Own a Piece of Ferrari F1 History for “Just” $700,000 – Turbocharger Not Included

Own a Piece of Ferrari F1 History for “Just” $700,000 – Turbocharger Not Included

A Florida-based dealer of airplanes, helicopters, and all manner of rare and exotic vehicles called Aero Toy Store Collection has recently listed Jean Alesi’s 1991 Formula 1 ride for sale, this chassis no. 126 Ferrari F1 Scuderia Tipo 642.

It may not have the race-winning pedigree of a Schumacher era Ferrari, but at “just” $700,000 it’s a relative bargain and would still make a nice conversation piece for a well-heeled Ferrari collector. Alesi did manage a third place finish at the ’91 Monaco Grand Prix, and in general the Tipo 642 is considered the beginning of Ferrari’s F1 resurgence.

What’s interesting (and perhaps a bit distressing for a potential buyer) is that the dealer lists the engine as turbocharged, yet turbos were banned from Formula 1 in 1989. But at least the dealer got the 3.5-liter V12 part right. To be more specific, the engine is Ferrari’s 035/5 65° V12 giving 660 hp at 13,000 rpm.

Perhaps this oversite on the engine’s specification can be forgiven when you consider that Aero Toy Store, founded by Morris Shirazi and located in six hangers at the Ft. Lauterdale Executive Airport, specializes primarily in selling or leasing customized private jets and helicopters as well as luxury vehicles. Still, Shirazi made his fortune dealing in Ferraris, so listing this ’91 Tipo 642 as “the last of the turbocharged Formula One cars” is a mistake you wouldn’t expect.

If you’ve got the cash to invest in this Ferrari, then you’ve also got the means of calling the dealer to clarify its history and engine configuration. Also keep in mind that we’re available for test drives once you buy it. In the meantime, check out the extra pictures after the jump.

[Source: Aero Toy Store Collection]