Report: Chevy Cobalt Being Investigated for Faulty Steering; Recall Possible

Report: Chevy Cobalt Being Investigated for Faulty Steering; Recall Possible

With the recall focus aimed squarely at Toyota these days, now would be a great time for an automaker to issue a recall and go unnoticed by the media. General Motors may be in just such a situation, as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced it is investigating the Chevy Cobalt for faulty steering.

The NHTSA has decided to take action after receiving 1,132 complaints about a loss of power steering in Chevy Cobalt models from 2005-09, as well as the Cobalt SS model from 2008-09. In total, 11 of those cases have been related to crashes due to temporary loss of steering. The recall could affect as many as 905,000 vehicles.

The Cobalt is current in its last year of production as Chevy plans to replace it with the Cruze in 2011.

  • Toyota Willie

    Is this similar to the list of 100’s of complaints about the Toyota steering for the 2009 Toyota Corolla? Many of us have steering problems.

  • Lucille Zubia

    Purchased our 2006 Chevy cobalt in 2006 (certified used); Had nothing but problems with it. The steering column had to be fixed already twice and still have the same problem. In 2008 my husband had an accident where the car pulled to the left and went into center divider. Fuel system is terrible. Can I drive it off a cliff, is that what it takes.

  • Lacy Milligan

    I bought my Cobalt brand new in 2005 and have had nothing but problems with it since I bought it, the newest being the power steering. The first time it went out I nearly crashed into a building because I was in the middle of turning. I am a fairly strong person and I have a hard time turning when it goes out! Another issue thats has come up is my air bag light will come on telling me to service my air bag, I am affraid that they will deploy while I am just driving along sometime. Driving my car makes me very nervous because Im just never sure what is going to happen.

  • angel wilkerson

    I am included in those complaints! I have been experiencing this SAME problem since august 2009. This is ridiculous & GM needs to step up and acknowledge there is a problem with these vehicles. Are they just waiting for someone to die and then get sued because they knew of the problem but failed to do anything about it? We need answers & solutions GM. My dealership tells me they have fixed the problem, yet it continues to happen. They then tell me they have contacted GM and know one knows exactly what’s wrong, they tell me I can take my car & if it happens again just be careful. I am extremely unsatisfied with GM, Chevy, and my dealership and im not letting this problem go!

  • Linda Leduc

    I have a 2007 bought it new and have had nothing but good luck with mine, never had any problems at all. Love it in the winter, goes very well in the snow.I have a little over 50,000 miles and still running great.

  • Love Toyota

    Do a simple google seach for , 2009 toyota corolla steering problems . You will find 1000’s of folks having pulling of the steering wheel. Plus there is about 160 complaints on NHTSA complaints.

  • Will

    Liberal media… Obama administration… Government Motors…

    Funny how this didn’t make the news. Nearly 1 million Chevy cars… hmmm…

  • Laura Estanislau

    Bought a used 2006 Cobalt last year. At 51,000 miles, power steering column went out and my husband nearly drove into oncoming traffic! Lucky he was not killed or injure someone else. We had the entire power steering column and motor replaced at our dealer. This is a SERIOUS safety issue that needs to be rectified immediately. When we were at the dealer buying the car, there were 2 separate families purchasing the same car for their college daughters. That scares me to no end–if my husband, strong and athletic, had a hard time keeping the car on the road, what chance do these young girls have if their power steering goes out? This needs to be recalled by GM/Chevy-shame on you for putting us in danger after buying one of your cars. I do not feel safe driving this car or putting my 2 young boys in this car.

  • Colum Wood

    It made!

  • D E Hill

    I bought my used 2005 Cobalt July 2009. Question: Did Chevy GM know about this problem?.. and when?
    This has me concerned although to date I haven’t had a problem. I didn’t read anything in the report on my car of the steering column being replaced.
    GM should step up & fix this problem. After all would they want to WRECK BECAUSE OF A FAULTY PART ON THIER CAR?

  • R D Sterling

    Bought our Cobalt new. Ours is 2006, Just paid to have the Power Steering column/motor assembly replaced in Nov. 09. No one ever mentioned any recall. My wife called my in a panic when it first happened to her. She finally got by by turning the car off for a few seconds after she had pulled off the road a safe distance, then restarting the car and it would be fine for awhile. It happened to me and I relalized how much danger she was putting herself and immediately took to a dealer and had it repaird.

  • Kim

    G.M did know about this. I had called g.m last week and they basically said this is not there problem. I was planning a law suit as this resulting me to wreck my front end. It’s about time this power steering gets investigating on!

  • April

    I too belong in this group. I bought my 2006 cobalt in 2007, no brand new but I have had problems with it since day 1. I always heard that Chevy was a good company to go with BOY WAS I WRONG. My car is almost paid for and once I finish I will never purchase another CHEVY automobile in my life. With these cars you don’t know if you will make it to ur destination. Never again will I buy from these guys

  • Jennifer

    we bought our 07 cobalt used from a gm dealer in 08 and i have heard so many people complain about cobalts i guess we’re kind of lucky because we’ve never had anything major go wrong with the car, we love it couldnt ask for a better car especially with it being my first car.

  • Catherine

    While the GMC corporate office and my dealer were willing to work with me to defray some of the costs of replacing my steering column on my 2006 cobalt following the steering going out while rounding a curve going up a mountain, I still had to pay hundreds. When I asked why a recall had not been done despite the fact that there were hundred of complaints, I was told off the records that until they are forced to or someone gets killed it would be unlikely to happen.

  • TJ

    I have a 2007 that I bought new and I have not had any problems, but I also have very low mileage. I am following this steering issue closely though. I firmly believe that if the investigation reveals there is a problem with the electric power steering that they should do a recall and make it right to garner future customer support. For the money and compared to what else is out there I think it is a great value as long as it continues to be problem free.

  • Kristina

    I bought a 2005 cobalt used in 2007. Great car except for the power steering when it goes out. You can hardly turn the wheel.I called the dealership and they wanted 100 dollars to tell me it is the steering column that needs to be changed. Cost 1200.00 I cant afford that so needless to say I am driving around with a defective car that is dangerous to drive. I wish they would recall this car ASAP!

  • Tom Johnson

    I bought a new Cobalt in 2005. I now have 151,000 miles on it. No steering problems to date. Only minor repair problems the five yrs I owned the car. Car currently runs like new. Car has always been serviced by Chevvy dealer.

  • heather

    I am also in the same boat as everyone else. I have a two year old that i REFUSE to put in this car. I have had so many issues with this car. I bought it in 2006 brand new. I loved it! As soon as the factory warrenty ran out it has been nothing but a money pit. First it was the sensor in the passenger side airbag… $350 for 45 minutes of work… Now i get in to drive to work and the car starts dinging and flashing power steering as could barely get it off the road without killing myself or someone else. I got it off the road and onto the shoulder when the power steering kicked back in and since i had the wheel turned so far to get it off the road i nearly hit the guardrail (which i guess the ins company would have had a field day with. Maybe that would have gotten all of us a recall) I fear that it is going to take a death or a lawsuit. You would think that with all the toyota mess going on that they would step up (kind of like ford)….. which will be another $800-$3000 to fix. I am currently letting it sit in the driveway waiting and praying for a recall.

  • Anonymous

    Will, this did make the news…it’s amazing how there’s always someone to blame some random bad occurrence on Obama. Chevy was making poor quality Cobalts before Obama was elected.

  • Tom Johnson

    I bought a new 2005 Cobalt. Now have 151,000 miles on it. No steering problems to date. Only minor maintenance problems since I have owned the car. Currently runs like new. Have always had dealer do all service.

  • Rhonda Eldridge

    This isn’t the first Chevy I’ve had problems with. Had a ’95 Cav that kept stretching the timing chain. Then bought ’07 cobalt, have steering problems and the service airbag light stays on. Called the dealer that I bought it from new to be told there is nothing to do about it…. After this one, GM can kiss my butt for another car.

  • Gary Cheek

    This problem is not at all unique to the Cobalt. Indeed this is another area where Toyota leads the problem pack. So far (166,000 miles) my 2005 Cobalt has been a stellar performer. Great mileage as well. No doubt there have been problems in some cars but compared to similar cars the Cobalt is actually doing faily well. The comments alluding to GM getting preferential treatment from the current administration are quite ill-informed. Indeed GM has been squarely in the sights of the left since long before Ralph Nader started his attacks. Remember the model rocket engines on the Chevy pickup that NBC rigged to burst into flames ? Pure agenda based reporting typical of the liberals in the media.

  • Brett Hartt

    The same problem exsists in the Saturn Ion, G-6 as well as many other GM cars. This is due to the electric motor that is used for power steering.

  • William Smith

    How about the Pontiac G6’s same EPS system same damn problems as the cobalts My wife just about lost her life in our 2006 pontiac g6. A recall should include 05-09 models chevy cobalt, saturn ion, aura, pontiac g6, g5 and any other small/mid size vehicles with this poorly engineered EPS system.


    i have had nothing but problems with this car the power sterring done went out and the key ignition problems wtith that to i think that general motor should have a recall on these problems

  • samantha

    I bought a chevy cobalt in october. January my power steering went out and the dealership replaced the steering column 2 weeks later my steering went out again and they replaced the power steering motor. The very next day I experienced squealing when I made sharp turns. The dealership is giving me a hard time saying that they fixed the problem and want me to come and get the car. And we are in touch with GM who claim that they are “investigating” the situation.. I have two small children and do not plan on putting them in this car EVER again.. They need to hurry up and do something about these cars. I’m not going to risk my life or my childrens lives anymore!

