Top 10 New Cars That Give People Buyer’s Remorse

Top 10 New Cars That Give People Buyer’s Remorse

You may be surprised to hear that 1.5 percent of new car owners resell their cars within the first year of ownership.

At least that’s according to data from automotive research firm, which analyzed more than 24 million individual new car sales to see how many were resold within the first year. The firm found that 11 models saw at least twice the rate of resale of the average car, with the Nissan Versa coming in 11th place at 3.2 percent.

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It may come as a surprise that six of the 11 models come from German luxury automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The top three cars are resold at rates quadruple the average of all models.

It’s worth noting that some of the luxury vehicles on the list are because automakers offer their dealers incentives to buy new cars to use as loaner vehicles, which are then sold as used when they are still under a year old, explained Phong Ly, CEO of “This is a marketing strategy with a two-fold purpose. It puts brand-new models in the hands of current owners when they bring their cars in for service, increasing the likelihood that they will buy another car from that brand. In addition, it essentially increases the brand’s new car sales, which help to give them the ability to claim the title of ‘top luxury brand’, something that BMW and Mercedes-Benz compete for every year.”

10. Subaru WRX

2018 subaru wrx

Data shows 3.3 percent of Subaru WRX owners got rid of their four-door sports car within one year of ownership. The average price of a brand new Subaru WRX was $32,634, while the average price of it used was $30,625 reflecting a 6.2-percent decrease when resold after one year of ownership.

9. Chrysler 200

2017 chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 isn’t long for this world and it appears even its owners are fed up, with 3.8 percent reselling within the first year. It takes the biggest hit out of all the cars on the list, losing 29.9 percent of its value after one year ($25,132 new versus $17,625 used).

8. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2017 mercedes-benz e-class

The latest-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class packs plenty of high-tech features, but that’s not convincing some owners to keep the luxury sedan. A total of 3.9 percent got rid of their E-Class within the first year of ownership and it came at a price. The E-Class on average lost 19.3 percent of its value, selling new for $64,742 while getting $52,267 on the used car market.

7. BMW 4 Series


Like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, 3.9 percent of its buyers got rid of their BMW 4 Series within one year of ownership. The value drop wasn’t as drastic as the E-Class, but owners did take a hit of 17.3 percent on average, spending $54,610 to purchase the car new and getting back $45,152 after one year.

6. BMW X3

2017 bmw x3

Another vehicle that saw 3.9 percent of its owners reselling within one year is the BMW X3. It’s also likely the X3 is one of those vehicles dealerships are purchasing for loaners. The average price of a brand new BMW X3 was $50,115 with owners losing 12.7 percent of its value with an average selling price of $43,731.

5. Dodge Dart

2016 dodge dart

Like the Chrysler 200, the fate of the Dodge Dart has been decided and the American automaker didn’t even bother with a 2017 model year. It also comes in second right behind the Chrysler 200 in losing 27.4 percent of its value within one year of ownership, with an average new selling price of $20,649 before getting resold for an average of $14,988.

4. Nissan Versa Note

2017 nissan versa note

It appears more Nissan Versa Note owners get rid of their vehicles within one year than Nissan Versa owners. Four percent of Versa Note owners got rid of their vehicles within one year, with its value dropping on average 20.2 percent from $16,606 new to $13,256 used.

3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2017 mercedes-benz c-class

Another likely model purchased by dealerships for loaner cars is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. It comes in third place with 6.1 percent resold as used within the first year, with its value dropping from $49,042 to $39,406 marking a 19.6 percent decrease.

2. BMW 5 Series

2017 bmw 5 series

The third of four BMW models on the list is the 5 Series, with 7.1 percent of its owners reselling within one year. On average, the 5 Series lost 18.2 percent of its value, with buyers paying $61,317 for it new and reselling it for $50,133 used within one year.

1. BMW 3 Series


If you’ve ever visited a BMW dealership, you’ll know there’s plenty of 3 Series units on the lot to serve as loaners. So unsurprisingly, it tops the list with 8 percent being resold within one year of ownership. The average price of a new BMW 3 Series came in at $44,833 before reselling for an average of $36,743 within one year.

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  • tymj2112

    How much does this say about the cars themselves, vs. how much about the drivers of these vehicles?

  • iammrmail

    One reason may be to upgrade

  • Diesel Driver

    I suspect they are a rather fickle bunch of people. Just a guess but hey.

  • Agnar Schnell

    3/3%-8%?!?! I don’t think the real news here is the numbers selling in the first year, it’s the depreciation hit taken by the vehicles. Some of them, Chrysler’s are crazy losses.

  • K03sport

    please clarify “reselling it”…is that private party resale? or dealer trade-in value? as there is a (big) difference. I am would like to assume you are using either the N.A.D.A. or Kelly Blue Book values when it comes to determining these resale prices…or…is there a different source for these numbers? Statistics can be bent in any direction the user determines; I would just like to know the source(s) and how “you” came to these conclusions. I’m not disagreeing, just trying to make sure we are all on the same page. None of your sources are cited, so, how do I know you aren’t making up these numbers? In the end, I guess that is one reason why luxury car are leased.

  • Zachary Smith

    If they use msrp as the new price, then there will be huge declines, but they don’t sell for msrp

  • David Swanepoel

    What a load of non-sense! Just because a car is sold within the 1st year does not mean it gave buyer’s remorse. Many cars are sold within the 1st year as demo dealer cars (so these are not private owners getting rid of a car) or trade-ins on possibly the same car or another car.

  • porsche

    Someone rich enough to buy a $60k+ is somewhat more likely to be rich enough to buy a new car every year and take a $10k hit. Is this really that surprising?

  • jumbybird

    It’s worth noting?????? It’s the exact reason… dealers offer incentives to buy new models… this is a bullshit list.

  • jumbybird

    They say that it’s THE reason at the top of the article.

  • jumbybird

    Read at the top, it says the reason… they sell to upgrade.

  • tymj2112

    My point exactly.

  • RT

    Hyundai Veloster Turbo with AT should top this list, what a POS!

  • William A

    That’s funny. I just dumped a Veloster base model for a Turbo.
    I’m in love with mine. Perfect commuter car.