Mercedes E-Class Coupe Actually a C-Class

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Actually a C-Class
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The all-new E-Class Coupe from Mercedes would more accurately be called a C-Class Coupe. We’re not saying that to knock the car either. It’s just that, technically speaking, it’s a C-Class underneath.

That’s right, the chassis of the new E-Class Coupe is based on the C-Class sedan’s architecture. The vehicle is even built int he same facility as it’s lower-level sibling in Bremen, Germany. The E-Class sedan is built elsewhere in Sindelfingen.

By using the smaller car’s chassis, Mercedes was able to drop 400 lbs of weight as compared to the sedan. The weight-saving measure is also a cost-cutting measure – which Mercedes is passing on to the consumer. The entry-level E350 E-Class Coupe costs $50 less than the outgoing CLK350.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]