  • GIl (Miami, FL)

    I bought my 2006 Chevy Cobalt used at a Chevy Dealer here in Miami back on October of last year and I started having problem with the Electrical Power Steering Column. I have filed the complaint with the NHTSA and I’m aware that several other people have done the same thing. I will suggest that everyone that is having problem with their Cobalt Steering Column to file their complaint with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

  • concerned

    Who/where do I contact to become part of the lawsuit? My son was in a devastateing accident while driving his cobalt. Accident occured while attempting to turn on a corner.

  • joshua baldridge

    I am extremely upset & unsatisified with my 2006 chevrolet cobalt as well , i am experiencing nothing but problems with the electronic power steering ,i have talked to the chevrolet dealership nemourous times & even contacted GM & provided all of my information to GM themselfs,i owe $10,000.00 dollars on my car & i cant even steer it at all, i live in a big city & when i am driving down the road the electronic steering goes to manual, almost like driving a pickup truck, i strongally feel as though that GM needs to recall the power steering column, a car being only 3 years old should have GREAT STEERING!!!!!!!!!! i thought i bought a car not ATV.

  • AMA (IN)

    I bought my 2006 Chevy Cobalt new. I had a few small things replaced while it was still under warranty, including a motor for my heat/air blower. (Which sounds like it may be going out again.) My check engine light comes on all the time. It’s not the gas cap either-there is some sort of seal issue somewhere. About a year ago my key was getting stuck in the ignition-a few months ago I had to have the shifter replaced. The part was less than $100 and it took all of 20 minutes to replace. I paid $350-even after I was told there were service bulletins out that there was an issue with the shifter. It was out of warranty so the dealership didn’t care. My power steering is now going in and out. I almost hit a car in the parking lot because of it. The CD player is also having issues. It won’t read discs-even brand new ones-and sometimes will not eject discs, saying no disc.

    What ever happened to a reliable car?

  • bill hall

    I bought a 2005 and a 2006 cobalt. The 05 has 29000 miles and the 06 has 31000 miles. Both of their steering is kicking out and I think Gm should do something quickly about this.These are my teenage daughters cars and I don’t want either of them to get hurt, so please fix the problem Gm.

  • patrick pucci

    SAME BULLLSHIT ,I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    I have a 2006 cobalt, power steering has been out a year, can not get my key out of the ignation, fuel tank is leaking. I will never buy a chevy agian. I have had problems with this car since I got it. It is the worst they need to recall the whole car to think we pay good money for a piece of crap. Chevy should be ashamed.

  • Bigdaddy010383

    I had bought my 06 cobalt ls brand new in aug of 06.Everything was fine with it until i hit about 51,000 miles on it and my power steering light went on and failed to work. I was mad so i think there needs a recall on these because i cant let my girlfriend drive that car because she wont be able to turn the wheel at low speeds. This problem needs to be adressed asap.

  • Bigdaddy010383

    yes…im thinking about trading my cobalt in for a FORD.

  • Bridget

    I’ve had my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LTZ for 2 years now I bought it with 26,000 miles on it I’ve absolutely loved everything about it and how it drove until now aside from both front doors doorhandles falling off the power steering light came on and made it impossible to drive I had attempted to make it home but was swurving in every which direction missed my classes that day because of it my car only has 56,000 miles on it and should not be acting this way GM better be doing something about this and recalling

  • patrick k

    same here when it comes to the steering and key gettin stuck in the ignition. It also just dies like it ran out of gas and my mpg has dropped from 32 to 22 gm won’t do nothin they got their money we are all screwed

  • chrystal craft

    I got my 2007 Cobalt used, no problems, perfect condition. Until now-53000. I take good care of this car, I even come to stops at a railroad track. A couple of months ago, at the bottom of the steering column (under dash), If I went over a track slowly or a little hump slowly, It sounded like a knocking. It continued to get worse, It sounded like the whole front end was going to fall out of it. My husband wouldn’t even drive it. He said,You are going to get killed in that car. I took it to 5 different machanics. They checked the struts,rack and penion,springs etc. Finally one mechanic, didn’t even drive it, he barely turned the wheel left and right and said, It is the steering, call the chevy dealer. The chevy dealer replaced the lower steering kit,right lower control arm. $552.00!! And still to replace the left one. Steering still not fixed!! Alot of play in steering only growing worse. If I turn into a parking lot, My steering wheel is upside down, but my tires are straight! Going 55mph hard to hold car in road, constantly feels like it is out of control, people think I am drunk. To much play in steering, fight the wheel, fight the wheel!! I love this car, but had no idea I would have to spend so much on a 2007 car……….?……!!…..?

  • Tonya

    I have had the same problems with my 2007 cobalt. My husband now drives it since the power steering goes out when ever and my wrist have had a lot of problems trying to keep control of the car. I wish I have the $2500 dollars to fix it but I don’t so now my husband has to deal with this problem. I have to pray each day that he doesn’t lose control of the car and get in some horrible accident if the power steering goes out.

  • Stevensville, MD

    I have a 2005 Cobalt SS with all the problems that everyone else is having with the steering and gauges, and told that is would be $1200 to fix. Like others I do not have the $$$ to fix it. Last week I sent an email to main office of GM out of frustration and received a reply email the other day with a number to call and speak with someone about the problems. I called today he told me to take the car into the dealer for them to “diagnose” the problem (as if they don’t already know that the problem exists) and they would see what they can do to fix the problem (or if they were going to do anything at all). I feel like he was blaming me because I KNEW of the problem and did not have it fixed. I told him again why I did not have it fixed, because I do NOT have the $1200! I feel that because this is not an isolated incident with only MY Cobalt that Chevy should be responsible for the repairs!

  • Lisa

    I got my 2007 Cobalt new in 2007. Within the first six months I had it back to the dealer for a variety of problems none of which were mechanical. However since I have had the vehicle I’ve noticed a knocking sort of noise when I drive over even the slightest bump. I have had it looked at by several mechanics, none of whom could tell me what the problem is. I am glad GM has stepped up and accepted responsibility for this issue, however, I am very unhappy with this car.

  • Angie

    Ever since wee purchased our 2007 Cobalt we have had nothing but PROBLEMS with it….the trips to the dealership and WAIT times during the visits are getting ridiculous!!The problems that we have had include not only the STEERING, but the front end in general!!! Rotars,bearings, knocking noises, brake pads etc etc etc!!! We stopped taking the car to the dealership for repairs because it was costing too much out of pocket expense for us!!! Very frustrating!!!!!!

  • Pam

    My luck with cars – I owned a 2002 Saturn Vue that ended up being totally recalled because the transmission would go out without notice – I replaced it with a Cobalt……I

  • tab

    i have a 2006 chevy cobalt i had reported a problem with my power steering to my dealership, they told me there was no way this was possible, my fiances family owns a salvage yard and had told me this was what the problem was i have had my car in probably about 10 times for the front end i have had nothing but problems with this car. the dealership couldnt seem to figure out what was wrong with the front end they kept trying different things every time i brought it in but the problem wasnt fixed my car finally ran out of warrenty in june 2009, i still have problems with the front end of the vehicle, last time i took the vehicle in i told them to go through the whole front end of the vehicle but they said they didnt need to because they knew what the problem was.i have not been back since i dont have warrenty any more this is the worst car i have ever owned and i would not ever buy another one i dont even want any chevy ever again i have lost all faith in the company. also other problems with the vehicle was air bag clip recall and i have had my cruise buttons replaced after serveral times the cruise would not work. the car also had a problem with my shifter not going all the way into park they said they had replaced that, i also took it in because some times i couldnt get the key out of the ignition or couldnt get steering wheel to unlock,they said there was nothing wrong with my stearing column. i had brought all these problems to the two dealerships i had taken it to.also still a problem believed to have a short in wiring because when getting in an out shutting the door the spreakers tend to make a noise, also some times when placing pressure on breaks headlights and aircondition and or heater tend to quit blowing as much. biggest problem with vehicle was front end problem. this is a lease vehicle so this vehicle will be returned in june 2010 my opinion this vehicle should never be resold to any. it should be scrapped for junk.

  • Colbalt Hater

    ARGH!!! My 2006 Colbalt bought brand new had 3 chevy initiated recalls within the first 4 months of me owning it. Two years in of owning it started having power steering problems, clicking in gear shift, dashboard lights lighting up like a christmas tree and taken to 3 different chevy dealers to fix the problem. Had starter, master Electrical box replaced and still did not help. Chevy waranty/ customer service was not supportive at all. My car goes to the “car doctors” more than me! I will never buy from chevy again. I called the local dealer here and they are not even aware of the current recall. Isn’t it their job to be up on this stuff??

  • Andrew

    I bought a 09 cobalt ss about 6 month ago and have had nothing but problems with the air bags, tire pressure monitor,power steering you think buying a high priced sports car you wouldn’t have that many problem, i have noticed that every thing on that car is a piece of shit and im pisses because i paid a lot of money for it

  • Jane

    I bought my Cobalt in 2007 new, and at 25,000 miles the power steering went out, thankfully I was able to get it off the highway before any one plunged into the back of me. Next problem I had was the airbag light came on and had to take it back to a dealer and the dealer replaced the faulty circuits. This is my first Chevrolet car and it has been a major headache. I will seriously think twice before I purchase another.

  • Kristin Curtis

    I bought my 2007 Cobalt new at the end of 2007. It had less than 15 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. It now has 80,500 miles on it (that’s in 2.5 years – about 32,000 miles per year). I love this car. I have been pretty rough on the exterior and it has been great. I hunt and show dogs and transport them often in the trunk with the back seat laid down and a gate in between. I have been back in the woods and in mud and brush with this car – it has never failed me yet.

