Chevy Colorado Replacement Revealed in GM Patent Filings?

Chevy Colorado Replacement Revealed in GM Patent Filings?

Several sketches of a pickup truck have been leaked from the U.S. Patent Office, showing what appears to be the next-generation Chevy Colorado. GM filed the design patent on November 23rd of last year and received confirmation from the office yesterday.

Judging from the big grille, the drawings show what is quite obviously a Chevrolet. And while it’s not confirmed that this is the new Colorado, recent spy shots have shown what appear to be a Colorado replacement out testing. Adding to the speculation is news from GMI’s sources that a new Colorado is set to be built at the company’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant where die kits for a “new small truck” are scheduled to arrive later this year for initial testing.

There is a possibility that this new truck might be a product destined only for South America, especially as several of the designers mentioned on the patent are from Brazil. Our GM-crazed friends at GMI assure us, however, that this the next Colorado.

GALLERY: Chevy Colorado Design Patent Sketches

[Source: GMI]

  • Jumpin Johesephat

    Detroit knuckleheads strike again. The problem with the Detroit small trucks is nothing other than their fugly body design. We had a 1999 Dakota 4×4 and everybody said it was a very nice looking truck – the body design has been changed from what was competitive in 1999 to fugly with the new squared-off design. The Colorado/Canyon is the same, and now what? chrome door handles on their off-road 4×4 package? Hey DeToilet, get a clue. Make a Baja capable winning 4×4 that looks like it too and you will sell plenty. Here’s the clue – these are sport trucks, you know, like sports cars? Style them properly, and for kripes sake, get the darn 4×4’s off the ground! – the world is not made of concrete!!! who do you think will buy these trucks? Conservative old outdoorsmen who want to be ‘a little bit cool’, and younger guys that cannot afford the bigger trucks, and BTW, get the H out of DeToilet and meet some decent women who actually like trucks – they might be your biggest market segment, but, duh, the style and interior has to work for them. PS: Keep the overall length as short as possible – those of us that can afford only 1 vehicle have to consider it’s parkability too.

  • Free Willie

    I agree. Same as previous comment. I love the truck. Park it in a parking deck every day. Perfect size, lousy power (need to pull a bike trailer), bumy interior. Would like to see it replaced with something with more muscle and better looks. I have a 2007. Waiting to see whats new.

  • chris

    I have a 2010 Colorado Crew 4×4. It has a 5.3L V8. The optional V8 was only like a $1200 those whining about the power need to do some research…you can get the same powerful V8 thats in the full size Silverado in this truck, with Variable Valve Timing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I like my chrome door handles, and I offroad the SHI*T out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. I didnt buy mine because I “couldnt afford a full size”. I bought it because its faster than a full size, more maneuverable, easier to park, lighter, gets better mileage, and its a Chevy, which Im a loyal buyer of. I could have bought a dually if I want to, but its not what I need, too much truck for what I do. The Colorado CC seats 6..5 with buckets seats. I have two people to transport, and its roomy enough for me and Im 5’11″….IDK why ppl give the truck so much sh*t ???
    3. I like the way the truck looks…idk why ppl get in a b*tch fit over the looks. Everyone thats seen mine has complimented me on it…thats good enough for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Geiber

    Chris you hit the nail on the head, right now i have a 2003 GMC 2500hd 8100 Ci. Vortec that was the company i worked for and they sold it to me, now i am trading in for a 2007 Colorado, why better mpg, easier parkability, i am going off to college and will be commuting alot but i want a truck and the colorado is my answer since they dont make s10’s anymore lol. Colorados are great trucks, you can do alot with them, but obviously there not work machines like there big brothers.