Volkswagen Incorporates Clever Audio Ad In Newspaper

Volkswagen Incorporates Clever Audio Ad In Newspaper

We can’t honestly tell you the last time we picked up a newspaper to see what was going on inside it. But we’re guessing people out in India still start their day off by opening up The Times of India. Volkswagen did a clever print advertising campaign by incorporating an audio ad whenever someone unfolded the newspaper. Basically an audio chip was fitted inside the pages that played an endlessly-looped message until you closed the paper. And to make sure it doesn’t die out quickly? The chip features a photodiode, a neat little piece of technology that can convert light into voltage.

There’s a video after the break showing off the ad, and it looks like most of the readers found it pretty clever rather than annoying. In fact, someone even tweeted that people in Mumbai are buying the newspaper just to check out the ad in person – so it looks like the gimmick worked.

Our major question is…what took someone so long to come up with this idea? (Especially as we’ve been seeing greeting cards with messages like this for years). Unfortunately newspapers as a whole are a dying breed, but it’ll be interesting if clever campaigns like this can rejuvenate that form of media.

[Source: Wired]

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