    The one concern I have had is a rattle in the steering column and shake in the steering wheel. I had a couple of warped rotors replaced recently and that seemed to make a huge difference – no more shaky steering wheel and greatly reduced rattling noise. Now the only thing I hear is a rolling sound in the steering coumn when I go over bad bumps/potholes or when braking at higher speeds (like coming off an interstate ramp). I will ask to have this examined when it’s taken to the dealer for this steering issue…

  • Stevensville, MD

    Amazing that today we are FINALLY getting a recall, hopefully this is a true report!! The man I spoke to yesterday (from the corporate office) said he knew “nothing” about any other reports of problems and made me feel like he was blaming me because I knew there was a problem and did not get the car fixed (dont have the EXTRA $1200). My response was that Chevy knew about the problem and refused to fix it…Lets just hope they come through and actually recall our Lemons!!

  • John

    I bought my LS Coupe in 2006 new and I’ll never buy a Chev product again. I had most of the suspension replaced during warranty and all of my steer column replaced as well. Now all the suspension is going out again part by part. When I use my right blinker with high beam headlights the lights shut off every time. Key locks on outside of the car get stuck sometimes. Not to mention some of my suspension parts are on extended backorder.
    They should just issue a crush order recall on them. For those on here that havent had any problems….just wait they are coming. I promise that.

  • brooke dopirak

    I just bought a 2006 chevy cobalt 2 wks ago and now i need wheel bearing replaced. It has 62000 miles on it and I am over by 2000 miles to have it covered under warranty and now i gotta come up with $400.00 to get it fixed and then take it to the dealership to get the power steering fixed. Can some please give me a break? I just think chevy could help me out a little better.

  • David Lambert

    I have a 2005 Cobalt LS model, and we have had problems with the electric power steering since we hit the 7000 mile mark! We now have 80K on it, the problems have only gotten worse. We have taken it to the dealer on numerous occasions and they would always blame it on the tires, or the “problem couldn’t be recreated.” At one point I bought a brand new set of tires thinking that may be the problem. That was on a Friday, the very next day it was doing it again and the dealer said the tires were bad, imagine that! By the time we were pushing our 36K mi warranty we had the service manager to sign a letter stating that we had brought in the troubled vehicle several times with the same problem only to have no resolution! Problems started with the steering wheel vibrating uncontrollably, then progressed into the t/c light coming on with a chime on the instrument panel. Then the power steering symbol would start flashing then the transmission would slam in and out of gear in a vary violent manner. The dealer still wouldn’t do anything about the problem. All though the recall states it only happens at low speed that is incorrect. Our Cobalt has had the problem going 70 down the interstate on multiple occasions. We can now recreate the problem just by engaging the cruise control or moving the steering column up or down. So beware that this car is junk, and Government Motors is not giving you all the information!

  • Kristie

    I bought a 2006 cobalt new, with in the first 6 months it was making a knocking noise when I went over pot holes/speed bumps it took them 3yrs to figure it out that it was the steerling coloum. As well I have had the geer shifter, dome lights, and half of my front end replaced. The problem that they still can’t figure out is why at 110km/hr I loose all power.

  • Betsy

    We bought our son a new Cobalt in 2006. Thought we were getting him a safe car. What in the world is going on? First the engine light was coming on intermittently. They said nothing was wrong with it. My son was driving it up a hill 3 nights ago and the power steering went out and he almost ran off the road. The power steering did restart after the car was shut off and restarted but did this 3 times. We took it to the Dealer yesterday and a new power steering motor. numerous other problems. only 30,000 miles on the car

  • Greg

    My daughter has a 2007 Cobalt with 13,000 miles. The power steering failed for the first time last week. She was able to pull over in a safe spot and shut the motor off. When she started it back up the steering was working again. The very next day my wife was driving her car and the steering failed again. She said the in dash display warned her and then the steering quit. This happened before the recall news… So I did some research and found the electric motor that is attached to the steering column would get carbon dust build up on the inside and would cause the computer to shut the steering motor down. I removed the electric steering motor and the motor housing ( 1 power plug and total of 4 bolts ) I cleaned the carbon brush rigging and commutator with plasic safe contact cleaner. There was a lot of carbon dust inside the motor… I then reinstalled the motor and have not had a failure but I am sure once the carbon builds up again the failure will come back. I have told her to be ready to arm strong steer it as it could fail again…

  • Tera

    I’ve been a dedicated chevy car owner for the last 10 years (as long as I’ve been legal to drive, at age 16)! My first 2 cars were a ’68 malibu & a ’64 malibu ss! Then I purchased a 2001 Camaro brand new off the lot, then a 2001 blazer 4×4, & after that a 2000 blazer 4×4 which I then traded in for my brand new 2007 chevy cobalt LTZ coupe in May of ’07. I’ve never owned anything but a chevy & never had any intentions of owning anything but….!! I’ve never had any complaints with any of my chevys until I financed my cobalt. I swear, this car is the biggest peice of crap car in the history of new vehicles! Where do I begin? OK, so within one week of owning this cobalt I noticed a very large, deep crack in the windshield completely obstructing my view. Of coarse glass isnt covered by ANYONE unless its a chip(before it spiders into a long crack) which it was, apperantly, for only about an hour! At 3 months, the e-brake cable disconnected, within the first year the following problems existed: rotars/brake pads had to be replaced (twice now!), both front & passenger visor mirror covers just fell off(never even used them), the small plastic piece found on the seatbelt (keeps the actual male end of seatbelt from sliding down to the floor) popped out, the cheep chrome-looking film on top of the shifter knob started to peel off resulting in my palm being roughed up & cut whenever I shifted, had to replace tires; started to show thread & bubble, the steering wheel controls have a mind of their own(volume up turns volume down & visa-versa), glovebox light burned out almost right away, the blinkers stick & stay on after turn is made (both left & right blinkers), & now the biggest problem of all…..the front left strut’s gone bad & is leaking oil!! It makes this horrible loud rattling under my feet when I drive not so perfectly smooth roads. Also some problem with the needle bearrings or something inside the steering column that make the overall performance a real crap-shoot!! I have lost my job since I’ve financed this vehicle & I’ve been scraping by to keep paying the monthly payments and the thing Im so pissed about is even if I wanted to sell this damn car as is, I wouldn’t even come close to getting half of what I owe on the loan!!! Im so disgusted with whoever designed & manufactured this car!! It is the most expensive ($24,000 total) piece of plastic, death trap car I’ve ever even heard of!! Cheapest $24k investment known to man!! The saddest part of all this is that Ive even tattoo’d the chevy emblem onto my body which now I feel I need to cover up or remove unless Chevy fixes this problem someway, somehow!! I have no $ to fix these rediculous problems so I’m stuck w this junk!! AAAAHHHH!!!

  • ChevMan

    I hear Toyotas are a good brand to go to. BTW, does 10 years and 5 good cars not mean anything. Get rid of the piece of crap and select the next one. I gaurantee the next Chevrolet you buy will be good.

  • ChevMan

    One more thing, the steering components used here are from a parts supplier that is owned and operated by Toyota. Ya, GM should not have gone with a Toyota part, but obviously we know who is to blame here – same guys that have been making death traps for years now.

    That is the English website.

  • Darren

    So, under 1200 cases out of 1.3 million cars. That is less than 1/10th of one percent of the cars having this issue. Don’t get me wrong, it is a serious issue. But when it happens, and a customer goes to their dealership and shuts their car off, goes inside to complain and then when a technician comes out, starts the car to check it out and the steering works fine, where does he even start to diagnose a problem. yes, those they can diagnose have had their steering columns or motors replaced. Yes, some under warranty, others not (vehicle is passed warranty period). These cars have multiple computers, relays, fuses, wiring harnesses, solenoids, connections, sensors,, etc, etc, etc. There are tens of hundreds of scenarios they need to run to try and duplicate this issue in their research departments, yet alone have it occur consistantly to know what the issue is and this doesn’t happen overnight. Cars should still use hydraulic steering, but that takes power from the engine to run the pump, which takes gas, which lowers gas milage, which causes problems with government requirements for gas milage and pollution, etc. So, multiple manufacturers use electronic steering in their small cars. GM launched an investigation in late 2007, early 2008 and were able finally able to consistantly duplicate the problem. So they have organized a recall on all 1.3 million cars. Good on them for doing so without waiting the the government to force them. Every manufacturer has recalls, some serious, some small, but every manufacturer does. I know multiple Honda Civic owners that own 2007’s and up who can’t keep them out of the shop. Some have had them in the shop 15 times in the first 6-8 mths. A slipping transmission is one major issue. Honda is recalling nearly 1/2 million vehicles for air bag deflator issues. I don’t even want to get into the Ford recalls (highest manufacturer in history for recalls). So even the Mighty Honda and Toyota have major issues. Again, good on GM for doing the recall. They even put a ‘stop sale’ on new and used cobalts on lots until new parts are put in. AND no one is forcing them to.

  • Cheryl

    I purchased my 2005 chevy cobalt in 2006 and had no problems the first year…..but now my check engine light has a mind of it’s own. It has been checked, but, of course nothing can be found wrong with it. My electrical system has also found a mind of it’s own with my locks going up and down while driving. These have become very frustrating problems and I do not feel safe driving this vehicle for very long distances. I hope that GM steps up to the plate and give us a break.

