Report: Spyker CEO Planning Saab 92 to Take on MINI Cooper

Report: Spyker CEO Planning Saab 92 to Take on MINI Cooper

With all the success the MINI brand has had since it was reborn in recent years, Audi has now accepted the challenge by producing the A1. But the sub-compact premium segment looks to get more crowded in the future as Spyker CEO Victor Muller has said he’s examining the possibility of building a small Saab model to take on the MINI Cooper.

Muller told AutoCar that his design team has already worked on some sketches, which take inspiration from the original Saab, the 92, produced from 1949-56.

“It will be the coolest thing since the MINI,” said Muller.

In addition to that model, the Saab 9-2 (which it will presumably be named), the new Saab Spyker company has said it is planning a new 9-3 for 2012, as well as a 9-4X model next year. The company’s new flagship 9-5 model is set to go on sale this Spring.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • Ang

    It’s a terrific idea. Saab needs an entry level car in the worst way. Personally, I’d rather see something to compete with the VW Beetle rather than the Mini—but I’m splitting hairs I guess. My take is that the Saab entry level car should be retro, taking styling cues from the mid to late 1960’s Saabs—rounded, very basic, with a reliable 4 cylinder engine. If they can bring to market a reliable, econmonical and quirky car with a few safety features—-at a reasonable price—-they will attract customers who will grow into more expensive 9-3 and 9-5 models as they move up in life. This model can be spartan on the inside. I don’t think they should try to go \high tech\ by any means—-they should keep it smart and simple and keep the price down. Offer all the basic colors and a few odd colors (Orange, Split Pea green, Periwinkle)—make it fun. The brand doesn’t need to be focused like a laser on turbo engines, luxury content, etc. They can and should have a basic model to plant seeds with younger buyers—a car parents can buy for new drivers, kids going to college, etc. Broaden the offerings and watch sales grow in North America.