2012 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – 6.2L Supercharged Monster Rendered into Reality

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – 6.2L Supercharged Monster Rendered into Reality

***UPDATE*** Officially Revealed at the Chicago Auto Show as the Camaro ZL1, see HERE for Details ***UPDATE***

Chevy‘s upcoming Camaro Z28 is popping up all over the place, from spy photos to our imaginations. While no official pics have yet to be released, it won’t be long before we’re sure to see a fully uncovered version of the supercharged 6.2-liter Shelby GT500 rival. But why wait for official news from General Motors, when we can employ the talents of skilled artist Jon Sibal.

Designed with Sibal’s talents and a collection of facts and rumors, the Z28 is shaping up to be a tremendous competitor, taking the Camaro to new heights thanks to a supercharged 6.2-liter LSA V8 engine. While it’s sill possible that the Z28 could get the Corvette ZR1’s 638-hp LS9, the LSA is a more likely option, considering recent spy photos showed a 6-speed automatic (currently offered on the LSA-equipped CTS-V). Plus, Chevy isn’t likely to share the iconic Corvette’s powerplant with any other model – Z28 badge or not.

Possibly more exciting is news that the Z28 could boast even more than the 556-hp found in the CTS-V. This is a near-certainty as Chevy is eager to top Ford in the horsepower wars and upping the 2011 GT500’s 550-hp rating by just six ponies isn’t likely to cut it. And if Chevy can be trusted to toss around some impressive numbers, look for a 3.9 second 0-60 mph time.

Design wise, the Z28 will get a more aggressive front end and a larger bulge in the hood to make room for the massive engine.

Recent spy photos have also revealed that the Z28 is likely to get 20-inch wheels and a brake setup similar to that found on the CTS-V, which boasts 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers.

Chevy continues to be silent on Camaro Z28 news, but we’d expect such an iconic American car to debut at (where else?) the Detroit Auto Show in January.

  • jake morgan

    the camaro is the best car made

  • Adam Lawson
  • Jeff Pollak

    Should be called the SS. The original Z was a small block with 11:1 compression ratio and basically came into its own at 5000 RPM. The small block in the SS should have the Z28 moniker and this beast should be the SS.

  • wayne mccauley

    this car is sweeeeeet!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    Jeff you are wrong. I own a 69 Z28 and a top of the line 68 SS and my Z28 walks all over the SS. In fact its actually stronger than my 396/375 Chevelle.

  • RW

    My cousin owned at one time or another, all trims of the 1969 Camaro – definitely best year ever. From what he told me, that even though it was rated by GM at 290hp, that it was actually closer to like 400hp, and that redline was 8000rpm. Is that true. If thats true, WTF and AMF!

  • Stephen Backof

    RW, the 69 camaro had the most amount of engines ever offered to any one car ever. 13 if im not mistaken. 230ci to 427ci

  • Morris

    Fuck ford fuck dodge! It’s not a muscle war when u always win! Chevy to da top

  • Powerplant L-78

    Please tell me they will at least give an option of ‘Hoondstooth’ iterior, I also liked the Compition Grey wheels better.

  • only chevey

    the cammaro z28 was the best cammaro ever built but they should build it with the best engine possible for it to be a tru cammaro Z28,but dont forget to put the best transmissiion so it has the best pick up as well

  • Zach

    @Lee fact of the matter is, no matter how fast your Z-28 is compared to the SS, the Z-28 was originally just a 302, where the SS was a 396. Z-28 should be have faster accelaration because of the shorter lengths of the pistons, but the SS would have a higher topspeed because it does have a lot more HP. so Jeff is right, do some research.

  • MamaJenny

    All I know is…I want one (2012)! My last Camaro was a 1986 Iroc….loved it!

  • Boss 302

    Right the first Z-28’s and Boss 302’s were 302 cubic inch engines. They had about 350-365 hp. High rev engines. But were a pain to take off normally in as they didnt have much torque unless you wound them up. They would hunch or hop along till you built up some rpms, small bore and 750 cfm or 800 cfm carbs gave them plenty of gass. But when you wound them 5,000 or 5,500 and dropped the cluch and switched gears about 7,500 they would move right along. I rode in them and drag raced in them….a good running boss 302 would give a 396 nova all it wanted!

  • jim williams

    please go with the zr1 motor,,i want one

  • jim williams

    hello please go with the ls9 motor,, i would buy one wow

  • Cat Daddy

    I’ve got 2011 SS put a Hennessey 600HPE package and it is the best muscle car I’ve ever had with over 600hp. This car is sweet!!!!!!