  • Jacob

    i bought a new cobalt 2008 and my Accelerator stuck i tryed alot of differnt methods like e break, slam it into nutrel while holding the break..ended up crashing into a poll trying to turn at about 55 seat belt ripped and air bag deployed but i went threw the windshield on my ass in the road..butt i got nothing for this problem but a loss of a car lost in court and now have been carless for a year

  • Colette

    I purchased a 2006 cobalt around april 2006 didnt have it a week I had a tow truck come to get it cause it died in my driveway. The dealership couldnt figure out the problem. Shortly after that I would be driving down my road everything would shut down, the only thing working was my radio. This problem still continues to this day. I can be going done the road at 50 miles an hour this car would die, no dashlights no steering no nothing. I have a stack of repair papers from my dealership, and this car still does this, and all there computers cant pick up a problem. They appearantly downloaded new codes but guess what still doesnt work. My husband called the company and I finally got a call from a man the said the dealership couldnt find a problem I told him I put up with it for 3 years I guess I will have to put up with it 2 more years, my warrenty ran up and I cany trade because we cant afford another car payment. I am never going to buy a new chevy again. This was my first new chevy and last.

  • Caroline

    The chevy cobalt ss 2007 airbag id not come out at the time of accident, it came out after. My chest went right into the steering wheel, and the impact turned the around the other way of direction. I sustained 3 sternum fractures in this accident along with 3 rt rib fractures, rt foot fracture and left MCL tear of knee.

    If the air bag had come out like it should have then I would not have had the sternum fractures and possibly rib fractures also. This accident almost killed me. GM says they are not responsible and that the airbag must have come out so

  • mike

    The chevy Cobalt is a sad replacement for the cavalier. I purchased a new 07 Cobalt drove @ 100 miles tire busted, has had brake problems, has a noise in the drive train and only 40,000 miles on it. My 97 cavalier 175,00 miles and no problems. Would trust it farther than my Cobalt. Looking at trading it for a Toyota.

  • La Vonda

    Bought my 2007 cobalt in Oct 2007, brand new. I have always heard knocking under the car and the dealer somehow manages it to stop, until it starts again. My ignition locked up on me twice where I had to get the car towed into the dealer and replaced. One of the those times was after I had gotten off work at midnight and had to commute an hour. The key would not turn and I was stranded an hour away from home, at midnight. Front end suspension has been replaced(twice). My car is at 50,000 miles and I have an extended warranty. Four days ago I exited the expressway when the power steering message popped up. Didn’t make a big deal about it until I went to turn and almost ran off a bridge with my son in the car. Yesterday me, my sister, and her newborn baby were in the car and we counted the power steering went out a total of 11 times going about 30 miles to our destination. I had to keep pulling over, turning the car off and then on. I have called, gone to the dealer, and they are doing nothing to fix this problem. I have hatef this car since day one, but purchased it because I needed a new car with a warranty.

  • venita

    hello everyone well i guess i’m very scared of the trought of my car steering going out or anything else i was a chevy women untill this happened we did’nt know about this problem when we bought our cobalt 2007 on feb. 23 now i wish i had gotton something else because before they had the problems with the toyotas i would have gotten a carolla but like i said my whole family belives in chevys thats all we have owned for 25 yrs but now i have my doudts but so far we haven’t had a problem but we only drive 2 miles to work each day so we don’t drive it anywhere else we were going on vac but we will be taking our venture van which we love best van in the world so far so good to all of us and hope we stay safe god bless thanks vm

  • Pat Lynch

    just wondering if anyone has received a recall letter from GM yet for their cobalt power steering?? I had to replace my entire steering column in 2008 for my 2006 Cobalt. My steering went out on a steep hill with would not come back, had to have it towed to dealer…out of warranty because it was over by 3000 miles. I want to know what GM is doing about reimbursement. Dealer says they have not heard anything from GM – anyone know who or where to contact to get some action?

  • Joe GM

    The Cobalt Does Not Have Power Steering!!!! It uses a racket pinion system, the problem is a bushing that wears out. I could not find a replacement one nor could I repair the warped one. Hopefully GM will provide us with this part. I haven’t received any recall letters yet.

  • Jason

    @Joe GM – the power steering in the cobalt is an electric motor type – in the column between the steering wheel & where the pinion meets the rack.

    When I first inherited a pristine 2005 Cobalt (from my father-in-law who never drove the car over 50MPH) the 1st couple of times I drove it, I noticed the car ‘stalled’ right after I started it up. The next time it repeated I noted my actions & found that it was happening when I dropped the steering column down for driving (I raise it to enter / exit). Just to verify, I raised & dropped the column again & as soon as it hit bottom – the car shut off. If I lower it slowly, it doesn’t repeat. I’ve now heard of others having the same issue when hitting potholes. Not sure if this is some kind of poorly engineered anti-theft (shock sensor) type of feature or simply an ‘unintended feature’ but GM also needs to address this.

    With regard to the steering – the front end of the car made a loud ‘clunking’ noise when I got it (kind of sounds like something you’d hear on an older vehicle with a loose hub) on just about any bump I hit. Eventually, the front end / steering started to creek when I’d turn it – especially when maneuvering through a tight S-turn (or turning 90 degrees – left or right doesn’t matter) at a decent rate of speed. The steering literally reminded me of an old wooden ship creaking in rough seas. Within the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve also noticed more & more excessive play in the steering wheel – but it’s odd because you don’t feel it the same because of the electric steering / motor assembly. Basically, the steering ‘wheel’ has always felt ‘tight’ (even more so at low speeds when the power steering feels like it’s completely gone – yet I’m not seeing any ‘power steering’ indication nor hearing the ‘chime’) but that’s because the steering shaft first enters the power steering motor assembly – so it’s tight at least to that point – but somewhere between the power steering assembly & where the pinion meets the rack – something has really gotten bad – I have to turn the wheel now 90 degrees or more to compensate for the slop. In other words, in normal driving with a slight breeze blowing from my right side, I have the wheel turned 35-45 degrees to the right (from the straight / center position) just to feel where I’m now slightly turning the front wheels into the breeze to compensate – when that breeze shifts to the left – I now have to turn the wheel 80-90 degrees to the left (35-45 degrees to the left of center / straight) before I can feel that I’m actually turning the front wheels back the other way. Also, the other way to verify this steering slop is by noting that when you are actually turning the front wheels they tend to want to turn back to center – but in the slop area the wheel stays pointed in whatever direction you put it (within that 90 degrees). Finally, I know it’s not alignment as I’ve been having no excessive tire wear & my fuel mileage has not increased (an alignment bad enough to produce this kind of steering issue would typically cause tire wear to increase dramatically as well as lower fuel mileage). Now just tonight as I was maneuvering in & out of parking spaces at relatively slow speeds the steering was making loud ‘cracking’ noises as I turned the steering wheel. The whole steering assy on this car seems like a real piece of crap – but I probably won’t even qualify for the recall as I’ve never had the light come on (to record the error code / DTC) even though I’ve had all (& worse) symptoms… >:(

  • Jason

    When I first inherited a pristine 2005 Cobalt (from my father-in-law who never drove the car over 50MPH) the 1st couple of times I drove it, I noticed the car ‘stalled’ right after I started it up. The next time it repeated I noted my actions & found that it was happening when I dropped the steering column down for driving (I raise it to enter / exit). Just to verify, I raised & dropped the column again & as soon as it hit bottom – the car shut off. If I lower it slowly, it doesn’t repeat. I’ve now heard of others having the same issue when hitting potholes. Not sure if this is some kind of poorly engineered anti-theft (shock sensor) type of feature or simply an ‘unintended feature’ but GM also needs to address this.

    With regard to the steering – the front end of the car made a loud ‘clunking’ noise when I got it (kind of sounds like something you’d hear on an older vehicle with a loose hub) on just about any bump I hit. Eventually, the front end / steering started to creek when I’d turn it – especially when maneuvering through a tight S-turn (or turning 90 degrees – left or right doesn’t matter) at a decent rate of speed. The steering literally reminded me of an old wooden ship creaking in rough seas. Within the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve also noticed more & more excessive play in the steering wheel – but it’s odd because you don’t feel it the same because of the electric steering / motor assembly. Basically, the steering ‘wheel’ has always felt ‘tight’ (even more so at low speeds when the power steering feels like it’s completely gone – yet I’m not seeing any ‘power steering’ indication nor hearing the ‘chime’) but that’s because the steering shaft first enters the power steering motor assembly – so it’s tight at least to that point – but somewhere between the power steering assembly & where the pinion meets the rack – something has really gotten bad – I have to turn the wheel now 90 degrees or more to compensate for the slop. In other words, in normal driving with a slight breeze blowing from my right side, I have the wheel turned 35-45 degrees to the right (from the straight / center position) just to feel where I’m now slightly turning the front wheels into the breeze to compensate – when that breeze shifts to the left – I now have to turn the wheel 80-90 degrees to the left (35-45 degrees to the left of center / straight) before I can feel that I’m actually turning the front wheels back the other way. Also, the other way to verify this steering slop is by noting that when you are actually turning the front wheels they tend to want to turn back to center – but in the slop area the wheel stays pointed in whatever direction you put it (within that 90 degrees). Finally, I know it’s not alignment as I’ve been having no excessive tire wear & my fuel mileage has not increased (an alignment bad enough to produce this kind of steering issue would typically cause tire wear to increase dramatically as well as lower fuel mileage). Now just tonight as I was maneuvering in & out of parking spaces at relatively slow speeds the steering was making loud ‘cracking’ noises as I turned the steering wheel. The whole steering assy on this car seems like a real piece of crap – but I probably won’t even qualify for the recall as I’ve never had the light come on (to record the error code / DTC) even though I’ve had all (& worse) symptoms… >:(

  • Oneoff TBowner

    Bought TB in 2005, have had several ongoing problems that GM/Chevy flat out refused to inspect or correct. Bottom line, they told me to get a lawyer.

