2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost vs Subaru WRX

Which car is the better affordable sports car?


Are we all up to speed and comfortable with the EcoBoost-powered Ford Mustang yet? The pony car with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine has been quite the enigma for the past year, but we’ve figured it out as a performance-oriented replacement for the old V6 Mustang. This heartily charged stallion is for the enthusiast who wants the most bang for their buck.

But there’s one other car that stands in the way of the Mustang being named the best performance bargain on the road; the one we’ve already dubbed as the best affordable sports car. With four-doors and all-wheel drive, the Subaru WRX surprised the entire AutoGuide.com crew last year, beating out six other cars in a very tight comparison that involved both a track and a road test.

Opposites attract, and at first glance, these two rides don’t seem to be direct competitors. One is a spiced up version of a compact car, while the other is an icon of American muscle. Looking at the power numbers, the Mustang holds a distinct power advantage, while the Subaru is 265 lbs lighter. The closest these two will get on paper is with their price tags, as the Subaru rings in at $27,090 as tested ($31,976 CAD) while the Mustang is $29,790 ($34,699 CAD).

Style Game


If you buy a sports car to get noticed, then the Mustang is the clear winner here. The modern design turns heads, especially with the LED headlights and sequentially blinking tail lights. The long hood and short deck help make its sporty persona obvious in a way that the WRX can’t.

2015-ford-mustang-vs-subaru-wrx-rearsBesides the hood scoop, the Subaru only looks special when you spot the details, like the quad exhaust tips and fender badges. At first glance, it could be just like any other Impreza. That is, until you hear it. Unlike the Mustang, the WRX sounds mean and its exhaust growls menacingly.

While the Mustang doesn’t sound as intimidating, its powerplant is quite potent. The 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes 310 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. The WRX utilizes a 2.0-liter flat four that’s turbocharged to make 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

How They Feel


The behaviour of these engines is dramatically different. The Mustang’s power delivery is smooth and calm, building power gradually until you look at the speedo and realize just how fast you’re moving. The WRX is raw; it blasts you forward with a huge surge of power early on and keeps going until it’s time to change gear. I compared the WRX to a rocket ship when piloting it around the track for our under-$30,000 sports car shootout last summer. A year removed from that event and even when compared to a more powerful car, the Subaru still feels impressively fast.

2015-ford-mustang-vs-subaru-wrx-frontHelping enhance that feeling of engine power is the sheer grip that the WRX offers. All-wheel drive helps the WRX launch off the line, and those active wheels up front help the car pull through corners when you put your foot down. That’s not to say the Mustang doesn’t grip; its 255-series summer tires are made to hold onto the road, but in practice, the pony car just doesn’t gallop as convincingly and, overall, wasn’t as exciting to drive. The additional size and weight of the Mustang also made it hard to call it a driver’s car in the same way you could with the WRX. In the corners, the extra 265 lbs of weight in the Mustang really make their presence known.

Rowing through the gears in either car is satisfying. Both cars have great, tactile shift action with well-weighted clutches and notchy gearsticks. The throws in the Mustang feel slightly stiffer, requiring a bit more muscle to slot into gear.

Inside Story

2015-Ford-Mustang-Ecoboost-111The interiors offer a different story. It’s here the Mustang is the more interesting place to sit in. The interesting design is a far cry from the past Mustang interiors, and, while the materials and fit and finish could be a bit better, it’s far nicer than the economy car cabin found in the WRX. The gauges in the Ford are clear and well designed, as are many of the controls for HVAC and audio. I’m also not a fan of Subaru’s Starlink infotainment system, which is slow. In fact, the audio system would tell me that no device was connected for nearly two minutes before it would allow me to play music from my phone. On the plus side, the WRX has great visibility and is easy to maneuver and park, while the Mustang’s long hood and small windows make things a bit challenging.

Finally, the optional Recaro seats in the Mustang are noteworthy for being extra comfortable and supportive. Once you sit in it, you never want to get out.


On the road, the Mustang feels friendlier when driven over cracks and potholes. It doesn’t bounce and skip like the WRX does. A major complaint about the Mustang’s steering is how unnatural it feels. It springs back to center a little too eagerly, and there isn’t much feedback in the wheel. The WRX has a more natural, neutral feel through the wheel, and offers excellent feedback. Pushing hard into a corner, you expect the all-wheel-drive WRX to have some understeer, but the car is remarkably balanced. Despite the stiffer chassis and suspension of our Performance Package equipped Mustang, the coupe exhibited more some body roll. Fortunately, it’s nicely composed and will rotate nicely when you apply a good foot full of extra throttle.

