You Could Buy a Porsche for the Price of This Smart Fortwo


This is the Smart Fortwo Brabus Ultimate 125 and it costs over $50,000.

One might say the smartest thing you can actually do is not spend your money on this car, but who are we to judge. The Smart Fortwo Brabus Ultimate 125 costs €49,980 ($52,800) for the coupe and €52,800 ($55,800) for the convertible, which could get you behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman.

Limited to 125 units, the Brabus Ultimate 125 pushes around 123 horsepower (125 PS) out of the tiny 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine. Every unit is painted in a special shade called Blu Glauco and along with the wider fenders, you get a more aggressive front lip, rear diffuser and 18-inch wheels wrapped with 205/35/18 rubber.

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The color scheme continues inside with turquoise leather throughout, including on the dash, door panels and steering wheel. Also included are illuminated scuff plates, stainless steel pedals and velour floor mats.

Brabus has actually been selling special edition “Ultimate” Smart variants for quite some time now. It started in 2004 with the Ultimate 101 and has since produced the Ultimate 112, Ultimate R, Ultimate Style and Ultimate 120. So clearly someone is buying them.

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  • relentlesslycaring

    Sounds cool if youv’e got the bucks. The car however needs a lot of black to counteract the garish blue.

  • sɐıqoʇ

    And of course you couldn’t buy it in the US, even if you wanted to 🙂


    in 2008, I had a turbo installed on my Smart with wider wheels. It generates 140hp at wheels, but takes too long to spool, so for fist 20 mph it is same as any other Smart car. However, I wouldn’t pay over $50,000 for the added hp and wider tires.

  • McLaren

    Lol you can get a CPO Tesla in the same price range and less. Big NOPE.

  • Bionic Merlin

    Can you pop wheelies? 🙂