    My steering feels like its about to fall out. Everytime I take it to the dealer I get the run around because they can’t or won’t fix it. I have outer tire wear and the steering wheel and front end shake on the highway. Just had to suffer the humiliation of getting the tire balance, alignment, and suspension checked again but still nothing is loose or worn. My tires are properly inflated BTW.

    The steering wheel rubs, clanks, chatters, binds, etc. My wheel also does not correct itself after turning like the previous post stated.

    I guess I have to get a lawyer. GM will expire if they don’t start taking care of their customers. And no amount of lobbying to Congress or clever Howie commercials will help you earn back any customers. You can not continue your “you need use more than we need you” mentality with the expo breathing down your neck. Because even after the Toyota recalls, Prius is still selling for 30k plus on Craigslist. What does that tell you GM? The proof is in the pudding.

  • Jason

    Just wanted to update everyone about the status of the excess play / slop in my steering I wrote about just a couple of days ago (see previous post)…

    As of 3/29 while I was backing into a parking space (and thank God not while I was traveling down the road – or highway!) the steering wheel COMPLETELY BROKE FREE – it didn’t actually come off the column & land in my lap, but it might as well have! When I turned left to straighten out, the wheel just spun at least 3 times (breaking the wire for the airbag – which thankfully didn’t deploy). So I was stuck with a POS car that would only go forward & backward, but wouldn’t turn anymore as the steering wheel just spun. I’m sure if this happened while I was on the highway, I would have died.

    FYI – this car has only been mine for just over 1 month, my father-in-law bought it new & meticulously maintained up until the time he sold it to me. Every service performed was logged – right down to calculating the MPG at every refueling. This car was in pristine condition. This is NOT something that anyone could dare even call a normal ‘wear and tear’ event. I’m extremely frustrated, but glad this happened when it did, as there could easily have been a horrific accident.

    @Oneoff TBowner: You’d better park that car because it sounds like you steering wheel might break free just like mine did!

  • Daniel Asis

    I have a 2005 Saturn Ion Redline. Power steering Went out Why cant The Ions get the Same recall

  • Jason

    UPDATE: The dealer said I have a broken steering rack. When I asked him to be more specific (such as how could a Rockwell hardened tooth break off the rack – or was he saying the pinion / worm gear was made of soft metal) he couldn’t – he could only tell me that the rack was moving freely & then told me it would be $825 for the repair (steering rack + alignment + airbag connection that broke when the steering wheel spun). Since I NEED the car, I reluctantly told him fine, but that my trunk was lined with cardboard & I didn’t care if they needed to fold the rear seats forward, but I want the old rack put in my car (my state requires the old parts to be made available to the customer) as I was going to take it apart & see where it failed. He came back with “Well you’re right this really isn’t a common thing at all, tell you what – let me ‘talk to GM’ and see if we can get you any assistance with this.” About 20 minutes later the service manager calls me back & says “Well GM won’t cover the entire cost of the repair but they will go 50-50 with you – but as per the restrictions of the program, you wouldn’t be able to keep the part.” Anyone else smelling a cover-up? Either the dealer misdiagnosed the car in the 1st place & then got scared when I wanted to see evidence – or there’s such a serious design flaw with the steering on this car that they’re trying to keep it under wraps… Oh – and the ‘new’ price he quoted me for the repair is $340 – quite a bit less than the 50% he said it would be – pretty much ‘buying me off’. I wish I could call David Horowitz…

  • golflady

    In Feb I lost my power steering with my 2005 cobalt. After some research and finding out many others had the same problem I took matters into my own hands. After a call to Chevy got no support. At the time of purchase I had bought extra protection. THANK GOD!!! It would of expired in March. I immediately had the steering replace with a $100 deductible. Even the Chevy tech said it was a default. If I had not bought the protection it would have been an $800 repair. I will get my $100 back HAHA. I just got my letter today about the recall. I have seen NOTHING in the news. Good luck to all to get your repairs.

  • Shadd

    Recently bought a used 2006 chevy cobalt, nothing too severe for problems yet. Had some klunking under the car while hitting the brakes, dealership fixed it, was something to do with the control arm bushings being rotted to garbage. The control arms were apparently hitting the frame every time the car stopped, slowed down or went over a bump. Haven’t had any other problems as of yet besides the rear brakes squeaking after getting warm from a lot of stop and goes.

  • Laura

    I recently bought a used 2006 cobalt 39,000 miles the problem that we had it’s a weird sound in front end when going trought potholes or bumps and reading these comments make me notice that we have the same problem as you. Another problems the car goes a little bit to the left side when you let the car running without holding the steer wheel but we thought it was just a simple alingment issue, and the keyless remote works sometimes doesn’t works, I did some research about this and is more than a batteries issue. My husband is in love with this car but this is serious. I’m going to try to go to a chevy dealer about the recent recall if not I’m going to get rid of this car. I know that every car has issues but this is a very dangerous problem.

  • sharon

    I have a 2006 Colbalt in Jan. had to have shifter replaced now my air bag is not working yes I hear a clunking noise when I hit a bump in the road.350 for shifter 619 for air bag module what else ready to sell .

  • LeSabria Jackson

    I just brought my 2008 cobalt and my power steering went out! It caused me to run into my neighbors gate and to wreck the front end of my car! the car was working the next day but, the following day it didnt want to start. I need help i just got a new job and going to school but have no car! you guys are getting ut of hand with these cars!

  • NSguy

    What I don’t understand is I have a 2003 Saturn Ion with the same power steering problem as the Cobalts and GM will not do anything for me. The price out of my pocket to repair is close to $1000. So for the past year when this problem first started I have been driving a car that the power steering goes out without notice. But to my surprise (not really) the Ion were not on the recall list. This will be the last GM in my driveway.

  • Diana

    I bought a 2007 Cobalt new in early 2007. Within a few months I heard a funny rattling – took it to the dealer and they said it was a known problem with cobalt, but they didn’t have a fix yet. Three years later the knocking is horrendous and I find out that this known issue is the lower control arm bushings. Granted I have 65000 on my car now, however this has been going on since about 5-10,000 miles. I am also having trouble with my key locking up in the ignition. Sometimes it literally takes me a full minute or more to get it to turn. I’m scared that one of these days I am going to be stranded as I read in someone else’s post. I’m not overly impressed with this car.

  • Jeff

    I own a 2006 Saturn Ion Redline, and my power steering is going out!! It’s barely 4 years old and this is happening?? It’s warranty is over and I may owe around 1,000 dollars for this?? Oh my god GM!?!

  • maeboykin

    i own a2007 chevycolbat while driving sunday with my 15 year old daughter the power steering light came on the car is hard to drive i pray to god every time i get in the car,there need to be a recall on these car do they want to wait untill some one die.i will never buy another chevy car.

  • alicia

    I got my car when it only had 3000 miles and it has cost me so much to get it fixed there is always something worng with it! and my steering when out when i was taking a turn with oncoming traffic very dangerous! It was definitly a shocker, no one hit me thankfully. It is very disappointing though. Just paying for the car is bad having to add on for repairs sucks.

  • bernadette

    Two years ago I purchased a chevy cobolt thinking to save on gas. I have had nothing but trouble with the dealership trying to get things fixed. they even tried to tell me three days after I purchased the car that the electrical problem(head lights and dash lights going out when you hit bumps) was becouse I was to stupid to know how to turn the knob. They are now refusing to cover the recall on my car becouse I have not gotten a card from gm that apparently went to the cars first owner. I have always owned toyotas before and at least toyota is willing to fix the problem. Will never own another gm product!

  • Earl Wood

    We bought a 2006 chevy cobalt from my sister about 2 years ago for my daughter who was 18 at the time. Since then she has had many problems with it, first the steering wheel would lock up. They told her it was her computer so she had it replaced. It work fine for a little while the the power steering started going out in it. This really has her scared and she wants to get rid of this car. Can she trade it in knowing it has a recall on it, and still get a good deal, or will the chevy company take it back?

  • r james

    is anyone having trouble with the head lights on your Cobalt. mine is a 2007 and i have had the power steering to go out and I also have water that pool in one of the headlights on the passenger side. The airbag and the check engine lights are on. I think we need another recall on the airbag and the check engine issue. Let get together america.


  • penny

    I have had quite a few problems w/ my 2007 Chevy Cobalt. My Airbag light has recently & constantly been coming on when I have a passenger in my car…I took it to the dealership in my hometown Country Chevrolet in Covington TN. They wanted to charge me $100 to DIAGNOSIS the problem..(as if they don’t already know what the problem is)..I told them no after they told me it was not under warranty. I am highly pissed & GM will be rceiving a call from me in the morning. I am very frustrated with GM. I have also made a complaint w/ them about the rear defroster peice in the back window has melted off & is just hanging off the window. I have tint to keep my car cooler in the summer. Other problems I have encountered w/ my car are my A/C whines almost always esp when it is on high, the speakers cut out, my tires had to be replaced early bc the ones (Continental) were just cheap & they could not handle rain at all, my front end has a loud noise like the bottom is about to fall out (this has been something I have experienced since day one), the key locks up in the ignition at times, and I replaced the air filter (which was time to) but I replaced it w/ a better one & my car at the beginning got 32MPG and now it’s at a whopping 22MPG. After a few months of buying my Cobalt the dealership had to reprogram my car bc it wasn’t done correctly at the manufacturer. Then a few months later GM replaced my fuel pump. I am not satisfied at all w/ my car. I am terrified to drive it at this point esp w/ the steering recall (which I have not received a notice to get it fixed). WAY TO GO GM!!!! You will never get business from me EVER.

