GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Concept Headed to Detroit Auto Show

GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Concept Headed to Detroit Auto Show

When General Motors first unveiled the all-new 2011 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra engineers and product planners made no excuses about how similar the trucks look to their previous generation counterparts. Tough times at GM made for limited budgets and so Chevy and GMC reps were somewhat proud to admit that while the truck might not look new, it’s because they decided to pour all their resources into an all new frame and engine/transmission combo, rather than on bling.

Promises were made, however, that with a recovering economy and a resurgent General Motors we should see some shiny new sheetmetal in the near future. According to a report by, the future is likely to be the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January.

Retaining the same powertrain and frame, the concept should show-off an even more bold expression of the GMC brand. We also expect to see some interior improvements, as well as a few extra features tossed in.


  • Deodoro Gros

    Would like to understand if there’re chances for this particular concept model GMC HD All Terrain Concept that will go for production? I’ve been looking for all the possible news,in all the trucks magasines but seems that nothing is advertise yet.

    Apreciate y/ help please, as a work outside US.

    Deodoro Gros