  • tim

    i have a 2010 6.2 super charger out of a 2010 cts cadillac do you think it will work in a 68 camaro tim 618 420 2667

  • tim

    and i have the auto tranny to.i was how to hook up the wiring and if everthing is a bolt on deal

  • v6 camaro

    @Morris hell yea chevy is Baaaccckk ON TOP WOOOOOO !

  • Lui

    Z28 rules!!!

  • Bear

    The 69 ss has to be one of chevys good ideas and I am so thrilled to find that thay are not going to stop the camaro line what thay need to do now it bring it back on a fiberglass body but the old 69 body style with all the new the technology put some vette suspension man I have so many ideas for chevy (HEY CHEVY KEEP BRING’IN BACK THE MUSCLE CARS)

  • jake


  • jeannie

    does anyone know the top speed for this 2012 camaro?

  • FSR

    The 2010 Camaro was made in Canada and I believe the 2011 is as well. So with that being said, more than likely this 2012 is going to be an import as well. How does it feel to want to drool all over these imported Camaro’s? It’s funny why people wonder why jobs are diminishing in the US, lol.
    PS. keep purchasing from Communist China as well.

  • 1986 Iroc

    Hey guys the Z’s were not about the motors. Its the beefed of susp.systems for better handling.Shocks and braking system. Don’t get me wrong us camaro owners love the power!! I have a 1986 Iroc with a 305 fully restored. And its a awesome ride!! I have had a 1982 Z28 and a 96 Z28. Getting ready to buy a 2011.

  • sjm

    hey fsr theres 2 assembly plants for the camaro and the canadians dident design it they just put it together and its made in north america not china get your facts right aaaaaa.

  • Benito Garcia

    I am 64 and the an original of a 1970 and a 1991 Z28. I would love to own a 2012 Z28 as my last car and

  • Chucky

    Well I’m 50 and originally owned a 1969 Z28 (dark green)wish I never sold…And a 1981 Z28(dark blue)not a power house but a very nice ride. Would I would also love to get a 2012 Z28 but hopefully not my last.As theres many more years of CAMARO Z28, SS, RALLY SPORT, LT,BERLINETTA to come. Their all GREAT…..Theres Nothing like CAMARO

  • Jake “The Snake”

    This is a very bad ass machine. It will Annihilate the “so called bad boy mustang” yes the mustang is a boy. You will be able to go to you local bowtie dealer, not even open the hood and blow any mustang off the planet, not to mention this vehicle is a beauty!! Oh but it’s so damn heavy is all the ford boys keep saying…………that Chevy power will handle the weight. CAMARO..The number one and only will again rule the streets as always !!!!!!!!!

  • Super Snake

    Undoubtedly some of you don’t keep up with what’s going on at Ford. The 2012 Shelby GT500 will have 620 hp and is several hundred pounds lighter. Who do the think will win.


  • Marty Viires

    Just another example that GM is technically and engineeringly challenged.
    Their answer is to bolt on a piece of WWII technology (superchager) on to their piece of yesterday’s news (6.2 litre). A giant step backwards (about 65 years).
    What will they do next? bolt on a Rolls Royce jet engine?
    Not impressed.

  • ken mann

    my girlfreind bought me a 2010 ss std for my 55th great car lots of power for the street and hwy Love it fun to play with can’t wait for the supercharge 2012 she gets the 2010 old school power was fun but the new tech power is better worth every penny keep it up GM
    very impressed

  • AkKnight

    @ Super Snake…..You need to go back to 1st grade and learn math. EVEN YOUR LINK SAYS 2013…..As does the article. And Marty Viires….Go look @ Super Snake’s link and whine about their using a SC in 2013. Next time please do not check your brains with your luggage…they’re too small to be left on their own.

  • vinny b

    6.2 and 556 horse. big deal. my 97 cobra is only a 281 small block supercharged vortec and was dynoed at 550. thats awesome

  • Stevenson696

    Pffft…2012 Nissan GT-R35 with track pack.Bring it on losers!

  • Evanj76

    she gotu a std??/? hha fag

  • Sadfasdf

    idiot pfff my ferrari F12 …
    Bring it on losers! (stevenson… Ur the most idiot person I meet today … )

  • Mantasticmike16

    Do Nissans still float? How’s the nuclear fallout in Japan? Hoorah! God bless the USA and God bless GM!

  • Kazenoya1

     Keep dreaming that you will ever own one young man.

  • Kazenoya

     Apparently you have never driven a supercharged 6.2.