  • mike

    am waiting on a 2009 cobalt coupe but i haven’t singed any papers yet
    i’m wondering if i should back out of the deal after reading all the complaints on this web site i think that i might be making a huge mistake

  • steve

    Mike, I would back out if I were you. If you can wait for the Chevy Cruze to come out you would be better off. If not, get a Focus or Mazda 3.
    Stay away from Toyota.
    I own a ’06 Cobalt Sedan. I have never had the power steering go out but I have had the steering column and internediate shaft replaced. My car was recalled for the power steering motor so i had it replaced but now the car feels like crap, just like it did before the steering column was replaced so now I have to bring it in again!
    The rest of the car is OK, but the front end issues are unacceptable.As for the headlights getting water in them I had that also and they replaced it under warranty. This was 2 years ago and it’s still happening on the newer models!? Ridiculous.
    My front end has noises when I go over small bumps and the front end just thunks as if it doesn’t have an independent suspension up front, which it does. The Dealer heard it, felt it, couldn’t diagnose it except to say it’s probably the struts. I already had the strut cartridges replaced and they would have to be dropped at my expense to see if its the issue. They swore the bushings were OK.
    Another thing-make sure the tow isn’t set to 0 when they align the car. It makes the front end wander (even though that’s technically within spec).

  • Geneva

    My son Kevin Priest purchase the 2006 Chevrolet SS Sup CHG in 2006.Jan. 25th 2009 he was killed in a accident.He was going kinda fast but these cas are suppose to be made for speed performance.The guy at the guard house from Edwards Wood product said, That he over corrected, he’s comments was that he should had never wrecked.After his death we find out about the recall on the Chevrolet cobalt. They say that they could not find any problems with the cobalt power steering. As his mother my gut feelings is that this is not showing up on the electric power steering (EPS) Motor.Has any lose power to your steering with out warning? Please let me know just can’t get this off my mind that that power steering caused my Sons DEATH>>>>>>>>>>

  • Danny A.

    I have an 06 Cobalt sedan and I did get water in driver side headlight which I replaced out of warranty. I even used silicone to seal out moisture. Although water is a pain I was still happy with the car. I loved to drive it and felt it was pretty sturdy. My steering wheel didn’t shake at all until I received the recall notice. So I go to get it done in preparation for a 6hr trip. After having the part changed I didn’t notice anything 0-45 mp. However, 45-65 the steering wheel starts to go crazy. I could have scrambles eggs with the vibrations, needless to say I was terrified the whole trip. I am going to take it back to the dealer in the morning and check it out. I hope it’s nothing serious..-_-

  • Danny A.

    After taking my car back to the chevy shop they said my tires where not balanced and that the recall was working fine. I then had all four tires balanced at another shop for 10 each and the problem was fixed. I would suggest you try balancing them all first then doing an alignment if the problem still persist. It’s much cheaper too.

  • Chris DeVore

    i bought my 09 chevy cobalt ss sedan in dec of 08 ive had no problems at all exept for the rear brake roters rusting do to not driving it enough.

  • Chris DeVore

    dose anyone know how many ss 4 doors in blk where made 1g1ap58x997132380 is the vin#

  • Carolyn

    I would caution anyone even considering buying a Cobalt NOT TO DO IT – EVER! I bought my 2006 new, and about two months later the power train went out and it was replaced. I don’t remember the order in which all my problems happened, but here goes. A couple of rattling noises in the front end and don’t remember the problem, but they were fixed. The key would get stuck in the ignition when I turned the car off, but that was fixed as well. Sometimes the wipers, when they are on the normal speed, work as if it’s set to intermittent. Took it to the dealer but, of course, they worked fine then and the dealer said it may be connected to the radio, which had been having problems. The wipers connected to the radio? Uh huh. He made no other suggestion of what the problem could be. They put in a new radio and two days later I couldn’t get the CD out. Fortunately, after the car was turned off a little while it did eject. So far so good after that, but I await the next problem with that piece of junk. Back in June I broke down because the transmission control module went on the fritz, and at that same moment I heard the chime and the “power steering” message came on the display. Unlike what I’ve read here and complaints on other sites, I did not lose steering at all. It was fine. Nevertheless, I pulled to the side of the road and called a tow truck. However, when the tranny module was replaced the dealer said nothing to me about the power steering problem, and I thought it was all part of the same problem. A few weeks after the tranny module was replaced, I went on a 4 hour trip, and during that time, for the first time, heard the clunking under the front end when pressing the brakes twice on a steep incline. Also, the car had no pick-up going up steep hills. I called the dealer during the trip and made an appointment to go in the day after I got back. The day of my return I got the recall notice for the power steering motor from the mail. I was upset that the dealer hadn’t told me about this when I took it in after I broke down. I was dumb enough to think my car would get fixed after the trip. They did reset the tranny module, and it’s a bit better, but here’s what the man at the service desk told me about the steering motors. He said that they were only allowed to order one of those parts per day, and that if GM didn’t kick back my order, it should come in a few days later. I called a few days later and was told that my order got pushed back, and the part wasn’t ordered until the day prior to that. I call back a few days later and my part was in. I had been noticing a rattling under the car, different from the clunking, and had asked to have that checked. I was continually told that replacing the steering motor might help. Uh huh. So I go in to have the motor put in. They say nothing to me about the rattling but say that I’m “good to go” on the motor. The paperwork I got said that, concerning the rattling, that the brakes are fine at that time. (I didn’t tell them I was having brake problems.) I get in my car to leave, and the second I turn the steering wheel I heard a weird noise that wasn’t there before. Did the person who drove my car out of the service area into the parking lot hear that noise? Of course they did, and, of course, was going to let me take it anyway. I drive back into the service bay, wait a while longer, only to be told that the new motor is defective (I knew that) and they had to put in the old motor and order a new one. Ten days later I have to call them and find out if the new motor is in. It was. Two days ago I go in to have it replaced. So I’m cautious to see how long this one lasts. The original was around 37,000+ miles before I got the message on the display. As far as the rattling, the service manager took me on a drive with it after the steering motor was replaced and he hears the rattling as well. I go back and wait, and someone else comes to tell me that they are ordering four new wheel covers. He said that previously, they had been told (by whom? GM?) to do some sort of fix (I don’t remember exactly what he said), but that didn’t work. Now they have been told they can go ahead and replace the covers. How nice. This has been going on for two months, and they just now decide to do this? Call me crazy, but if I worked there and knew about this stuff, I’d take the hubcaps off and test it out for a while, and tell the customer that if the rattle stops, that’s what it is. I will forever doubt whether they actually took the time to check out everything under that car. I don’t feel that I waited long enough in the customer waiting area for that, but I can’t be sure. I’ve already talked to the owner of another repair shop (NOT a dealership) and told them of my current problems with getting stuff done lately under warranty, and will make an appointment with them to check out the front end clunking. I’d rather pay them to have it fixed right, than to waste my time with the dealership. I’m done with this dealership and done with GM. Another thing, the man at the other repair shop said that dealerships (don’t know if this applies to all of them or just the ones who took government money) are only allowed to get their parts from one supplier, whereas he can get parts from several suppliers. So, if one supplier has shoddy parts, they can get from another. I’ll never buy another GM car – EVER!!!!! True that the Cobalts have had problems long before the current administration took power, but I never had a problem (always had good customer service and swift repairs) with this dealership until GM took the government money and the goverment got involved. It’s been a disaster ever since. The man at the other repair shop said that there would be more of that sort of thing to come. I already knew that.

  • djmayo

    Funny… I bought the car new used… Have not had any issues till today when I am having a fuel pump issue possibly… Car has run great for me and i’ve had it for two years now. Of course, I don’t speed or act reckless on the road either…

  • Tom

    My Daughters 2007 Cobalt has been back for power steering recalls 4 times.It was also making a noise in the front end , they told her they did not hear it.I have owned my own shop for 30 years and am ASE certified.I checked it out and told them the bushings in the lower control arms were bad, they said oh well its out of warranty now. We have been complaining for a year…oh well they said again. I took it apart and had to replace both side lower control arms at my cost on parts$543.00. I would like to start a class action suit as I have seen much of the same complaint on the internet. THIS IS VERY UNSAFE

  • Katie

    I bought my cobalt ss in 2006. The first year was ok but then things started to go wrong with. It currently makes a high pitch weezing sound and I my check engine light comes on for days and then goes off. I also see the t/c light flashes. I think it may be a sensor. I had to take my car to get the powersteering problem fixed as well. Luckily I was on a ramp with no cars when the car dedcided to turn itself off. Since it’s been fixed no other problems with that. I am really worried that its something serious with the engine and i dont have the funds to get it fixed. I have to go get my emissions test and I know it will fail GRRRR!!!

  • Bob Abney

    My daughter was just killed in her 2007 Cobalt on the morning of Aug 30 when it appears that she lost control of her car in a low speed, residential section of town and t-boned a tree. She had had numerous (at least 3 times) inexplicable problems with hitting curbs and having to replace tires and rims, especially in parking lots but also on the highway. If you’re driving a Cobalt, get it to a dealer ASAP. I can be contacted at

  • pat

    I bought 2005 used 30000 mi got recall-notice this summer went to dealer had it done. My key has had problems getting locked in ignition told dealer since bought car in 07 they dais it doesnt do it when they try. i also have the radio lock on me the words LOCK come on screen and I turn car off to reset it seems to work. But it has been mentioned multiple times and they state it doesnt do it when they try. So I jiggle shifter and steering wheel and turn off car and it fixes the problem. Still gonna try to get both fix, but I Love the way it drives and the ride too.