Compare Specs

2015 Ford Mustang
2015 Subaru WRX
Vehicle 2015 Ford Mustang Advantage 2015 Subaru WRX
Engine 2.3 L Turbocharged four-cylinder - 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer four
Power 310 hp Mustang 268 hp
Torque 320 lb-ft Mustang 258 lb-ft
Weight 3,531 lbs WRX 3,267
Fuel Economy US 22 MPG City, 31 MPG Highway Mustang 21 MPG City, 28 MPG Highway
Fuel Economy CDN 10.6 L/100 km city, 7.5 L/100 km highway Mustang 11.3 l/100 kms city, 8.4 l/100 kms highway
Observed Fuel Economy 22 MPG WRX 24 MPG
Starting Price(US) $26,125 Mustang $27,090
Starting Price (CAD) $29,999 Mustang $31,976.15
As Tested Price (US) $29,715 WRX $27,090
As Tested Price (CAD) $34,699 WRX $31,976.15

Comparing features between the two cars, you can see they are pretty equally matched. Both cars have an uphill start assist that will hold the brake for you when engaging first on an incline (so you don’t roll back) and both have rear-view cameras as standard equipment. The WRX sports a touch-screen audio system and automatic climate control. While both cars feature split folding rear seats, there’s no denying the WRX’s practicality. The rear doors and extra space for passengers help give this car a real leg up over the Mustang. The final bullet in this shootout is the WRX’s all-weather capability, thanks to its all-wheel drive.


The Verdict: 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost vs Subaru WRX

While the 2015 Mustang is a solid car, you’ll find the more powerful V8 model as the must-have version. At under $30k, this EcoBoost feels heavy and less engaging than other rivals at this price point. The Subaru WRX is fast, engaging and practical, making it the best value and better sports car in this segment.

2015 Subaru WRX

2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

  • Cody Beisel

    To bad you gotta be seen driving the wrx. They are horrendous. The last gen looks nicer, this looks like a grocery getter with a hood scoop. Getting implants on grandma doesn’t make her look younger, the wrx just looks old and boring. Subaru make a 2 door call it type r this might give you back some street cred with enthusiasts outside of tuners. Could be the awd muscle car eater. Instead we get something that looks more boring then the cars Toyota is pumping out. If it’s a sports car then there’s only 1 true sports car in this comparo and that’s the stang.

  • Rocket

    I understand that a select few will cross-shop these two cars, but they are different enough that I don’t think you should be attempting to declare one a better car. The point of a comparison test should be to pick the best car in a specific segment. These two are not in the same segment. The cars are so different that the “best” car is dependent upon the buyer’s individual needs.

  • Isend2C

    I actually really appreciated this article as I’m cross shopping these two, as they’re both fast machines for around $27k (I’d skip paying $2k for seats on the Mustang). I also really like how the WRX looks while the mustang is pretty ‘eh’ to me. Come on now, give me some track reports from them both!
    In addition to these, I’m also comparing them to the Genesis Coupe, Miata and Veloster Turbo.

  • And you are a BULLSHIT because there is the TRUEST sports car around the universe and that’s the Subaru WRX and the ALL NEW 2016 CHEVROLET VOLT!

  • Paulo

    That’s WRX point. If we feel it is really hideous and still consider to buy one of it, is beacuse of really good driving experience.

  • Shiratori1

    I think you’re a little butthurt……….

  • Shiratori1

    Not really. Troll harder.

  • Rocket

    Nice guess, fanboy, but you’re wrong … it was a purely objective comment. In fact, I’d drive a WRX over a 4-cylinder Mustang anytime. But I won’t consider owning a WRX until they bring back the 5-door. Until then (and probably after), I’ll take the better looking, more refined Golf R.

  • Rocket

    No GTI?

  • Cody Beisel

    Little hurt by the comment? I like driving the wrx but wouldn’t be caught in one its just a boring car. Not arguing its performance but it’s laughably bad looks. I want the concept Subaru debuted… You have your opinion and Iv obviously seen more people take blows at the looks of the wrx then almost any other sports performance car on the road. Good luck calling me a troll just another hurt Subaru fan boy, oh and Mitsubishi called Subaru they want their front end back ;P

  • Cody Beisel

    I agree they are a great driving car, never argued that but if I’m shelling out the money for a sports car I want a car that looks like one. Here’s to hoping the new wrx is like the awesome concept they had.

