Quiz: Name That Engine Bay!

Quiz: Name That Engine Bay!

If we blacked out all the important badges, could you tell which automaker each engine bay comes from?

Is this quiz too easy or too difficult? Let us know what score you got in the comments section!

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  • Mark

    The “Toyota” one is a Subaru engine. The question is “what brand does the engine come from.” The answer would be Subaru, not Toyota.

  • K03sport

    this wasn’t so much as an engine bay ID game as it was more of an engine COVER ID game. A few cars had more of the actual bay visible, but more than half were just of the engine cover. I guess next will be a wheel or door handle knowledge test.

  • Obadah Dabbas

    Mark is right, it is a subaru…
    I work on cars and managed to only get 4 right, it tells you something.
    Plus, i really wonder which bmw and mercedes have engine bays like that, i am very fimilar with both engine bays and these seem completely different

  • Scott Matus

    This is the 300+ HP Audi 2.5L used in the S3 and the TT-RS

  • Isend2C

    But Hyundai and Kia share all engines…?

    I did awfully on this one, 6/10.