  • chuck carpendale

    we paid our 2006 cobalt in cash…worked fine for 3 months and have had nothing but problems…power steering has gone for the third time now…and we cant get the key out of the ignition.. nothing works now…no wipers no heat no anything…

  • Todd Applegate

    I bought a 2006 Chevy Cobalt as well and without warning the power steering came on… Failure, it was the first car I ever bought too. I feel ripped off by the autodealer and chevy in general, I will never get a chevy car again.

  • Todd Applegate

    And to chuck carpendale’s comment, it is hard sometimes to get the key out of the ignition… why???

  • timmy

    Is anyone having steering problem’s with the 2009 LT Cobolt? Or a noise from front end..(steering mechanism?

  • Matt

    I have a Saturn Ion Redline, which is basically the same as a Cobalt SS and have had the power steering go out as well, nothing but problems…Expensive ones!

  • angie

    im having the very same problem we bought a 2009 cobolt LT, and there is a rattling noise coming from the front end and the ignition locked up on me and i had to have it replaced, but i had to have it towed in to shop first, and also the service air bag light is coming on all the time, i already had the power steering motor replaced for the recall, but im really worried about this, this is my daughters first car, that will be turinig 16 in may and i really hope and pray that chevrolet will have a recall on these things cause ive already been out 250.00 for a new ignition. PLEASE HURRY CHEVEROLET!!!!!!!!!!

  • sherri

    i swear i got a car that was built on sat night while they were all drunk…..i bought a brand new chevy colbolt jan of 08…….. since day 1 then ive had so many problesm…….i took in in for the brakes 4 times….. on the 4th time they found the problem. i also had the steering done 4 times.. the windsheld leakening twice…….ive had trouble with the passenger door.the frount and back bumper needed fixed cause they were falling off a wheel aligment twice had to replace the tires 2 times………………..heck even the spreakers went.had to replace the fan 2 times. i would love for the people who built my car put there babies in this car and drive them around………..cause i dont take my lemon more then 15 miles from home cause i dont need to broke down along side a road with my babies

  • sherri

    i know im fed up i cant keep paying for a lemon car…………..we all need to hold them accountable and make them fix the lemons they sold us……..we drive r babies in these lemons……………..THEY NEED TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM AND FIX THESE LEMONS BEFOR ANOTHER LIFE IS LOST DUE TO THESE CARS

  • Dave

    Three days ago, the power steering on my girlfriends 2007 cobalt went out and we wrecked into the wall of a bridge completely totaling the vehicle and left us injured. We brought the car in to the dealership to get the work done on the power steering and was told that we would be contacted when the part came in, well we never got the call and repeatedly attempted to call to inquire about this and kept being put on hold. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do in this situation??? please email me with suggestions at

  • Brian

    Once again my 2006 Cobalt in the repair shop. And this is after the recall and the problem was so called fixed. Same story, warning lights flashing,all the gauges going haywire,loss of power steering,etc. When is the class action lawsuit going to start!

  • kevin n

    well im put nhtsa on this i got 2006 chevy cobolt and power steer problem new motor in have to put another one in for sure make noise up and down like turbalence my aunt got this so talk to her about this and see what can be done will see thanks

  • pete

    Help! have a 2006 cobalt have noise trouble, can hear a loud winding noise when I get to about 35 miles per hour and its gone after going about 40, 50 miles. Has anyone ever had this trouble the car is standard had the cluth and slave cylinder replace about 6 months ago.
    All seen ok in the front end. No leaks or damage.
    Thank You

  • JM

    I have the same problem with the power steering column. It makes noises and at times it seems like if something is going to fall. Mine is a 2006 used cobalt, got it less than a month ago. A week after purchased the car was alteady at the dealer trying to fix the problem, but seems like they can not do it. Never again GM!!

  • Renee

    I Bought My 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT 3 Months Ago, Clean Record And Everything. Now A Problem I Thought Was My Alignment, And The Difficulty I Had Turning The Wheel (Almost 360 To Get It To Turn) Was Just My Driving? My Steering Wheel Shakes Badly. I’ll Hit A Bump And My Car Will just Shut Itself Off. I’ll Be Driving Down The Road And My Locks Will Go Up And Down Randomly. I’ve Even Been Stuck Inside My Car (Unlocking By Hand Or Remote Didn’t Work) Thank God For The Windows. I Never Thought It Was A Problem, And That It Was Only My Car. But Now, I’m Afraid To Even Drive It To Work. Because I Live Out In The Country, Plenty Of Tight Curves And Trees. I’m Going To A Chevy Dealership In The Morning. There Is No Way I’m Going To Put My Life In Danger Because Of This Car Any Longer

  • john

    i bought my Cobalt LTZ brand new in 2006. still have it and love it never had any problems and have only been two recalls that i can remember. one was fuel injectors and the other was the power steering motor, only reasons my car has been in shop. except when i get oil changed, bleed brake fluid.

  • Kenneth Fultz

    I just recently bought a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LS with 160,000 miles on it 10 days ago. It appears to have been re-painted an I also believe this due to the fact that it is in “right off the showroom floor” condition. I purchased the vehicle thru a used car dealership, an I need some advice on what to do. I have been having steering problems the past 6 days. It will wonder the lane on the hwy at 70 mph, sometimes when I take a sharp corner (I live in Northwest Arkansas so I live in the mountains) it will jerk randomly an get sensitive. The head light switch on the left side of the steering wheel, the highs are my lows an my auto lights don’t work except for the marker lights (amber lights). The transmission slips from time to time. When I’m parked on a hill I have to tap the gas after I have stopped an swiftly press the brake. It idles roughly. The passenger tire is making a whining sound (I believe it’s the wheel bearings but I am not certified) an only does it periodically an I randomly get very bad vibrations in my steering wheel but the car acts fine. There is many more things wrong with the car but I don’t believe they are a culprit of the above problems. What can I do? What should I do? An how do I do it?

  • Jamie

    GM needs to own up! I am sick of my front noise and having a hard time keeping it on the road don’t feel safe in it. Never thought a 4yr old car with less than 50 thousand miles bought brand new would drive like a piece of crap. No more GM cars for me. Its in the shop now for the third time this summer quoted over 700 to fix some parts in the steering column. Last time have to have the axle replaced that was another 600. And all my problems started after getting the power steering recall fixed in may

  • Lisa

    I have a 2005 Cobalt that I bought new. I had power steering problem light go off and on and the dealer replaced the column in 2008. On 13 August 2011 while driving on a freeway my power steering light went off, I lost steering control and slammed into the left guardrail, all this happened so quickly I could not even hit my brakes. I was hurt, the car was totaled. I am lucky to be alive. I did not have collision insurance and I still owe money on the Cobalt. I have already missed two days at work. I filed a report with the National Highway Safety Board and with GM. I am waiting to hear from GM what they are going to do to help me.

  • Lisa Fellman

    Does anybody know of other instances where the Cobalt steering failed and the driver was unable to control the car. In my case, I was on the freeway going 60 MPH and the car sharply veered to the left into the guardrail. We have spoken with lawyers and they are consulting with forensic engineer first. According to them, if power steering goes out and you are traveling over 15-30 mph you should still be able to steer the car. This did not occur in this accident. Power steering failure flashed on information bar on dashboard, car was uncontrollable and veered to left. I was in the left lane so I hit the guardrail going 60 mph almost immediately after warning flashed. I saw guardrail and could not do ANYTHING to avoid hitting it. Just remember thinking that I was going to die. My head almost went through my windshield. Neither one of my airbags deployed. Lost consciousness but felt car spinning. Next thing I know there’s an off-duty EMT in my car and I was taken to hospital immediately. Miraculously, I did not have any significant head injuries other than extensive lacerations on the left side of my face. Was diagnosed with cervical strain. Am currently out of work because I work in a nursing position and have to be able to transfer my patients from wheelchairs to toilets, beds, etc and I cannot do that safely right now. If anyone else has experienced the same thing, please contact me at as soon as possible.

  • Shauna

    I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt (bought new with only 16 miles on it). I am 26 yrs old and this is my first car, bought on my own. I thought Chevy had a good rep, but ever since I bought this car, I have had nothing but issues. I did have to get the steering column replaced and i had to have the radio replaced. My turn signals wouldn’t turn off on their own and I had to have those replaced. My driver side mirror broke within the first year and had to have that replaced. I also have had to have the blower motor replaced for my heat b/c it was faulty. Then my information button stopped working on my steering column and had to have the steering wheel harness replaced. My biggest problem right now is that the air bag light is on. It came on in Feb 2011, May 2011 and now Nov 2011. They have replaced the SIR coil twice – saying that was the issue, but the light is now back on again!!!! Today they told me they couldn’t find the “issue” and the only thing they tried was unplugging the air bag module and pugging back in “in hopes that is was just not communicating properly” WTF??? Its an airbag system – does this mean I wasn’t protected in case of an accident? I am soooo tired of wasting my money on this vehicle. I WILL NEVER BUY CHEVY AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • Bree

    I had a 2009 brand new cobalt at the time and my steering got stuck and I was ejected out of the car an in a coma and out of work for 5 months !!! I think I deserve to be in this lawsuit can someone please respond with some information!