  • Cody Beisel

    you almost had me going till I read volt ? made my night

  • Isend2C

    I keep thinking about it, but then I remember the Veloster is a lot cheaper and I have an affinity for Hyundai. But the VW interior is very nice, but they lack features when compared to other cars. I’d also have a hard time picking a GTI over a 1.8T Golf wagon with a tune (but again, the lack of value pushed me from VW).

  • Rocket

    Sure, I get that. There’s always the hit-or-miss reliability factor with VW’s, too. But my goodness the GTI is a great all-rounder. The WRX was stellar in that regard when it was available with a hatch – especially in snowy climates. I’ll never forgive Subaru for killing the 5-door.

  • Isend2C

    It is. I was pretty bothered too. If they could only keep one then it should have been the one that was better in nearly every way…
    I like your icon btw, That advice is necessary in too many places (TX, CA).


    Bring back the WRX hatchback





    Mods need to ban this troll

  • Cody Beisel

    If you want a great value, fun to drive car, give the honda si in 2 or 4 doors a drive. I crossed shopped a lot of cars, wrx, mustang, veloster turbo, genesis coupe, focus and fiesta st. I walked away in love with the little fiesta but the insurance on that car was insane. Out of all the cars rhe honda was the cheapest, had the most standard features and was the cheapest to insure. If your looking for more power they respond very well to bolt ons, a guy on YouTube did a bolt on build and was pushing 229 whp with 196 wfpt. Way more whp then the wrx and st brothers, he did this build and still saved money compared to buying a similarly equipped focus st and wrx. He later added a 4000 kraft works supercharger and is destroying sti and evo on the street. Next gen we will see type r and a hatch model. Give them a test drive, my suggestion stay away from the genesis 2.0t and the veloster turbo. The veloster seem to hold up but stock they are a buzz kill to drive and the 2.0t genesis like to blow pins out of their bottom ends.

  • Isend2C

    I am actually a fan of the civic Si since its refresh, particular the coupe in Orange. It does have a lot of features too, but a bit less than the Veloster. I really liked my Veloster, and actually picked up several parts for it while I was in Korea, and I’m familiar with its aftermarket. But the WRX appeals to me also because it basically doesn’t depreciate at all. I’ve seen 4 year old ones for $2k less than a new one, which is great when I get bored of my car.

  • Cody Beisel

    Yea I totally agree the Subaru hold value really well. I do love the looks of the Veloster and would love to compare the new Ralley Edition to my si. Honda hit a home run with the refresh coupe the first 9th gen coupes were horrendous. I bought a Scion tC but found trying to extract power outside of a turbo was almost impossible so I went to the si. I hear there’s more Veloster surfacing in tuner shops, one shop running on stock internals 240whp not bad gains for a little car like that

  • Isend2C

    I’ve always preferred N/A engines, but I have a Saab 9-5 and it’s easy to gain power with a stock turbo. It’s nice to be able to have a robust aftermarket, with either type. Honda’s do, but then I’m afraid I’d have to talk to Honda people, and that’s a bit scary… I agree, the refresh turned it from nothing into a pretty competitive car in the segment.

  • Kenneth Trettin

    When it comes to design the Mustang is hands down the winner, over the WRX and a lot of the other cars mentioned in the discussion, including the Mustang pictured in the article. That winner for classy design is of course the Mustang convertible.

  • Being a former owner of a WRX (8yrs) and current owner of a Mustang, I think you are not giving enough points to the Mustang. In the areas where the Mustangs shines (attention-grabbing style, comfort, attention to detail) the contrast is far greater… and in the areas that favor the WRX (steering, visibility, practicality) they don’t over-shadow the Mustang far enough to get me to buy one again. Sure the WRX is fun to drive, but not a better daily-driver, better bang for your buck, as sophisticated as the Mustang. The Mustang just has a better experience in the cockpit, in the driveway, and on the road. Next up… pit the STI and GT Performance Packages against each other, and now you have a real comparison on your hands. Being heavily biased by my personal experiences with both cars, I’ll go with Mustang GT Coupe Premium/Performance packages. 🙂

  • I had a heavily-modded 03 bugeye wagon. Loved that car. I’d still rather own a new Mustang GT with factory upgrades though.

  • Piolo Vazquez

    I would assume the WRX is the better handling car around the track but wait till the RS comes out next year, then we can compare those two.

