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 |  Jan 26 2010, 12:25 PM


Recently we brought you the story of an ongoing saga between forum member McFly and the Kansas Hyundai dealership that refused to honor an eBay sale. The last installment of the story saw McFly thanking his supporters, which had inundated the dealership with emails and calls, to please stop as he had reached an agreement.

GenCoupe forum members and regular folks everywhere (mobilized by online media outlets) backed McFly after he won an eBay bidding war to purchase a Genesis Coupe 2.0T for $16,125, after the dealer, Glen Hyundai, reneged on the agreement.

The most recent agreement between Glen Hyundai and McFly now appears to have fallen through with McFly posting on GenCoupe that, “They breached the verbal agreement. I’m not giving the ins and outs of how they breached the verbal agreement, but that deal is over. The eBay contract is still 100%. They still owe me the car for $16125, and haven’t come through. They now have 15 days before I leave a negative on ebay (60 days to leave feedback ends Feb 9th) and this comes part of their permanent record. Of course, none of these posts are coming down again, if they only come through on eBay. Posts/information, and entire story, stays unless they want to come up with a better deal than the verbal one we had before, which they breached.”

McFly ends his post stating that he has now obtained the services of a lawyer.

Join us next week for the next installment of the ongoing McFly vs Glen Hyundai saga.

[Source GenCoupe]

 |  Jan 22 2010, 11:23 AM


Known only by his screen-name of McFly on, this forum member forced the uncooperative Glen Hyundai dealership in Kentucky to reverse its decision and honor his eBay bid for a used Genesis Coupe after harnessing the power of his online community and media outlets like Jalopnik.

The dealership had apparently posted the slightly used 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T on eBay Motors incorrectly, listing a “Buy It Now” price, but also including the auction. The dealership seems to have left off a reserve price and so when the bidding ended and McFly had posted the last offer of $16,125 he was set to take home his shinny red Hyundai.

Glen Hyundai wasn’t so keen on the idea, however, initially declining to sell the car for that price and then threatening to sue McFly for the negative publicity.

Now we have word that the power of the forum community, backed by online media outlets (including Jalopnik) have lead to an agreement being reached between McFly and Glen Hyundai. McFly has urged that his supporters stop calling and emailing the dealership. He did not comment on if the deal reached is for his initial eBay bid.

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