Lotus to Unveil ‘New Era’ at Paris Auto Show

Lotus to Unveil ‘New Era’ at Paris Auto Show

Lotus has chosen today, the first official day of summer, to announce (cryptically) the launch of a ‘new era’ for storied British sports car maker. What exactly the ‘new era’ will entail, will become much more clear in exactly 100 days at the Paris Auto Show says Lotus.

Our minds are already racing with the possibilities. For starters it could be a new high-powered exotic, based on the Evora platform and paying homage to the Esprit. Then again, it could be a supercharged Evora, or even a V6-powered Exige (which Lotus is pretty much guaranteed to offer now that the 1.8-liter engine has been cut from the Lotus lineup in Europe).

Either way, we’re betting its something big. Lotus has been making big changes over the past few years as it plans to take on the world’s top-tier exotic and sports car makers.

See the official release, talk of Druids and the Summer Solstice after the jump:

So you think you’ve seen all there is to see?

Think again.

As peace-loving druids gather to witness the magic of the annual Summer Solstice at one of the UK’s most symbolic landmarks, prepare yourself to witness the dawning of a new era for Lotus.

Your journey begins here and now on the longest day of the year and exactly 100 days before the 2010 Paris Motor Show where Lotus is set to unveil the future evolution of an iconic British brand.

They say a picture tells a thousand stories, we’re only really interested in one. Buckle up and join us for the ride. Expect the unexpected.

Hall 5.1 16.45 CET 30th September 2010