  • *][*2O11

    I’ve driven both, and vastly prefer the Mustang. The Mustang is just so much more practical and enjoyable in typical driving conditions, as long as you don’t need the big back doors on the WRX.

    I voted with my pocket book and got a GT. For the money, you can’t beat the Ecoboost. It performs great and is comfortable.

  • *][*2O11

    I traded a ’14 Si coupe for my Mustang GT. It was a fantastic car, but it had mechanical QC issues that scared me into dumping it. It had what I thought was a LSD problem that multiple dealers refused to delve into.

    And I hate to sound like a fanboy, but the K20 in my ’08 and ’11 Si coupes was such a better engine. The K24 is a good one, but the K20 is possibly the best 4-cylinder engine that I know of, considering cost.

    I will say that the ’14 handling was fantastic, taking the Si feel to a higher level. Very balanced under uneven pavement through corners, etc.

  • Plcc07777

    I’ll be a Mustang man until I die.

  • Frank

    Took a ride with a friend to Englishtown . Both cars are stock and my WRX beat it all day long. Please go cry some place else. Both cars were taken to virginia race track and again my wrx spanked the mustang.

  • Shiratori1

    There is nothing practical about a coupe with poor visibility.

    Take off the fanboy glasses.

  • Shiratori1

    Cool story bro……

  • Shiratori1

    Haters will keep on hating.

  • Shiratori1


  • Cody Beisel

    And fan boys will keep on complaining. If you like your subaru then be happy. They have great performance I do speak for myself and most auto journalist when I say they are horrendous, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and iv seen some nicely modified ink eyes that are totally sexy. Quit being so butt hurt by everyone’s opinion and just enjoy your subaru already. For the money I wouldn’t own either the subaru or the mustang, I’d hold off for the new civic type r or bmw 2 series with m sport package. But I’d own a mustang before this wrx as I just don’t see a sexy angle on this subaru. That’s my opinion bud so quit crying I ain’t gonna buy a subaru anytime soon, but appreciate the fact that subaru is the benchmark for awd performance.

  • Cody Beisel

    My point would be why doesn’t subaru take the awd system and put it in a 2 door car? Like honda makes a coupe, sedan and have sport versions of both subaru could learn something from them. I bet if subaru made a 2 door they would sell even more then they already do. Or better yet update the brz with awd turbo and you have a real winner. The concept 4 door coupe they unveiled should be made as an upscale version of their impreza and sold to compete with bmw m3, mercedes class 45amg, and audi s3. It could happen if subaru quit playing it safe and stepped up to the plate. They have a 2.0 turbo they use in Japan that pushes 320 hp why not use that engine.

  • Dan Goodnight

    the Suub is just a better vehicle in every aspect. If the roads are wet – the mustang and most of the other cars mentioned in these comments should just Go Home. I still drive my 2000 OBS every day, past lots of broken stangs.

  • jose roque

    Subaru is the Best Car!

  • Derp Derpson

    10/10 trolling on those two below.

  • Vulcan-hawk

    What a great Bang for buck comparison. Both good, fast cars. Comes down to beauty vs. utility. You want more beauty – and willing to give up space, visibility and passenger hauling – go with the beautiful and potent ‘stang. You want all weather, family haulin’ do it all, reliable fun – its the Rex. Like them both, bought the WRX for AWD.

  • JJ Duru

    That’s quite a self-limiting perspective on life, and especially on cars.

  • Plcc07777

    I don’t think so.
    I’m not a kid…I’m retired.

  • JJ Duru

    …which explains it.

  • v s

    I bought the Rex (2015 model, M6), and I absolutely love it. I did add on a Cobb Accessport which dramatically helps it with power and makes the power much smoother. Plus I now get a sustained 40MPG on the highway (although the way I usually drive the MPGs are closer to 20!). For the money the Rex is a great, fun, and flexible car.

  • JJ Duru

    Which explains the self-limiting perspective even more.

  • Rev

    The Mustang is a complete failure if you start comparing attention to detail with the Subie. I don’t even see how you can compare the two. The Subaru is a better built, more solid, better handling car that will hold it’s value better, too.

    The cheap and hard black plastics in that mess of the Mustang’s interior are unacceptable. The cheesy rental car steering wheel, the giant slab of hard black plastic in the shifter column, the HARD plastics on the door panels, the hard plastics EVERYWHERE, the fake-chrome bits, the “ground speed” label on the speedo, etc.. It just feels like a cheap toy. The ONLY compelling thing about the new Mustang’s interior is the optional Recaro seats.

