Porsche Design Sketch Hints at 928 Successor/Panamera Coupe

Porsche Design Sketch Hints at 928 Successor/Panamera Coupe

Rumors of a Porsche 928 successor based on the Panamera and even a Panamera convertible have been floating around online for months now, but this might be the most credible evidence yet that such a car is in the works. Posted on the home page of Porsche Consulting’s website, the design sketch is no more than what it appears, but that’s enough for us to toss on a Perez Hilton hat for just a few seconds – just long enough to dream up a fictitious realities like the one below:

Many months ago the rather reputable CAR magazine reported that Porsche’s new bosses at VW had voted to eventually eliminate the Panamera and Cayenne, opting instead to focus the Porsche brand on what it does best – sports cars. Not wanting to waste the incredible Panamera platform, it is believed Bentley or Audi could get a new model based on the same underpinnings. It’s possible that in an effort to make the most of the Panamera chassis, Porsche could be preparing a 928 successor, with V8-powered front-engine goodness. It would be true to Porsche’s roots, be an excellent sports car in its own right, and help expand the Porsche brand with an all new model – one that might even rival the Ferrari 599.

Now how’s that for an exciting rumor?

[Source: Porsche Consulting via Autoblog]

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