FCA Files Trademark Application For ‘Cuda’ Name

FCA Files Trademark Application For ‘Cuda’ Name

Fiat Chrysler has filed an application to have the ‘Cuda’ name patented, marking the second time FCA has expressed interest in the badge in recent years.

FCA submitted the application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 16th, looking to have the Cuda name certified for use on “motor vehicles, namely passenger automobiles, their structural parts, trim and badges,” according to the filing. Back in 2015, FCA filed to have the similar ‘Barracuda’ name trademarked for the same purpose. That filing will remain valid for FCA to use through to April 2019.

The suggestion that FCA may revive the Barracuda or Cuda names is hardly a new idea. Shortly after filing the trademark application for Barracuda in 2015, a report surfaced that FCA dealers were shown images of a Dodge Barracuda convertible during a dealer meeting. Such a vehicle would apparently arrive alongside the next-generation Dodge Challenger, but would be set apart with a slightly smaller footprint and a retracting roof. Like the next generation Challenger, it would also ride on a modified version of FCA’s Giorgio rear-wheel drive platform currently employed in the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio.

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With this most recent filing, it’s clear that FCA has a genuine interest in keeping the Cuda or Barracuda name for itself. Whether or not that means we’ll be getting a Barracuda-badged road car remains to be seen. If such a product does come to fruition, don’t expect it to arrive until the next-generation Dodge Challenger does – which isn’t anticipated until 2020 or beyond.

  • Lambo9871

    I just hope it does not replace the Dodge Challenger.

  • Erkl Wayne

    anyone realize they have to do this so they get paid for everyone else to use the name ? GM does the same thing !!

  • SkippyThorson

    The Challenger is 10 years worth of unchanged. It’s reached rental-Impala-status now in terms of lack-of-refresh. It’s finally time for it to go while it’s on top rather than fizzle out. New tail lights and flipping the bottom grille 180* don’t make an old idea fresh again.

    A major redesign to the Challenger would mean it’s no longer a Challenger. FCA has struggled with this. Originally based on the ’70, the current design is based on a ’71. If it gets a total makeover and new coupe comes along, hopefully a new nameplate takes over.

    Remember the backlash when they slapped the Charger name on a basic sedan, when it was known for being a big coupe? Or the Dart on that FiatNeon? Kind of like that. Don’t do that again.

  • Jimmy Smith

    About time and maybe they can keep that one under 4,000 lbs