    We didn’t even bother sitting in one or test driving one after we took a look inside one.

    The exterior is another story. Every little detail is nicer in the Subaru. The wheels, the exhaust, the plastics.

    I never bothered to drive or sit in the Mustang, but after doing enough reviews and seeing the WRX get 9/10 ratings for handling while the numb and uninvolving Ford usually falls around 6-7/10.

    Seemed like an easy choice; buy the ill-handling, cheap and plasticy rolling blind stop or a car that will put an ear to ear grin on my face every time I step behind the wheel?

    I got a 2016 WRX and I couldn’t be happier. Looking at Mustangs on the road and EASILY leaving them behind, I can’t believe I ever considered one!

  • Rev

    I don’t think your average WRX buyer is interesting in driving a FWD Honda. Totally different vehicles. Having to rev the heck out of a low-torque buzzy little engine isn’t any kind of fun, I must say.

  • Rev

    I’m sorry, but a glorified Rabbit that looks no different than the same VW econoboxes of the 90’s isn’t “better looking” than anything.

  • Rev

    Rather silly to talk about styles of cars at your age, eh?

    Strange that the “1 true sports car” in the comparison couldn’t keep up with the better-handling sedan, eh? Other than the rolling body, numb steering, rough shifter and weak engine note, what’s not to love about that cheesy little fuzzy-dice-holder?

    Now back to being seen driving my 2016 WRX! 😉

  • Rev

    Millennials giving advice? Too funny…

  • Rev

    Here’s hoping they focus on keeping their owners/fans and the adult demographic happy instead of a few kid trolls.

  • Cody Beisel

    Haha funny another Subaru fan boy! Are you gonna go home and cry because people think your car is ugly?

  • Cody Beisel

    Lol kid trolls. Subaru fan boys Crack me up. Keep driving your ugly car bud doesn’t matter how much carbon fiber you add or how low you drop it, it still looks like an ugly corolla wannabe

  • I think “complete failure” is a grossly biased opinion. As you stated, you didn’t actually sit in the 2016 mustang, much less drove it. Without doing that your opinions are highly debatible since they aren’t based in actual experience.

    You’re statement about quality and value are conjecture at best:

    As for the interior materials and quality, I admit, the mustang has had issues inside in years past, but so has the WRX. The latter years have brought much attention to detail here in both cars, especially the Mustang. I’ll let an expert break it down though:


    Having been in a Subaru club for 15+ years I have been afforded the opportunity to drive the WRX and STI trims generation after generation, and while I agree they are fun to drive — so are mustangs. They’re characteristics are just different when comparing the WRX and Mustang Ecoboost. Comparing the GT sand STI performance, there is a large gap in favor of the GT. Don’t take my word for it though. Lets go by the numbers. Here are the Lightning Lap records at VIR:

    3:05.2 – 2015 Ford Mustang GT
    3:10.5 – 2015 Subaru WRX STI
    3:15.5 – 2015 Subaru WRX
    3:15.6 – 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

    ^^ source: caranddriver[dot]com/features/lightning-lap-2015-results-historical-lap-times-and-more-feature

    Additionally, lets be honest with ourselves here, the look of subarus have always been quirky and they don’t really have presence next to a mustang. Again, don’t take my word for it. Let the 2015 US sales figures reflect: 122,349 mustangs were sold vs. 33,734 WRXs and STIs. Clearly the public agrees the mustang is more appealing.

    If you like the WRX and are happy with it, great. Go with that. Everyone should love their cars. But if you’re going to have a debate, arm yourself with facts, not opinions.

  • James Boddie

    He mentions how heavy the Mustang is repeatedly, but it still has a better power to weight ratio then the Rex, so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Isend2C

    Really liked your fact-based comeback!

    I’ve also been inside several new subarus (Impreza, Forester, Outback) but not the WRX unless its at a car show. Their interior quality is pretty shoddy. Neither are leaders in that area though, and to my eye they both look fantastic on the outside and meh inside (in base-ish trims, the Mustang looks very good in premium-specs inside).

  • V COE

    I agree with you absolutely. You cannot review a car if you have never driven it! Clearly a bit special!

    In my opinion the mustangs previous to this one were very cheap inside, lots of hard plastics and badly designed. I would never have considered one.

    I saw the new one and it looked nice on the website but with the fake looking images of the interior I was not convinced.

