Gallery: Crazy Japanese Hypercar Claims to Be Fastest Accelerating Car in the World

One of the most eye-catching cars that debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show comes from an automaker we’ve never even heard of.

The Aspark Owl, which hails from Japan, is a carbon fiber hypercar that its makers claim can get to 62 mph in under two seconds, which would make it the fastest accelerating car in the world. It outputs 1,000 horsepower and what makes it even more impressive is that it’s a pure electric car.

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With a wild design that’s even more intense than the Mercedes-AMG Project One that also debuted at the show, it looks fast, but there’s not much information available about its powertrain or performance. The car has apparently been under development since 2014 and has all the supercar basics covered: carbon fiber everywhere, gullwing doors, a massive rear wing, and exotic magnesium wheels.

We can’t wait to see this all-wheel drive hypercar in action on a track to see if Aspark can back up its seemingly crazy claims.