the car will start in the mid-$30,000 range and it will go on sale in the U.S. in late Spring.

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  • craigcole

    Sounds like a four-cylinder. I’m shocked; truly, I am.

  • aomechmarine

    Shut up idiot. Your average 4 cylinder sounds nothing like that, kill yourself

  • Meh

    actually, it does. It sounds very much like a ST, GTI, R, or any other 4cyl with a turbo.

  • tre916

    Is the type-R still FWD?

  • aomechmarine

    HELL NO it doesn’t! ST has a huge rumble at low speeds, plus blowoff valve sounds… GTI doesn’t really have any sound at all, and this Type R is LOUD and clean sound. You are either bullshitting or tone deaf.

  • aomechmarine

    Yea it is bruh… I’m not really into this car as a daily driver, but it will be fun to see on the road and see what people end up doing with it… But it just screams “PULL ME OVER NOW PLEASE!” Way, WAY too loud… Plus looks kind of pricey…. Will probably be a good deal used in a couple years..

  • tre916

    What a waste… I went from a 06 si to a 13 focus st. The st with ~250 hp and torque is too much power for FWD already if you’re putting any more than 225 down you really are doing yourself a disservice not using some sort of AWD in my experience.

  • aomechmarine

    Well your experience is wrong because the type R set world records for FWD speed on the track already

  • tre916

    Of course it did. What a John Madden assed statistic that is… That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be better with AWD.

  • aomechmarine

    Except it runs perfectly fine and breaks records without it… So YEP it’s GOOD. Thanks for your Input, I’m sure the Honda Engineers really give a shit.. NEEEEEXT

  • tre916

    Breaking records where you have no competition because nobody else is silly enough to drop 300hp on a FWD car is not anything to be proud of.

    I’m not hating on Honda’s engineers, I have great respect for them but having driven FWD Sis (the only kind of Si because other than the S2000 there’s no non-FWD sporty cars in Honda’s stable) my whole life and dealing with all the front end hopping and skipping around off the line I think I have a pretty valid point.

    But if you just want to be a blind fanboy be my guest.

  • aomechmarine

    I’m not a blind fanboy, I think this car is overpriced for most people, and it’s way too flashy/ boy racer to drive in Nazifornia, that shit will get towed away the first time you run through a yellow light…
    It’s just that AWD is NOT everything, neither is RWD. Just depends what the application is. The cars design is perfectly fine.