    I have been considering a replacement for my mini cooper s, they are fun to drive but hardly comfortable and they lack performance for me at least. The new shape mini coopers are out with a new 2 liter turbo but the performance figures are disappointing considering what other manufacturers get from a 2 liter turbo. And they are expensive for what they are, a new one with some decent extras come’s in at around 32k.

    So I have been looking around, firstly I looked at the golf gti, all the reviews harping on about how good the interior is, well it isn’t, it is cheap looking and cheap feeling. I didn’t like the way it drove either. It felt hollow.

    I tried the WRX in both manual and auto, it was a huge improvement over the gti. The interior is not great by any means, bland and boring just like the golf and perhaps a little cheaper looking and feeling. However driving it was a whole different experience, it felt planted, the car felt very solid on the road, a much nicer driving position and experience by far. This would be a serious contender. I wish it looked a bit less like a standard sedan, it needs flared arches to make it look meaner. Though much better looking than the boring golf!

    Then I tried the mustang eco boost premium. I was actually surprised at how nice the interior was. Those that say it is cheap plastics and that the wrx has a better interior are clearly brain dead as this is not true by any stretch of the imagination. Subaru’s have always suffered pretty cheap crappy interiors. Which mustangs have also but not anymore. This mustang has leather seats and all the bells and whistles. It is true what they say, the mustang doesn’t feel that fast until you look down and you are doing 100mph in no time. It handles very well and is very well planted on the road, it is low and wide which of course helps with this. You are kept in the seat around those sharp corners. It is by far the posher car, but what I found personally is that I couldn’t get a driving position that I was comfortable in. Maybe because it is a sports coupe and these are low to the ground, but I could see my back giving me problems driving this for over an hour whereas the WRX I could drive that all day long and not even think about it.

    What car would I go for personally?? It is a tough one. The mustang is clearly a higher quality car with the premium package, leather seats etc, the WRX limited that has leather isn’t anything to sing and dance about. The seats feel cheaper than the mustangs do. However cloth seats in the WRX are decent enough, but in the mustang the cloth seats make it look cheap. Performance wise they seemed about the same. The WRX pulled more aggressively for sure, it was more responsive. The mustang was very very good over bumps whereas the subaru was not. At low speed – 30mph the mustang struggled (with the auto transmission) it doesn’t like going 30 and under, the WRX was comfortable at lower speeds. No jerking or weird rev issues. I see the WRX as the more practical car, it has more room and for me would be better for longer drives and of course it can go in the snow, the mustang is a summer car.

    I am still undecided what I would get, perhaps neither of them but both are very decent cars for very different reasons. Ideally I would have both and tune the crap out of each of them to make them seriously fast. I would also like one of the new dodge challengers!

  • David Uranie

    Wow, you can read the brochure. Look at the 0-60 times between the two and realise just how little “power to weight” actually means. The rex eats it up mate!

  • David Uranie

    Power? Torque? “Wow, you can read the brochure” comes to mind. Are we rating tractors or towing trailers with these cars? Only thing that matters is 0-60 times, regardless of whether a sports car has 1hp or 1000hp.

    WRX: 5.1 seconds
    Ecoboost mustang : 5.6 seconds

    Screw your power!

  • Carguy17

    SMH does anyone understand the difference between AWD and RWD

  • David Villa

    He is talking about how heavy it feels. Going through corners the car will feel like it is pulling you off line (to the outside of the corner), and take longer to slow. Keep in mind this is in comparison to the feel of the WRX, by a professional reviewer. He drives cars for a living, and pushes them harder than most of the readers. Both cars have great performance.

  • David Villa

    AWD is all wheel drive. Each wheel is powered by the drivetrain.

    RWD is rear wheel drive. The drivetrain powers the rear wheels, and the front wheels coast.

  • David Villa

    Handling, braking, and most important is inspiring confidence. Unless a drag race is all you care about, there are many things more important than 0-60 times.

  • David Villa

    If you want a Hot Rod, the STI will disappoint in comparison to the GT. That should be compared to the Challenger T/A, or a Camaro.

    The WRX and WRX STI are Rally Cars and shine of twisty mountain roads.

  • David Villa

    I agree. I sat in the mustang and it was uncomfortable for me. The ergonomics were just wrong. The WRX just felt right.

    This is for my comfort, based on my build. The seats and steering wheel location just didn’t fit me. The Mustang is a very good car, just not the car for me.