  • Tisha

    I had a 2005 cobolt. I was on my way home from work and my car failed to make the sharp turn. My car crossed the line and I went head on with a furniture truck. Now I have a plate in my leg and bad anxiety. I had 3 surgerys to fix my leg. I was out of work for 3yrs and lost my home. I just now learned of this recall. If anyone is able, I would love more info on this.

  • R L Childers

    I myself had not the problem but my ladyfreind had an accident of which she got injured and is still suffering greatly She estimates she was traveling around 58 mph Steering failed as she was changing lanes,after giving rt turn signal she is a very causous driver gov motors say they could not find any problem in steerind device she is now being taken to court by an uninsured driver for damage and loss of wages I am reading that gov motors knew of this very dagerous problem and is refusing to admit to it this lady does not have the resorses to fight this shameful act that a company clams to be all American is nothing but foreign B S I myself am seeing enough to file a lawsuit to ward gov motors

  • R L Childers

    have a girlfriend that got hurt and can t get any satisfaction from gov motors

  • Cindy

    My daughter has a 2006 Cobalt, the recall was repaired 1 1/2 years ago, and 1 month ago it went out again. We drove it to the dealership and after $220 dollars they assured us it was fixed. Well exactly a month later it goes out again while she is driving it and luckily was able to get off the road safely. Again we drove it to the dealership and after 2 days of being in the shop, again they assured me it was fixed for another $189 (this time they claimed it was a wiring issue). We drove it 4 miles home and it sat in the driveway for 36 hours. My daughter went to drive it and she couldn’t even turn it to get out of the driveway!!!!!! This time I insisted the dealership send a wrecker at their expense to pick it up. They have had the car now for 3 business days and are claiming that it is possibly an issue with one of the three computers!!! What a load of crap. Won’t ever buy another Chevrolet ANYTHING!!!!

  • Tony Wreggitt

    Wow. Talk about complaints and few resolutions! Our 2005 Cobalt 4 door(bought to ferry our grandchildren when required) has 56,000 km. At 20,000 km it was taken to the dealer with the common complaint that it rattled under my feet when driving on rough roads or over speed bumps. I was sure it was the front calipers & pads not maintaining pressure allowing the pads to rattle. Dealer could find no problem with the pads!..still had 70%. This problem continued to be brought to their attention each time it went in for routine service. NO SOLUTION!!! Bull!!! Finally at 50,000km I took matters into my own hands and proceded to replace the front pads. Not necessary…. pads were still at 65%. While I had it up on jack stands I started the vehicle and put it into gear to test the front brakes and find the rattle this caused. Imagine my astonishment when the left front dramatically moved 2″ towards the rear and toe’d out almost as much with the resultant clunk under my feet as soon as the brakes were applied!!!! Sheesh! The front end is falling off!!!
    With an observer and a few more brake tests on the jack stands the problem was found! It seems in their attempt to make this car cheaply they went with cheap parts and manufacturing. A friggin $4.00 CAD part made of a sleeve surrounded by neoprene inside a ring where the stabilizer connects the steering components to the uni-body under the drivers feet was totally separated and worn out allowing the whole steering assembly to rotate out and back when the brakes are applied.
    It was a simple & cheap fix, a simple observation, a simple problem, A DEADLY PROBLEM!
    This will cause your car to veer to the left, wear out your tires, mis-align the front end ( dealer will never be able to properly align your car) and will occur at all 4 points as the rear assembly uses the same connection. I am now replacing the front right side and the rear left side. This should be a recall item.

  • Lorenzo Marchesini

    2009 Cobalt. Steering column “fixed” already twice by Lindsay Chevrolet in Woodbridge Virginia. The whole thing continues to rattle. Now read about this possible recall ! Great ! On top of this now at 30,000 miles the airbag fault check light comes on on the dash and a separate message! Called in for service, they are too busy to have it looked at (March 8, 2012, 3:35pm). Tomorrow have to travel to Eiri PA from Washington DC area. Forget about ever buying a Chevrolet …… nothing but problems and the problems are not addressed properly (hope that some bozo at Chevy HQ will read my comment before they decide to sell Opel to Renault …. they seem to be very busy at GM HQ selling of parts of GM).

  • Gabriela Chapula

    Same crap! i have had the steering column replaced in my 06 chevy cobalt 3 times at chevy-cadi of la quinta, the left sway arm replaced 2x the motor thing for the ssteering replaced, and NOW the friggin power steering started to ding, then went out on my way home from my night class!!It was 945PM AND I WAS ALONE. I got mY CHEVY from crapy RANCHO CORDOVA ENTERPRISE CAR SALES. They didnt disclose an accident that the car was in and also DIDNT SHOW up on car fax. I Like the little car other than it falling apart. But i have a soon to be 4y/o that i rather spend time and money on than a LEMON. COME ON CHEVY, wheres the “rock?” I want to find one and crack you with it!! 916-390-9858. Help me out, call me.

  • anthony

    I do own a cobalt and took it to chev and asked them to see if there was a recall on the rack they asked the millage oh its over by 2km plus its not coverd under warenty my problem he said it was gone since it had 40000km on it i cant even drive it anymore it pulls to the ditch and hard to keep on road chey better have a recall soon on junk they sell before someone gets killed step up and fix your faulty cars

  • Barbara Zarate

    My son was just in an accident on Tuesday 3/13/2012 in my 2006 Chevy Cobalt which almost threw him through the front windshield because of the airbags never deploying. I never received a recall notice on the airbags?

  • clean_toothbrush

    Hmm… all sounds very familiar. Car went in because it was pulling to the left during braking and I figured some type of alignment issue. $1100 later I am getting a new steering column followed by an alignment. Awesome.

  • Virginia Steinman

    I have a 2009 cobalt and have had it in the dealership several times, first for the starter, next was the leak in the gas tank, then the problem they keep telling me they cannot reproduce: the knocking,cluncking noise in the front end when i go over bumps or when I am stopping. the noise in in the steering column and the front end shakes, it has been aligned, new tires, I will be taking it back to dealership again, but my warranty is out and I will not pay for anything to be fixed since it has been doing this for over a year and no one will fix the problem. they need to recall these cars.

  • Toolz In Motion Auto Repair

    Just finished dealing with multitude of noises on a 2006. First was lower control arms for clunk (torn bushings), Struts for leaking, sway bar links and bushings for rattle. Next was a loud spring type noise over bumps. Replaced strut under warranty thinking that it was faulty. Was wrong. Bought chassis ears and isolated to intermediate shaft binding due to seized and not sliding. Then had to replace  rear engine mount for another rattle over bumps (thank you chassis ears). Thought all taken care of then car came back for grinding when accelerating hard on right turn. Sounds similar to ABS application. Isolated noise to electronic steering on column (thanks again to chassis ears). Not sure if this is normal. I don’t think customer wants to put any more $ into this. So will not find out. Hopefully this will help some of you looking for noises on these!

  • Mcgeheebrian

    My 2005 Cobalt has been making the same noises from the front end since 2009 and has been fixed several times. The last being just this past July. I am headed to the dealer again today for another road test. Did you ever get anything solved?

  • Mcgeheebrian

    In addition: the I-pin snapped while driving and I lost all steering! Very scary!

  • Donna Ward

    My 05 Chevy Cobalt has been making a knocking noise in front end ,and looses power steering ,have taken to dealership several times ,the repairs were only temporary ,what’s next !                      

  • Airforcemom51

    i have a 2006 chevy cobalt that makes the steering klunk when breaking.  Took to dealership, confirmed that it was steering column and they said unless you want to spend like 1,100. dollars, don’t fix.  it’s safe, just noisy.  I have drivin my car like this, including across country for over two years now and “it’s noisy, but, it’s safe”..

  • amanda

    there is a recall on this at GM im getting my fixed a few days its fully covered .. call Gm right away ok

  • Donald McMichael

    June 19, 2014 @ 7:30am. My wife and I are stalled on Hwy 20 eastbound, during rush hour traffic. Our 2009 Colbalt stopped running while driving over 55 miles per hour, center lane. No check engine light, no warning. This happen just as we were passing 2 DOT Safety Unit, which was able to safely stop highway traffic and get us off the highway safely. Ive been engaged with the constant talks about this recall and ensured my local service representative had the part on order for our Colbalt. Ok, the tow truck has arrived. On our way to Steve Raymond to get a rental under the loaner program. Be Safe and GOD Speed to all current Colbalt Owners. Donald

  • Josephine Keefe

    I bought a 2008 cobalt in late October, 2014, there was an ignition recall sent out to the guy I bought it from, so when I got it in my name I had the recall fixed. Before it was fixed all was wrong was the odd time I had trouble turning the key, but since it was fixed my gages are going nuts, power steering light comes on and blinks, anti theft stays on, low fuel blinking and gage for the gas drops and the car almost stalls, steering gets stiff and at times it locks up, when it locks up I have to put her in nutral and shut it off to get control of the steering, chev won’t check it out unless I pay their $90 an hour rate, so I got no choice to do that cause I don’t need something to happen while I have my granddaughters in with me . The car now sounds like it’s falling apart in the front end. I bought this car thinking I was finally getting a good car for myself, I’m only on a disability and can’t afford to dish out tons of money on repairs

  • rena

    i bought 2008 colbalt in march of 2008 after 36000 dealership told me i need all new front end and steering colum now this car at 36000 mile is still new inside and out cars one year old when they told me that i bought a lemon first door handle inside cut my hand opening door bad chrome work thenhazard flasher button sticking on sealership said they fixed it went to funeral and used them stuck again and when try to shut off button fell inside dash had to replace wheel bears before car was one then had to fix fuel injecters cost me this car been on after another i could go on and on now turn signal wont shut off and not quick fix a costly on