Report: Nissan Planning Tata Nano Rival for Indian Market

Report: Nissan Planning Tata Nano Rival for Indian Market

What’s smaller than Micra? Nissan is about to answer that question with news that the Japanese automaker will build a vehicle to slot in underneath its new Micra sub-compact (above) and rival Indian automaker Tata’s Nano.

Even more surprising than building the car is the revelation that Nissan believes it can actually make money doing so – despite the fact that the new mini car will retail for roughly $3,000. While the Nano starts at roughly $500 less, most Nano buyers opt for the LX model which retails for $4,183.

Designed for the Indian market, the car will be built in India with almost all parts coming from inside the country as well – helping to cut down on labor and shipping costs. Nissan has also partnered with Indian three-wheel vehicle manufacturer Baja Autos to put the project into action. The mini-Micra is expected to hit the market by 2012.

Nissan has big plans for the Indian marketplace, having sold just 360 cars there last year, but with plans to move as many as 100,000 units by 2013.

[Source: Automotive News via MotorTrend]

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